Top Ten Hardest Dream Theater Songs to Play On the Drums

The Top Ten

1 Dance of Eternity

So many time changes and it's very hard to remember it

2 Hell's Kitchen

A great and very underrated song with insane drumming in it. I mean, it is like a drum solo with music in the background!

Hell yeah

3 Panic Attack
4 Sacrificed Sons

The ending is fantastic! ! !

5 The Enemy Inside
6 The Best of Times

The second verse took me over two weeks to master

This whole album should be in the top ten

7 Metropolis, Pt.1 The Miracle and the Sleeper

Love the sound of that drum

8 A Nightmare to Remember

This is the song that inspired me to come to this list. Drums never jump out at me in songs, but in this one they did the entire time, because it just sounds insanely difficult. Listen to this and then vote. - Songsta41

This song is the hardest in my opinion because of the physical endurance it takes to play accurately for the entirety of the song.

Harder than metropolis.

What? I've voted for this one like twenty times and it still hasnt moved!

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9 A Rite of Passage

I tried playing this song a couple of times and still can't get it.

10 Count of Tuscany

Avery good song right here

The Contenders

11 Octavarium
12 The Glass Prison
13 Honor Thy Father
14 Constant Motion

The solo is insane.

15 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

(Yes I'm counting the entire song). This song is one of the most complicated (and long) songs I've ever heard, and even in what sounds like just an easy jam (goodnight kiss solo) it's still difficult. Mike Portnoy is a drumming legend, and his raw emotion is always converted to his playing.

The Dance of Eternity shouldn't be number 1, it's really all about memorizing the song by heart. Yes it definitely belongs to the top 5, but certainly not the top.
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence is a little over 40 minutes of complex styles and techniques. It just has it all! The heavy metal bits in "the test that stumped them all", the really soft parts in "goodnight kiss", the pop-y style in "solitary shell", and even orchestral drumming in "overture". To anyone who actually tried drumming along DT songs, this is an absolute challenge that requires a lot more than just memory

16 Strange Deja Vu
17 The Dark Eternal Night
18 The Root of All Evil
19 Breaking All Illusions
20 Stream of Consciousness
21 Three Days

There's so many different things one has to master to play this song... Marching beats, syncopated marching beats, double bass triplets, thirty-second note hi-hat hits, and time signature changes just to name a couple.

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