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21 Worldwide - Big Time Rush
22 Gotta Be You - One Direction

They should be on top 10. Really love one direction. they're already part of my life

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23 Curtain Falls - Blue

A very positive song of blue. Highly relates to the mid 20s people and has a good melody.

24 Summer Love - One Direction

This song is really good! It is sad and is about once summer is over, the couple must leave each other and return to their regular lives. This is an amazing song.

One Direction... Don't even get me started. And just saying.. To the haters- Please don't hate on 1D. I PERSONALLY know Harry Styles and he is an amazing guy. He is like a best friend to me. So Please don't judge-there is no reason to and you don't have the right.

It's cool that you know Styles personally, and I wouldn't dream of hating people I've never even met, but, I hate to be technical here, everyone has the constitutional right to their own opinions about anything. I agree with you that of course it wouldn't be right for anyone to judge anything they don't really know, but everyone has the right to do it anyway. Aside from that, great post. After reading this, you definitely don't have to worry about ME thinking anything bad about One Direction. Guaranteed.

I like One Direction, Because their voice ;) not just their face :) I am directioners

Awesome and melodious song

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25 Bolero - TVXQ

Listen to the song, but I suggest you to WATCH the LIVE PERFORMANCE better! Their LIVES are always so full of emotion! TVXQ is unarguably the best Boyband (in vocal aspect) in ASIA ever!

26 Hug - TVXQ
27 Rising Sun - TVXQ

Definitely Rising Sun. I loved the high pitches vocals and how well their voices fit each other so well no matter what.

28 The Call - Backstreet Boys

A DAMN Cool song with a damn cool video. - JazHoney3

29 Bop Bop Baby - Westlife
30 Uptown Girl - Westlife

I really loved it!

From: alejandra of Philippines (thea's Classmate)

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31 Us Against the World - Westlife

I love all Westlife's song!

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32 You Raise Me Up - Westlife

I love this song beacues it makes me cry at the song when I sing it I. M going to sing it on the voice wish westlife was there to here me sing it when I am on there I'm going on there when I'm 15 years old from tammy watkiss I wish to meet them at the end so my mom can see mark out of westlife she loves him so much

This song makes me cry! Especially when I hear the voice of Mark!

From:THEA of Philippines

33 Stay Another Day - East 17

True emotion on a real issue (suicide) only Back For Good equalled this for true honest sentiment. The same can't be said for most of these boyband songs.

34 Girlfriend - 'N Sync
35 Closer to Me - Five
36 Step by Step - New Kids on the Block

Love my Boston Boys!


Step by step o baby gonna get to you girl

37 My Love - Westlife

It's just an amazing song with the beautiful lyrics and track. Such enjoyable when listened it. "My Love" by Westlife was just great! I'm sure many people love it as well

Westlife is great and very romantic... Love and can't stop listening to it.

This song can make everyone so happy, I always enjoy this song every time..
Moreover that Westlife has harmonic voices sing it... Hm So Enjoyable

This song was supposed to be in the top 3...

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38 It's Gonna Be Me - *NSYNC
39 In Heaven - JYJ

They have amazing story and the song very beautiful

40 Little Things - One Direction

It's a sweet song and loved by many girls all over the world becuase some can relate to it. This has to be the best

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