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41 I Wonder

This is a great song. I don't know who the chorus is but it's really good. This songs simple yet FANTASTIC. And I wonder...

I Wonder is an amazing sample of who he is and what he believes. It speaks of how his dreams have come true, while addressing aspects of himself and concepts we can relate to it as well, while having an amazing beat with a sick chorus and epic bass.
Really, this is a masterpiece of music

One big reason why Graduation has always been my favorite Kanye album. His sample usage for the beats was just excellent. - Mcgillacuddy

Pathetic how this song is ranked 33rd. One of the best songs in graduation. Did any real kanye vans vote for this?

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42 H.A.M.

This song goes ham

43 The New Workout Plan

This song is absolutely awful, should be in the top ten, worst part of an otherwise amazing album

This is one of Yeezys most fun songs. And the way it breaks down at the end with the guitar bass and drums is incredible, it's perfect to jam to.


44 Blood On the Leaves

This song is so underrated in my opinion

The deep, insightful lyrics and that beat drop says everything

Kanye has perfected the use of auto-tune

Very interesting start,but on 1:09 it blows my mind,lyrics're very deep and interesting,Kanye song very originally in this song,should be in 10 certain.

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45 Breathe in Breathe Out

Why is this not on the list? Ludacris doesn't really rap but he's a great addition. The music in the background is sick and kanye ROCKS this

46 Gone

The lyrics and complexity of the bass make it at least one of the top 15 songs kanye has put out. It deserves more respect than being 40.

I should not have to scroll down this far to get to this song. And Roses that needs to be higher too

This has to be the most under rated song kanye has ever produced. Everyone who raps on the song absolutly nails it. Not as good as some of his hits, but this song should have been a hit!

This song is amazing

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47 So Appalled

This is the top 5 material. Lyricism is just mental! Kanye west's best to date.

This song's orchestra is beautiful and every verse is FIRE

This should be in the top 5. Just incredible.

What 43? This song should be on Top 5

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48 Forever

Best! Drake, kanye, lil Wayne, Eminem

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49 School Spirit

One of his best songs. I don't know how it got 48. can someone explain ho?

50 New God Flow
51 We Don't Care

Don't know why this is so far down, should be in top 15

Ridiculous that this isn't top ten. This isn't a true kanye west fan list

Crazy... People sleep on this song. When you look at the Gino Vanelli song that he sampled and what he ultimately produced... Genius

How the heck is this even in the 50s

52 Paranoid

This song is one of Kanye's best. Doesn't get enough love at all. This album shows a different side of Kanye but received poor reviews from some but I think that the diversity he shows is great. Big fan of 808s & Heartbreaks.

I don't know how this song wasnt a hit, its one of kanyes best - joezz01

Paranoid is a very extraordinary song. Way better than his other songs. I loved it!

It just shows how many great songs haven't gotten enough recognition

53 Never Let Me Down

To many classics to choose from really kanye west is one of the greatest hip hop artist of all time best and the best to come out in the early 2000s

Amazing song, really heartfelt and the church choir sample at the end just adds to the brilliance.

J. Ivy's verse sends chills down my spine...

J. Ivy and Kanyes verses gave me chills and the sample is amazing. JAY Z was really good too.

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54 Get Em High

I can't believe this song wasn't even on the list? Ye goes in raw not to mention Talib Kweli does his thing and Common just seals the track. "If your losing your high then smoke again. Get em high. "

This is so gay this isn't top 5 at least the beat is crazy the flow is the best of any Kanye song this is so stupid listen to the song and you'll see

55 Who Gon Stop Me

Such an underrated song give it a listen if you haven't before

56 Crack Music

Underrated song. Excellent rhythm and great lyrics. - Mcgillacuddy

57 Everything I Am

It's not the best but it definitely deserves top 20. The chorus is so heartfelt, the whole song feels like a ride, and the emotion kanye puts in this song is incredible. Also, other songs like this are heard em say, family business and we don't care. All deserve to be higher.

In my opinion this should be in the top 3. Smooth beat deep lyrics and a amazing DJ. Its nice to hear a soulful chilled song rather than his useual provocative in you face music. Everything I am depicts perfectly how the media portrays him and I feel its his way of saying "Hey this is the real me, I may be this, I may be that but at the end of the day everything I'm not makes me everything I am".

39? Are you mad?! Here's some reasons why this should be in the top 10...
1) the MOST chill beat ever made! Its so chill that I even use it to do work with
2) it marks the possible end to the B-E-A-UTIFUL soulful rap music as it's being replaced by commercial B. S
3) It has samples by both prince mitchell AND public enemy!
4) EVERYTHING I'M NOT MADE ME EVERYTHING I AM :D (how catchy is that?!

58 Roses

You know when you have to defend rap to your "rap isn't poetry" friends.

This is the song I refer them to.

I don't know how you can put a skit ahead of this song. He uses his raw poetry skills to create one of his most emotional songs. I think this should be top 25, definitely not 94

Most beautiful song I've ever heard by Kanye West, made me cry

Great great song

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59 Blame Game

Blame Game needs to be in the top 10 the raw emotions in it about a breakup makes the song one of the dopest that Yeezy ever dropped

Laugh out loud at Chris rock skit

This song should be at least in top 5, not 61 - viettungvuong

Classic song why is it so low

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60 Celebration
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