Shahrukh Khan

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(! no doubt)he is the real king of Bollywood... he already left behind TOM CRUISE IN POPULARITY... ANd he has the power to be the world's best actor ever... as he have EVERYTHING!

He is the Idol of Millions and Billions of youngsters. He is the Greatest super star of all time. He proud his country and proud every single blood. That he is from Asia. He world, s No 1 Superstar. No one competition with lots of peoples are crazy for them I am one of them..

King of Romance, King Of Bollywood, Most promising actor of all time..!

A complete person, who respect others and have a great sense of humor.
He is the best..!

He is the only one who contribute much in Film Industries
By Showing his immense natural actor power. He is a born actor.
God help him to show his talent in coming future.

Shah Rukh Khan - The King of Bollywood
Mr. Shah Rukh Khan is the best and the greatest actor in the history of world cinema. He is an outstanding multi talented actor. SRK is the god of acting.

No one can beat this mega global super star. He is a legend. And a unbelievable human being. The greatest hard worker I have ever seen.
He is the person who took bollywood to the international level.
He has a Royal Personality. And so down to earth.

Shah Rukh Khan is the greatest man on earth. More than 4.7 billion people love this mega super star. He is the most popular celebrity on the planet. The none other than the one and only the King Khan Shah Rukh Khan is the best actor in the world!
Hats off to you SIR SHAH RUKH KHAN!
You're the best and 1st forever...
The unbeatable KING KHAN...

I think that SHAH RUKH KHAN IS THE BEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD. And it is shown through his popularity in the world, shah rukh khan is more popular than johny depp and tom cruise. SHAH RUKH KHAN IS THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE.

SRK is the best actor I have ever seen. He is ruling the bollywood industry and don't compare other actors with SRK because he has more quality and personality than any other actors in the film industry. He is awesome and I am proud to be a SRK fan.

According to the BBC, CNN, Time Magazine, and Newsweek, Shahrukh Khan is the the biggest movie star on the planet when compared to Hollywood giants. While we measure stardom by only looking at the Western world, the truth is that Shahrukh Khan has more than a billion fans and his net worth is around $510 million. That's more than most Hollywood superstars combined. While people like Johnny Depp are not that well known in countries like India which have populations exceeding a billion, even the 3 year old child in the most remotest of villages knows Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan manages to draw more crowds then Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp in places like Germany. With his future release with Martin Scorsese titled Extreme City starring him alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, his status in the United States is sure to go. So, Shahrukh Khan is by far the biggest movie star on Earth, if you measure fan following. He is also the best actor on this planet when I look at his films. Tell me which film of ...more

I love him personally more than loving him as an actor or a star. I think he is more of a star than an actor. I don't mind saying that he is one of the greatest influences in my life apart from a few Philosophers, Leaders, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Management Guru's and so called successful people in the world. Not a day in my life goes by without me remembering his thoughts or quotes. I love the way he speaks. I never miss watching his interviews. From what I know about him from his Biographies (all in the public domain), I think he could have been a great teacher, a philosopher or a motivational speaker. I am literally mad about him. I think he always felt himself to be a star even when he wasn't recognized as a star by anyone. I see a part of myself when he says something. May be many see themselves in the same way as I do and hence he is such a big star who can connect with millions with such stupendous ease. I sense his relentless passion for life and love. I love him to death. I ...more - shsatryg

Sharukh Khan is better actor and good human than other actors in Bollywood... In bollywood there are many actors who are jealous of him like Amir Khan and Salman Khan. Amir Khan is better actor than Sharukh Khan but he is not that good human. Once Amir Khan said on Twitter that Sharukh is my Dog's name he licks my feet and I feed him blah blah blah. This shows how Amir is jealous of him and how ummature amir is. Other low grade actors like Salman Khan who drinks and drive and he killed 4 street peoples by riding his car on them. Salman Khan also owns a Trust Club called "Human being". He opened this 'Human Being' club to become good in peoples eyes but peoples are not that fool Mr. Salman Khan. Let me tell you one thing which will show you how 1st grade students are better than salman Khan. Salman Khan said in media that we comsume Carbondioxide and throws out Oxygen

One of the greatest actors of all time.

Jhonny or mohanlal are actors. But shahrukh is a teacher, philosopher.
Look at his dialogues in movies and you learn a lot about actual emotion.

I consider that shahrukh is not acting in films he actually experience the drama of the situation and portray his character with such a prodigy that the audience also has the effect on their mind.

Nothing is possible. But I must say for this star--

No one can overtake his hard work he has done all these years. Still look at him and you will feel that you are doing nothing in a day compared to his hectic lifestyle.

Come one have prayers for this star.
He has been working hard and sweating to make us happy every year since last 2 decades.

Salute to his sportsmanship.

