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61 All Bad Things

This is one song I like that has come out somewhat recently, Why isn't it played more often?! I love this song, Why are radio stations reluctant to play good music from the #1 hair metal band?

Underrated because its only a couple months old but for 2015 it sounds 80's which rocks

Underrated for 2015 it sounds like an unheard 80's track which is so cool

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62 Jailhouse Rock

Made and elvis classic better!

Great live performance better than elvis - Barcelona2k14

63 If I Die Tomorrow

I LOVE this song. It has so great bass line, and the lyrics are beautiful too.

26 it should be #1

This song is one of the best songs I have heard. The Crüe have done it again
This song should at least be in SECOND PLACE below Girls, Girls, Girls

64 Down at the Whisky
65 Find Myself

This song is so massively underrated, it would have held its own if they played it live

66 Keep Your Eye on the Money

Great song, great chorus

67 Sinners & Saints
68 Goin' Out Swingin'
69 Five Years Dead

Awesome bass, guitar and drums in it! Vastly underrated

70 Misunderstood
71 New Tattoo

Come on guys, this song needs a vote, it is Motley Crue

72 Power to the Music
73 Brandon
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