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121 Dismiss the Cynics
122 Dawn of a New Day V 1 Comment
123 In Search for I

The only good song on STYE. The intro is Kind of like a throwback to the early days of the band.

124 Like You Better Dead

Great melodies and vocals. Top three on STYE for sure.

125 Resin
126 Everything Counts
127 Everlost (Part I)
128 Starforsaken

I actually like this... I guess Lunar Strain isn't very popular these days :/ - Flav

129 The Inborn Lifeless
130 Everdying
131 Timeless
132 F(r)iend

The first song on In Flames' best album, Soundtrack to Your Escape. It IMMEDIATELY melts your face with its punishing intro, its lyrics are full of hate and anger. Easily their heaviest song, and the screams just blast you with "FILTH" during the chorus. #125... Come on!

If you think it's their heaviest song you've obviously never listened to the first 5 albums. Just listen to Colony, December Flower, Pinball Map and you'll see how wrong you are

133 Eraser

In my opinion best song from "A Sense Of Purpose". - Flav

134 Subterranean
135 Dreamscape
136 Acoustic Piece
137 Whoracle
138 Become the Sky
139 Siren Charms
140 Everything's Gone
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