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41 Boom, Like That
42 Single Handed Sailor

My favourite Dire Straits song. I love the main riff and the way it turns in and out in the play out at the end. The clean strat sound with its hollow ring, echoes and lingers beautifully. You can almost see the lonely haunting figure of the Cutty Sark throughout the song

43 The Bug
44 Communique

How the hell is this not on the list?

How is this at the bottom?

45 One World
46 Local Hero / Wild Theme V 1 Comment
47 Ride Across the River

One of the better songs off Brothers in arms, an over rated album

48 Planet of New Orleans

As underrated as the whole 'On every street album'. Surely one of their best songs.

Just listen.
I think this song must be at least in top-5.
Only its atmosphere...

49 Cannibals
50 How Long

Sounds like country but it's great and underrated.

51 Southbound Again
52 Two Young Lovers
53 My Parties
54 Les Boys
55 Kingdom Come
56 Millionaire Blues
57 Iron Hand
58 If I Had You
59 Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts
60 Last Exit to Brooklyn
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