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81 Move Through Me Move Through Me
82 Vanishing Light Vanishing Light

Not many people like this one? Well... I absolutely love it!

83 Everlost (Part II)
84 Acoustic Medley
85 Touch of Red Touch of Red

Love the video, love the heavy riff, awesome song, should be in the top 10! Listen to it and I dare you not to get fired up!

Just listen to this please 85 is ridiculous come on.

BRUTAL, song! One of my favourites! This should be 100 spots higher on the list!

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86 Dead Alone Dead Alone

Is this some kind of sick joke?!?! This is one of the most awesomely aggressive songs I have ever heard! The main riff is ' amazing and Anders vocals in the chorus are a powerhouse! Top 5 at least!

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87 Rusted Nail Rusted Nail

This song should be farther up the list.

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88 Filtered Truth Filtered Truth

Reminds me of a more vintage in flames

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89 Scream Scream

WHAT!? HOW!? THIS SONG IS AWESOME! Second best from Come Clarity after Take This Life

Great to listen to when angry about something - TheMitchelator

90 The Puzzle The Puzzle
91 Tilt Tilt
92 The Attic The Attic

It is the best.

93 Graveland Graveland
94 Minus Minus
95 Scorn Scorn
96 ... As the Future Repeats Today ... As the Future Repeats Today
97 In Flames In Flames
98 Worlds Within the Margin Worlds Within the Margin
99 Pacing Death's Trail Pacing Death's Trail
100 Jester's Door Jester's Door
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