Best 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) Songs

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1 Changes Changes Cover Art

It has amazing lyrics, evreytime I listen to this song it gives me chills. The lyrics are so powerful, and its 10x better than any "rap" today. His best piece, possibly the greatest rap song of all time.

Most of the time, my headphones are blaring rock or metal music, ranging anywhere from Slipknot to Death Cab For Cutie. But Tupac is one of the few artists who can pull me away from those genres willingly. Particularly in this moving song, Tupac raps poetically and emotively, full of passion and ingenuity. I'd like to thing that if Tupac was still with us, rap music would be infinitely better than it really is nowadays.

This song is so meaningful, it has such a really nice beat, and it is nothing but truth, just so good.
"I see no changes, I wake up in the morning and I ask myself,
is life worth living or should I blast myself."
I always have the chorus ringing in my head.
"That's just the way it is,
things will never be the same,
that's just the way it is,
oh yeah."
Best 2pac song and best rap song of all time.

Nowadays people steal the beats from past famous songs and add a hook or what not and bank off of that, this is in my opinion a worthy adaptation of the original by Bruce Hornsby. Altogether a completely new song providing the same message but from Pac's mouth and mind.

2 Dear Mama Dear Mama Cover Art

This is the best song by 2Pac, hands down. "Changes" was a great protest song, "Ambitionz Az A Ridah" was a hardcore yet sensitive song for Pac, but hardly anybody was able to come out and show this much love for their mothers. Tupac did an incredible job of being honest and telling his mom how much he loved her. 2Pac definitely had the demeanor of a gangsta, but he was a huge softie at heart. Without this, we wouldn't have heard "Hey Mama" from Kanye, or "Headlights" by Eminem. 2Pac was the guy who empowered rappers to be real, but show their softer sides through their music. This is by far 2Pac's most powerful song, and it makes you wanna give your mom a big hug every time you hear it.

When he talks about how hard it is to live in the streets, how hard his mom worked to give him a good life, and more. There's so much emotion in this song, not just in his voice, but in the lyrics as well. I can relate to this song, so the fact that he wrote something that you can relate to even though it's so specific and about his mom, is phenomenal. I grew up in the streets of Atl. I saw stuff just as bad as what Pac saw, so I feel the emotion in the song as if I wrote it myself.

I feel like half of the songs in this top ten shouldn't be here( all of the posthumous ones). However, in dear mama, tupac reached a level of emotion never before seen in rap. The music is in perfect harmony with the lyrics and I think that if I could show a person who had never heard tupac before only one of his songs, I would pick dear mama.

Easily better than Changes in my opinion. No rapper before him ever dreamed of making a tribute to their mother. It was so heartfelt, makes you think of your own mother and everyone can relate in some way. Best Pac song ever.

3 California Love California Love Cover Art

WHAT! This should be #1! It was All Eyez On Me's Lead Single and a Billboard Hot 100 Chart Topper. It remained on #1 for 6 weeks and was a smashing hit. You hear this song banging in the clubs today!

I like Changes the most, but this is Pac's biggest hit. He got the most success out of this one, and that's why this one deserves the top spot.

Changes and Cali Love are the best, this is a great dance song. Played a lot on the radio, his most successful single

Best rap song in history! Should be number1. This is the greatest achievement in Tupac's short, but legendary life!

4 Hit 'Em Up Hit 'Em Up Cover Art

R.I.P. 2Pac, a legend which made this song a legendary one which can't be rejected even nowadays with all that mumble rapper thing!

outstanding, I mean there's pure true rap lines on any verse of this song. it's like a cold song but with a cause... we lay dawn Biggie I know then.

A Thousand Of Miles Better than California Love & Dear Mama, it even a good challenger To Battle Changes for the First Place of the List.

Straight raw lyrics. Best diss song of the decade and of all time. #2 would have to go to The Game 300 bars and runnin. 50 cent even said himself, Tupac is the greatest rapper ever and the man's went Diamond twice! Rap music is what it is today because of hit em up.

5 Life Goes On Life Goes On Cover Art

This is my favorite of Tupac's songs. This, to be exact is my favorite song of all time. The lyrics are written from his heart and he is the only true rapper that doesn't rap about drugs, money and hoes.

