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1 Time (Inception)

Truly outstanding

The melody captures a 1000 emotions in a heartbeat!

Truly incredible, makes me feel like I'm more than I really am

You're in a Dream.

2 No Time for Caution (Interstellar)

Probably most emotional piece ever written by Hans, and one of the best there ever was. The Organ is as captivating as the scene in the movie. Just listen to pure powerful emotions in deep space.

3 A Watchful Guardian (The Dark Knight)

Just listen to it.

4 Flight (Man of Steel)
5 Rise (The Dark Knight Rises)
6 Why So Serious? (The Dark Knight)
7 Now We Are Free (Gladiator)

Epic. most dark for my things.

Very beautiful track - MetalMania

8 Beautiful Lie (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

I think this is a severely underrated and underappreciated track from Zimmer's work. This is my 3rd favourite after "Time" (Inception) & "Eptesicus" (Batman Begins).

It's a merging of Batman's theme, with Man Of Steel's score, in a dark and emotional way.

9 Dream Is Collapsing (Inception)
10 Mountains (Interstellar)

It genuinely describes the epicness of the scene, when the music progressively gets louder and louder slowly, before realizing a big wave coming. Then come the emotions and the crew trying to get back to the space ranger.

You can literally think about anything when you listen to this and it will feel epic and monumentous. When applied to something that ACTUALLY IS vast or great it becomes the perfect track.
Ambient, powerful and slowly-building into an awesome track. The only problem I have with it is that it's way too short.

The Contenders

11 King of Pride Rock - Hans Zimmer
12 Chevaliers de Sangreal (The Da Vinci Code)

Builds to an amazing crescendo the most melodic track ever composed

Almost tricks you into thinking the movie is good.

13 Day One (Interstellar)
14 Gotham's Reckoning ( The Dark Knight Rises)
15 Why Do We Fall? (The Dark Knight Rises)

One of the most epic songs of all time.

16 Barbarian Horde (Gladiator)
17 One Day (Pirates of the Caribbean)

If this song was a person, I would smash

Most underrated Han Zimmer track

18 Discombobulate (Sherlock Holmes)

If You hear anywhere You know is Sherlock's Theme

19 Like a Dog Chasing Cars (The Dark Knight)
20 Day One Dark (Interstellar)

Epic epic epic - Nebular65

21 Mombasa (Inception)
22 I Don't Think Now Is The Best Time (Pirates of the Caribbean 3)

This song is so complex, featuring cues from each movie in the trilogy and making the battle in the maelstrom and the sinking of the Endeavour epic and exciting. This piece captures all of the emotions felt throughout the trilogy in a grand and masterful way.

23 Lost But Won (Rush)
24 This Land (The Lion King)
25 The End? (Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows)
26 Journey to the Line (The Thin Red Line)

More powerful than Time - DarkKnight2005

Why is this at the bottom? It should be higher because its awesome

27 S.T.A.Y. (Interstellar)
28 Coward (Interstellar)
29 Tennessee (Pearl Harbor)
30 Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho (Pirates of the Caribbean 3)
31 Leave No Man Behind (Black Hawk Down)
32 Remember Who You Are (The Lion King)
33 Extraction Point (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
34 Safe Passage (The Last Samurai)
35 Imagine the Fire (The Dark Knight Rises)
36 The Battle (Gladiator)
37 Mufasa's Death (The Lion King)
38 Science & Religion (Angels & Demons)
39 Psychological Recovery... 6 Months (Sherlock Holmes)
40 Molossus (Batman Begins)
41 Oysters in the Pits (Rush)
42 Po Finds the Truth (Kung Fu Panda 2)
43 What Shall We Die For?
44 Singapore (Pirates of the Caribbean 3)
45 Drink Up Me Hearties
46 What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World (Man of Steel)
47 ...To Die For (The Lion King)
48 Opening Titles (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Hans Zimmer Works are so great an specific that it is injustice to categorize them and place "opening titles" 30th

49 Intro (Crysis 2)
50 Epilogue (Crysis 2)
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