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1 720 Gazelle Flip

Go on youtube, and ull see how hard it is - Dippy

I can't even 720 gazelle and I am sponsored by adidas and diamond I think if u master 360 gazelle it would be easier.

I broke my arm

It's the hardest thing that I have ever tried to do In my entire lifetime

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2 Ollie Impossible

All it is is just rubbing your butthole all over it so it smells and then you do a regular ollie that's all there is to it guys look it up

Ollie impossible isn't that hard I can't tre flip but I can impossible.

I learned it first try tripping on acid


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3 Caberiall Kickflip

dude I saw ryan sheckler do this and it looked so hard I don't even know what it is!

I skate and I tried to land this but fell on my ass so hard.

Its actually super easy all it is a full cab kickflip ( 360 popshuvit kickflip)

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4 Hospital Flip

So easy, just try Casper flips, beta flips, Alfa flips, there all really the same front foot motion, all easy

Not that hard if you know the steps

Elementary learned it in ten min

I can't even fs flip but yet I can hospital, so easy

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5 1440 Flip

That is the hardest of them all

The 1440 flip is so hard that a pro skater can't even do it

It is supper hard!

So Hard!
@ _ @

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6 Impossible

Easy trick created by Rodney mullen

It is literally a 360 Pop Shuvit but you are turning the angle

This trick looks hard

I killed my moms cat

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7 Ollie

Ollie is the easiest trick and that's what I started on

I'm a beginner in skateboarding and I struggle to even snap up the board and slide my foot up, ollies are extremely hard to do and require a lot of skill and work to achieve!

I've been trying for like 2 years and I still can't do a perfect ollie

Y'all fried

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8 Fakie Beta Flip

These are crazy hard

There easy I would say kick turns are the hardest I did this trick first try.

I have tried it and it is the hardest trick I've done

Only the beta version

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9 Nightmare Flip

Racked my ball sac on this one

I have been skating for 11 monthes for 2-3 hours every day and I can nightmare easy just do a double and barley touch the tail

I made my testicles splat out after this one

10 Alpha Flip

Alpha flip took me to the hospital

It took me 9 years to do this

This flip is really hard

These are really hard to learn and you will get hurt doing them but iv been skateing for 2monthr and iv only got it twice

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11 Fakie 720 Quadruple Kickflip Sexchange

I land those every time

Easiest trick ever

Your on crack that is harder than a underflip 180


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12 Double Laser Flip

Tried lost of times and got hit in the nuts about 100 times but finally done it over 6 stairs I even broke my wrist

Think of how hard a lazer flip is, and double it

I can't do that double laser flip

Yeah but Cody Cepeda can do switch 540 lazers so...

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13 Motherflip

I bet I could learn this pretty fast. Looks not to hard...

Extremely easy, just make your mom very mad and then she will flip you off. Simple.

Whats a motherflip

This trick is hard that's it

14 360 Hardflip

Crap got hit in the balls twice today and I chipped my tooth and broke one rib '

Landed on my board on my ass and my board snapped in half. It was down a five stair.

God I've tried this like twice, and both times I've really hurt myself.

This one took me a few days to learn

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15 Treyflip

Wow big time aspecail the landing

hell ya it took me like two years

Its tre flip. I think the hardest trick is to spell the word.

Its tre not trey

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16 Fakie Nollie 360

That's a switch 360

I do that with steez

17 Bullflip

This is the hardest flip trick ever it it took me 7 years to land a good one I broke my ankle the first time I tried it

These are the hardest trick in the f ing world I mastered it 30 million tries later

18 Double Pop-shovit Late Kickflip

Yes it is
I don't think that there is not good enough of this year old daughter and private sector to the public and private sector to the public and private sector to the public and private sector to the the public and private sector to the

I have tried it and did not get it

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19 Kickflip

I've been skating for 3 years kick flips are extremely hard for me but with any other trick there easy like I can 540 flip with a bit of trouble but kick flips I can never do but I learnt a way to do it and I'm finally learning it. Here's a tip Never give up on a trick that you try to do you may feel that you're making no progress but in fact you are by seeing what you're doing wrong helps your mind adapt and getting friends to help provides an even bigger chance of landing it never give up never stop until you have landed it.

kickflip is so hard for beginners.. (the front foot is so hard to catch on the board)

Ita so hard to land I mean even pros have trouble landing them and every time I do em I get discouraged cause I can't land it only with one foot

Go suck yo mum

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20 Kickflip Sexchange

When I did a kickflip though I am a girl I became a boy afterwards... Sexchange it is..

My nuts were destroyed after this had to get cut off...

Caitlin jenner did this one

Trick is so easy,landed it before I could ollie

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