This is the best Song of all time in my opinion. Cause when I've heard a song too often, the time comes - no matter how great the song is - I'm hearing the song no more so often. Cause u get a litte bit too much of the song. With Life Goes On that was bever the case.
Sry 4 my English
I'm German

His most underrated song and I'd say #2 (after Dear Mama) Beautiful lyrics as he faces death. It's very deep and emotional. He mourns a friend and prepares for his own end.

The best Rap song I ve ever heard, Pac made every other rapper sounds like an amateur, the power of words, the charisma, the voice the talent oww.. Nowadays rappers must be hating to death for putting the Rap bar that high for them to climb..

6 Keep Ya Head Up Keep Ya Head Up Cover Art

Perhaps the perfect showcase of the man's softer side, "Keep Ya Head Up" is arguably his best individual performance ever. Over DJ Daryl's rendition of Zapp & Roger's "Be Alright, " Pac delivers a message about staying ahead of the struggle and showing respect to all, regardless of gender. ("Time to heal our women, be real to our women /And if we don't we'll have a race of babies /That will hate the ladies... ") HA

This is why my partner 2 pac is the most loved & hated super star that ever lived. People have much negative feedback about him on the count of territories and colors. But look beyond the gang life and you will make sense of a true poet. Who's life can be felt and captivated in his music. I love the person behind the heart felt lyrics composed by this MAN 2PAC. I miss what could of been had he lived today.. love you BOY.

I love this song! Its awesome and teaches the empowerment of woman. It also shows how to treat your woman and that well basically to keep your head up

Can't believe that Ghetto Gospel is ahead of this song. It is just amazing and really needs to be in the Top 3 with Hail Mary and Thugz Mansion/California Love.

7 Hail Mary Hail Mary Cover Art

This song is amazing, I would say even more the whole Makaveli album is amazing. I personally think it is the best album he has made. If he would have lived longer he would change the world, he would show his true nature, which never saw fully, sadly.

Hail Mary is arguably Tupac's best song. Anyone listening this song can feel Tupac's emotions and the lyricism, beat, and hook of this song make it one of the most memorable Tupac songs.

My favorite song from 2Pac is "Hail Mary". It makes 2Pac a founding father of Gangsta Rap. The beat is good enough to compete with modern rap beats up to 2012.

The best Tupac song ever made on the BEST album ever made! Hail Mary is a lyrical and spiritual journey for all Hip hop fans!

8 Ambitionz Az a Ridah Ambitionz Az a Ridah Cover Art

easily his best song.. perfect beat and well-thought-out lyrics, true to the beat and meaningful. Can't believe it's not top three at least

This should be in the top 5, everyone knows the beat and it kills every song except the top 4, it pursues Tupac and I like songs made by Tupac, it had a lot of critical reception, people calling it an amazing song and the best of All Eyez On Me!

This song should at least be in the top 3... The lyrics and flow are the pinnacle of Pac's career... "My murderous lyrics equipped with spirits of the Thugs before me
Pay off the block evade the cops cause I know they comin for me"

This one is #2 on my list. It showcases 2Pac's biggest strength as a rapper; he was able to be hardcore and brutally honest, but he was never afraid to show how vulnerable he was. Not a lot of people can do that.

9 Only God Can Judge Me Only God Can Judge Me Cover Art

Every lyric in this song just about everyone who has felt differently can open this door... And feel like they belongs. Tupac sang about piece truth love and loyalty.. By far the only artist today who's music is still relevant to todays society.. Tupac a poet to many opens lots of eyes to truth and a real reality...R.I.P... Forever Pac, the definition of real..

Best beat and lyric, it should be on the second rank, tupac is the best no one can't bet him. I sing this song almost everyday. The song was great, Pac I fill ya.

Great song, maybe the best song on all eyes on me. The lyrics are so fire and about real things in his life. Love the instrumental.
Great song

RIP pac

The lyrics are so clever and real, instead of rapping about swag and money he raps about real situations and problems he faces. This is real rap!

