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41 If You Don't Like Rock 'N Roll
42 Black Sheep of the Family

Cool song

43 Still I'm Sad

Just listen to this song on the "On stage" album and you'll be pleased, if not surprised! With that lyrics it's undoubtedly Rainbow's top-3!

One of the top 5 at least!

44 Self Portrait

I have no idea why or how this song is so low down, down, down, down! The smooth groove and brilliance of this song are criminally underrated - gravy

45 Love's No Friend

Very underrated slow-burning bluesy number with great vocals and Blackmore as masterful as ever

46 Wolf to the Moon
47 Magic
48 Eyes of Fire

A melodic metal song that sounds pretty epic (1982). - Metal_Treasure

Is this true? Stargazer one and this 44?

49 Stranded
50 Anybody There
51 Makin' Love
52 Danger Zone

How is this song so low?
Damn it you people probably never listened to the album down to earth.
This song is amazing.
As much as I love Dio, I have to admit that this song is better than anything from Long live Rock N Roll

53 Fool for the Night
54 Cold Hearted Woman
55 Stand and Fight
56 Too Late for Tears
57 Emotional Crime
58 Snake Charmer
59 Hunting Humans

This is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard. There's an amazing dialoque between vocals and guitars. - Metal_Treasure

60 Sensitive to Light
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