Inspite of being the most wealthy star in bollywood and I guess will be in whole world be few years, he is down to earth and is looking undaunted by the pressure to maintain ...more

One and only SHAHRUKH because he is most hard worker man in the world... He comes from middle class family and now he is at the top of bollywood, oh sorry not only bollywood he is popular in the whole world, just because of his hard work... He is best husband, brother, father, anchor, business man, anchor, social helper and many other things... His love, his career from t. V shows to bollywood movie, cricket etc, in short his journey is amazing and awesome... He is real hero in all the way... He gots total 109 award, also got padmashree award, big fan following, maximum super hit movie, got sexy asian man award, he have maximum number of brands, he was also included in forbes list of top 50 popular man on international level means he is the only indian who got this type of fame, his movie DDLJ is most running movie in international level approximately above 700 weeks and still continue in maratha mandir, he is always hungry for to do something new which is made him popular, famous... ...more

A True Actor.. A Beautiful way to Express Feelings in both REEL as well as In REAL life.. A self made Man... Nice Sense of Humor.. A solid Personality to Represent INDIA Worldwide...

I think he is the best actor. But I would like to advise him to make film like south India as that is call the real Indian film. Just like Hollywood they have their own style and their films does well as they never followed Bollywood. Than why Bollywood just following them and I appreciate south Indian directors for their creation. Please Shahrukh being the best do not destroy your culture and even do not lose your position by doing bad film. Because people expense money for a cinema to see like DDLJ or shivaji kind of film and they just want to enjoy the 3 hours fully. See the proof wanted, bodyguard, Rowdy Rathore Singham those films did great business. As a most popular actor of the world I request you Mr. SRK please have a look my comment and follow it. I also wants you to remind you please add something masala in your upcoming film of Mr. Yash Chopra. Or else you will lose your position as Salman and Amir bringing their best on the same time of your relies. Thanks a fan and well ...more

he is one of the cutest men in the world every one loves him me too all his films will be so good mainly hi film kal ho na ho is one of the best next I am waiting for ra one and it will be super hit he is the best always. I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH AND MY MOM TOO.

He is king of all actors... And best actor in history... His DDLJ completed historical 800weeks and CLIMAX OF THE MOVIE IN WHICH HE IS VILLAIN DESERVES STANDING OVATIONS. He started his career with T.V. Serials in Doordarshan and now king of Bollywood

He is the most versatile actor in the whole universe just after Al Pacino... He's done some enthralling performances right 4m DDLJ to OSO

srk rocks if should have been hollywood he would best but otherwise he is just stupendously mind blowing he is true by his words I am the king he king of many hearts

Honestly I have never seen any foreign film. But this guy is too good. He is a fantastic actor with diverse skills and is the heartthrob of Billions, people should not compare any actor to him as it is an insult. Bollywood wouldn't exist without him.



Srk the king of Bollywood, he is beyond compare, he is the most romantic hero of all time and his movies are good..

he is one the greatest actor... no one is able to stand beside him in bollywood.. he has awesome fan following all over this world... everybody should learn from him that how to a simple man become a global icon... he is the icon of million and million people... he is the king of hearts.. over million people are followed him on twitter... his magic has been spread all over this world... no one can touch him so it's impossible to stop him... many actor we have in bollywood but no one is able to stand beside him,... SHAH RUKH KHAN is the one... he was the king.. he is the king... and he will be the king for ever and ever... I adore you shah rukh.. you follow you in my my life... in every moment of my life... I'm so lucky that I have a person and actor like you... thank you so much... god bless... your humbleness, your sense of humor is just awesome... long live my king... we need u...

I think Mister Khan is extraordinary on all levels! More than an actor (which he pulls off elegantly, naturally and so passionately)he is fascinating as a human being: his story is fantastic, his answer to demands, his take on matters... From his fantastic wit to his heart warming loyalty towards his beliefs & values to the love and respect he spreads around, he his mind blowing! Mind you, I'm not even Indian and found out about his work only a couple months ago, and I am completely in awe! Don't take my word for it, see for yourself! If I may suggest, start with My Name is Khan. I have a cult for what he does in this movie! 10 minutes into the movie, I heard the nicest, simplest thing I could imagine.. I cried, I laughed I felt like a better human after watching it! Very very grateful to have had this privilege! Thank you!

He is handsome, he was able to make everyone want to love and look for love, he's able to turn all your tears into smiles, he can make millions of people smile with a single act, wherever he goes he charms girls, girls all over the world are madly and deeply in love with him, any girl would give her life just to meet him, seeing him is just a dream come true for anyone, he's a 47 years old man and still able to make all girls fall in love with him much more better than any one else, and any actress will be glad to work with him.
He has an innocent face, a perfect smile and killing looks.
He has been ruling bollywood for 20 years and still the best actor and like what said Dilip kumar "Bollywood can create 1000's of salman khan but only god can create SHAH RUKH KHAN".
He's never jealous of any other star and why would he when he is the best?
He's not working for money he makes films for his fans and inner satisfaction, he is the ONLY INDIAN to receive the UNESCO ...more