Top Ten Best Gregory Porter Songs

Gregory Porter is a very underrated American Jazz, Blues, Soul and Gospel artist.. If you haven't already heard him, give him a try.

The Top Ten Best Gregory Porter Songs

1 Sweet Home Chicago

People NEED to hear this! - Britgirl

Hmm... The man's got a decent voice, but doesn't really have a feel for blues, and tries too hard. Think he should stick to smooth jazz and R&B, and not try to come off as as quite so overly "sophisticated." I know I'm not bein' real cooperative here, T, but I always calls'em as I sees'em. (Move over, Rover. You bunkin' wit Mr. V:).

At least you took the time to listen, V. Appreciate that he isn't to everyone's taste. I agree he's more Jazz, and Soul but whatever...he does it pretty well :). - Britgirl

2 Liquid Spirit

See now, access to potable water is a huge problem, and arguably an injustice, in many parts of the world. But the message in this song is broad and vague, and open to being brushed off as just another reflexive "social justice" statement. Never cared much for bein' preached at by poets and musicians.

3 Sweet Country Love Song
4 Movin'
5 Our Love

Could've liked this much more if it didn't feel like he (or the writer) didn't seem to be reaching for metaphor so often in the lyrics.

6 Holding On

Kinda throwback to early 70s pop R&B. Vocals and style a bit like a hybrid of Bill Withers and Dobie Gray. Feel again, though, like the lyrics are sometimes trying to be a bit too clever.

7 Consequence of Love
8 I Fall in Love Too Easily
9 Brown Grass
10 French African Queen
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