10 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted Cover Art

Way underraterd. His combo with Snoop was exceptional. This song has one of the best flows in all of rap and outstanding lyricism. Snoop and Pac kill this ish.R.I.P. pac even though he's still living in his spirits.

Picture perfect, Pac paints a perfect picture with Snoop in this song.

Amazing lyrisism and the duo between 2 of hip hops greatest creates an amazing musical experience

It is a shock not to see it in top5 cause they are a formidable pair

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11 Ghetto Gospel Ghetto Gospel Cover Art

This is definitely his best song. The message behind this song is insane. I think it's proof that Tupac really wanted to do a lot of good and use his voice to deliver a real message to end the violence in the streets. A lot of what is going on today with corrupt cops killing people for no reason, etc. This song really speaks the truth about that.

Awesome. I don't care if its with or without elton john... No I'm glad that this song is with elton john: Pac left us some messages and one of them were: "everyone is the same - doesn't matter is he/she is Asian, black, gay or whatever. "

The "Changes" 2Pac never got to make on his own. :( Admittedly, Changes is equally a classic and Pac's rhymes/flow aren't as good in Ghetto Gospel but the message hits with more weight for me on this one and the compliment with Elton John's Indian Sunset works perfectly. Production Masterclass. It's not best representitive of 2Pac but it's a stand-out masterpiece.

Ghetto Gospel has got to be the most amazing song I have ever heard! The lyrics are great, the beat is good and it has a good chorus line! Loyal to the Game is the most underrated Tupac album!

12 I Get Around I Get Around Cover Art

This was the first really big one and still the best. Don't know why it gets ignored. That summer with biggie and Tupac has never been topped.

Back to get wreck all respect to those who break their neck to keep they hoes in check! Hahaa this rhyme is too true and funny

This is my favorite 2pac song maybe under changes but this is a great song

The first pac song I ever heard. Got me hooked. This song is way too low

13 Me Against the World Me Against the World Cover Art

Bit more light hearted in terms of music but definitely not in terms of lyrics. A song that recognising his struggles but just says 'you know what who cares'. Great song. Live your life

Me Against The World was an amazing insight into Tupac's conflict with different people in his life, I reckon hit Em up should;ve been on that album because it represents what the album is all about and it came out on the same year as the album! 1995!

His final verse on this track showed his deep thought. Even the genius asks his questions. Pac absolutely killed it on this track

Great song! The remix off 2Pac Rap Phenomenon is way better, it uses the beat from Still D.R.E. and plus UGK is in it!

14 All Eyez on Me All Eyez on Me Cover Art

Are you kidding me! You got to be joking! This song is at least, I'm saying at the very least top 10. This song speaks the truth, big Sky was just flowing everywhere and pac showed in this song that he is a contender to being the G.O.A.T

This is probably my favourate 2pac song, considering he only recorded for 4 years he left behind hundreds of timeless classics

Rap/hip hop died on sept 7th 1996. 2pac will live forever though

Disgrace this is so high one of the best lyrics on point

This is a classic, how come it is not higher? Move it up!

15 Do for Love Do for Love Cover Art

One of the best hooks of all time. You could listen to it without any lyrics and it would still be so smooth. It also helps that 2Pac is rapping over it.

This is such an amazing song with such genuine and true lyrics. For me it should be in the top list names.

I'm not saying this is his his best song but I'd at least put it at sonwere around 11 or 14

This should be at the top, so chilled with great beat

16 To Live and Die in L.A. To Live and Die in L.A. Cover Art

This song is definitely Top 30 for me, an excellent song, yet it's only just in the Top 90!

Gotta be top 5
everything from word play, beat an chorus is on point

I absolutely love this song!

Top song easily in the top 20

17 How Do U Want It How Do U Want It Cover Art

Classic the beat the flow and Pac kills the track like its nothing very hot check out the xxx video version my god lol but in truth it's my 50th fave song real favorites are ones that hit me in my soul shivers in my body and shed tears my cheeks like only fear of death troublesome 96 never be peace still I rise whats next only god can judge me letter to my unborn child letter 2 the President ALL OG VERSIONS of course my point is how amazing this man was that 50th track is better than anybodys else top track 2Pac was special guys that my uncle whos Bosnian bumps Pac tells you everything ONE OF A KIND forever!

