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21 Isley Brothers

Inspired the Beatles and still going timeless

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22 Jackie Wilson Jackie Wilson Jack Leroy "Jackie" Wilson, Jr . was an American soul singer-songwriter and performer . A tenor with a four octave vocal range, he was nicknamed "Mr . Excitement", and was important in the transition of rhythm and blues into soul.
23 Johnnie Taylor Johnnie Taylor Johnnie Harrison Taylor was a three-time Grammy-nominated American recording artist and songwriter who performed a wide variety of genres, from blues, rhythm and blues, soul, and gospel to pop, doo-wop and disco.

Johnnie Taylor No. 69? You got to be kidding. He deserves at least in the first top 10

24 The Miracles

Without these guys motown would have never been as big as it was. They helped Berry Gordy start Motown as they brought talent to motown and they wrote and produced tons of songs for the temps, marvin gaye, stevie wonder, supremes, mary wells, jackson 5, the 4 tops and even influenced the beatles. More groups have remade their songs than any other Motown group or artists and they had more top 40 hits than the other groups.

Without the Miracles Motown would not have had the success it had. They had the most angelic harmony and had the most all around impact on Motown with their singing, songwriting, A&R work and production. They were the most copied group. They were even copied by groups like the Beatles.

25 The Chi-Lites

Awesome group. Should be in the rock and roll hall fame and higher on this lit.

26 Bobby Womack
27 Ben E. King Ben E. King V 1 Comment
28 Donny Hathaway Donny Hathaway Donny Edward Hathaway was an American jazz, blues, soul and gospel singer, songwriter, arranger and pianist.
29 David Ruffin David Ruffin David Eli Ruffin was an American soul singer and musician most famous for his work as one of the lead singers of The Temptations during the group's "Classic Five" period as it was later known.

Amazing singer combining passion, vulnerability, range, and downright soulfulness

He is amazing how he sings should be number 1

30 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
31 George Clinton

Why is he here when he sings funk

Listen to George Clinton & The Parliaments first hit song "Testify". Dr. Funkenstein does have a soul background! - Terrax

32 Faith Evans Faith Evans

A great singer but 2 high on the list and ahead of too many legends

33 The Commodores

Lionel Richie is one of the best singers ever this list is the most retarded list ever

34 Luther Vandross Luther Vandross

Whats that... Here all stupid!

Luther was the greatest soul man of all time...

Death and forgotten

35 Barry White Barry White

The "maestro" of The love Unlimited Orchestra should be higher on this list. His body of work is enormous! The true innovator of "Baby-Making music"! - Terrax

Should be higher up the list!

36 The Delfonics
37 Teddy Pendergrass Teddy Pendergrass Theodore DeReese Pendergrass was an American singer–songwriter and composer. He first rose to fame as lead singer of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes in the 1970s before a successful solo career at the end of the decade.

Nobody had more soul then Teddy P. The emotion in his voice was on unparalleled. I think he was the most overlooked great singer of all time.

Fantastic artist, his songs are so so moving

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38 Jeffrey Osborne
39 Diana Ross Diana Ross V 1 Comment
40 Sam & Dave
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