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Samuel Leroy Jackson is an American actor and film producer. He achieved prominence and critical acclaim in the early 1990s with films such as Jungle Fever, Patriot Games, Amos & Andrew, True Romance, Jurassic Park and his collaborations with director Quentin Tarantino including Pulp Fiction, Jackie more.


Samuel L Jackson is the most classy and hilarious actor by far. A brilliant performance in all his movies especially Pulp Fiction and Kingsmen: The Secret Service. Watch either of these films and you'll appreciate why Samuel Jackson should be in at least the top ten. - WhenWorldsCollide02

He is the most underrated versatile actor. He can play anything and make it good. Samuel L. Jackson should be higher. Loved him in Coach Carter, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Rules of Engagement, The Negotiator, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Pulp Fiction...the list goes on.

How is Johnny Depp #1?!? He hasn't made a good movie in 15 years

I don't think he is the best, but he sure is better than half the guys you have in the top 20

Its obvious that he's having a blast in every role he plays, which is why its also very enjoyable to watch him act

Oh my god. He's not supposed to be this low. Samuel Jackson is a brilliant actor, with his variety of roles like: Jules Renfield in Pulp Fiction, Nick Fury in Avengers, the house slave in Django Unchained and many many more. CHECK 'EM NOW!

He is the most successful actor and has starred in the most movies. He is awesome. - leolen

Even if he's in a horrible movie, he'll still shine some light with his top-notch acting. - Mcgillacuddy

He is like in everything so must be a good actor should be a lot higher for sure...

He's a awesome actor and he's in some the greatest movies ever

The best African-American actor of all time

Sam Jackson at 35 what is this world coming to?

I like his movie the man it makes me laugh

See you around like a doughnut carl

My boy TenPenny not even in the top 20. - Puga

A phenomenal actor, who just knocks it out of the park in basically every film he is in - i.e. Django Unchained, PUlp Fiction, RoboCop, Die Hard with a Vengeance, etc.

He is one Badass Mother Fker! My favorite Black actor! Hands down!

Nick Fury, Mace Windu, Frozone, Jules Winnfield, he's a great actor and voice actor.

Samule L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction,. Laugh out loud HE'S PERFECTLY THE NUMBER ONE spot. - Celmore

Funny AND badass? Only he and Bruce Willis could do that. Lemme quote Ted 2 for a sec
"Have you seen any movie ever? Well, Samuel L. Jackson's the black guy." It's so true, though! And it baffles me that that Sam isn't on the first page, let alone the number 1 spot. I mean really now! - MojoSpaederman

Amazing I saw ms perigrens peculier children yesterday and SJ was amazing and I little bit creepy at the time considering his character but igoring that he is amazing