People forget to actually look at the overall quality of the song, both as a hip hop number and simply as a song. The message is not what makes a song great. This beat is amazing

How Do you Want It at #63?! Lolol. What's wrong with you people? This is his best song by far! Best damn rap song ever made! Makes California Love sound like a boring opera song.

How Do U Want It at #38?! Is this list a joke? It's easily his best song.

18 So Many Tears So Many Tears Cover Art

One of the best song in rap history, so personal, lyrical and emotional he's like talking with god

Best song tupac ever made he has the best beats is this songs and best lyrics

I only choose this one because Old School isn't higher up.

He was so talented. Words are so deep to the soul.

19 Can't C Me Can't C Me Cover Art

I don't know why this song is barely being added. It has a killer beat, sick lyrics, unstoppable flow and is a great diss song aimed at Dr. Dre. All I can say is listen to it.

A amazing beat of Dr. Dre and maybe the greatest diss-track against biggie. Even if you don't like classic rap this song is awesome

You should never put my rhymes with dre

Song I so good and underrated

20 Brenda's Got a Baby Brenda's Got a Baby Cover Art

The lyrics of this song are just awesome... Amazing story-teller. This song has to be in the top 10. If not, at least top 15. #35? Seriously?

The most realist, poetic, lyrical and saddest Tupac song ever produced! It will always be in his top ten songs of all time!

Indeed, not his best one...but needs to get more votes; at least top ten!

Incredible story telling skills. 2pac wasn't just a rapper, he was a rythmic author and lyrical genius!

21 Runnin' (Dying to Live) Runnin' (Dying to Live) Cover Art

This song is too good for words. When Eminem produced this I never thought it would be this good. It shows how dumb the beef was with 2pac and Biggie. I love it. It never gets old.

The best duo ever? What? 4sure not!
2pac is the GOAT. But Second is Kendrick Lamar. In my opinion 50 is better then biggie too. In my opinion biggie is 4th. Eminem is much overrated

This is the best Duet you can ever think of! Tupac and Biggie together is amazing and one deadly combination!

Great piece of music and it is from two of the worlds best rappers so you know what to expect!

22 One Day at a Time One Day at a Time Cover Art

this one from tupac resurrection is an amazing song with eminem and outlaws.. and they way pacs lines are put in as if they did it together... its a great song

23 I Ain't Mad at Cha I Ain't Mad at Cha Cover Art

Show the progression of life, unlike being in jail juss how people change. Its close to home for me... line when he says "When I talk about money all you see is the struggle
When I tell you I'm livin large you tell me it's trouble"

How can a 2pac classic be that low.
It is the best song of one of his best albums all eyez on me and one of the best rap albums of all time.
2pac's best album is me against the world (obviously)

Overall best song. Awesome beat, great lyrics, and nice upbeat message.

"even though we separated you said that you'd wait don't give nobody no cuchi while I'll be locked up state"

Awesome song! The beat and hook are good, but these lyrics are some of his best.

"Even though we seperated, you said that you'd wait don't give nobody no cuchi while I be locked up state. "
-2pac, Realest rapper alive

24 Unconditional Love Unconditional Love Cover Art

This song is so damn smooth and relaxing. It explains how one should feel about there significant other while giving praise to the others you love in your life. Why this isn't top 5 makes me wonder whats wrong sometimes. This is one is his most kindest yet motivational songs.

How so low? This is my favourite song of all time let alone of Tupac it's one of the most realest rap songs ever that didn't rap just about drugs and guns but real stuff instead

My favourite Tupac song of alone time. It's so emotional, he raps about his love for his mother, friends and lover. He does all this without swearing once in the entire song.

One of his best songs, must be so low from people not hearing it much only explanation

25 Better Dayz Better Dayz Cover Art

Great flow. Great lyrics. Great rhymes. Great beat. Great meaning. Overall, GREAT SONG! Love this song to death. I love listen to this song when I'm down. I can definitely relate to this.

Great lyrics! Brings an uplift to mind in staying positive! Although life seems tough, stay strong and look towards those better dayz!

The lyrics are very emotional. I find the original better than the released version

I love this song so much it makes me think so much

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