Top 10 Best All-Rounders in Cricket History

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1 Jacques Kallis

Labeling Jacques Kallis merely as an "all-rounder" does not fully capture his prowess as a batsman. He has amassed nearly 25,000 international runs in tests and One Day Internationals (ODIs), holds the second-highest number of test centuries after Sachin Tendulkar, and boasts a test batting average that surpasses Tendulkar's.

Kallis is more accurately described as one of the top three test batsmen of all time, who also excelled in bowling with a total of 565 international wickets. His record of wickets surpasses the number of times he was dismissed - 564 times. This feat is unmatched by any other cricketer, past or present, and is unlikely to be surpassed in the future. Truly, he is King Kallis.

2 Imran Khan

He is undoubtedly the legend and the best all-round player ever in cricket history. After retiring from cricket, he became the best philanthropist ever in Pakistan's history. Then, coming into politics, he has become the greatest leader ever in the history of Pakistan after the founding father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Maintaining a glamorous image as the world's most good-looking sportsman, with fans eagerly waiting outside the ground just to catch a glimpse, and still performing excellently is a testament to hard work and determination. Imran Khan emerged as the best all-rounder of his era, excelling as a bowler, batsman, and leader.

Imran's statistics before and after becoming captain illustrate his remarkable growth. Initially, he averaged 19.3 in batting and over 28 in bowling. However, once he assumed captaincy, his batting average soared to over 55, and his bowling average dropped below 18. This is the best record for any captain in world cricket. Imran is unique in that he improved over time, unlike other all-rounders such as Ian Botham and Kapil Dev, whose skills diminished. He ended his career at the pinnacle of world cricket.

3 Garfield Sobers

Garfield Sobers is arguably the greatest cricketer of all time. When the West Indies were trailing by about 250 runs and seemed destined to lose, Sobers could turn the game around with his powerful hitting, scoring sixes and fours with ease. He was also an exceptionally versatile bowler, capable of fast bowling and spinning both leg and off, and could bowl with either hand.

Additionally, Sobers was a formidable fielder. He could dive for the ball, catch it while still airborne, and make direct hits on the stumps mid-air. In the ranking of all-rounders, Sobers should be placed above Kapil Dev, with Dev in third place and Kallis second.

4 Shakib Al Hasan

One of the best all-rounders in cricket history, Shakib Al Hasan has significantly contributed to the progress of Bangladesh as a Test team. In many of the matches won by Bangladesh, you will see Shakib's contribution, either with the bat, ball, or both. His terrific all-round performance has enhanced the Bangladesh team, and he is in the number 2 spot of top all-rounders of all time.

A talented left-hand batsman and left-arm spinner, Shakib Al Hasan is unarguably the best cricketer that Bangladesh has ever had. As a bowler, he is accurate, consistent, and canny. His aggression and a wide range of strokes are the keys to his batting. Even more importantly, he has self-belief, an excellent temperament, is unflustered by big occasions, and is ready to do battle against the top teams.

5 Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev also ranks highly as an all-rounder, excelling in batting, bowling, fielding, and captaincy. While most discussions about all-rounders focus on batting and bowling, Kapil shone in all aspects of the game. He was a formidable bowler, an aggressive batsman, and an outstanding fielder - his iconic catch of Sir Viv Richards in the 1983 World Cup is unforgettable. As a captain, he was dynamic, although his tenure was later marred by lack of support from some senior players who envied his charisma. Compared to others like Imran Khan, Ian Botham, and Richard Hadlee - who were not as proficient in fielding - Kapil stands out. Botham struggled with captaincy, and Hadlee never took on the role. Thus, Kapil Dev deserves full marks.

6 Ian Botham Sir Ian Terence Botham is a former England Test cricketer and Test team captain, and current cricket commentator.

People here are not real cricket fans. Botham was the best and will stay in that place forever. Is Yuvraj Singh a better all-rounder? Have you guys gone nuts? And Sobers on 7th rank?

When this man came on the pitch, the excitement level of the crowd was amazing. He was expected to win the match on his own... And very often he did.

Great cricketing legend and a true gentleman of the beautiful game of cricket.

7 Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi remains one of the most charismatic cricketers in history. Known for holding the record for the fastest century, his presence at the crease always excites the crowd, even if he has had a string of unsuccessful performances. Afridi also holds the record for the most sixes in ODIs and boasts the best strike rate in ODI cricket history.

As a bowler, Afridi is the only all-rounder to have scored more than 7,000 runs and taken over 300 wickets. His performance of taking 7 wickets for 12 runs against the West Indies in 2013 stands as the second-best bowling figure ever recorded. His ability to often achieve clean bowled dismissals sets him apart from other leg-spinners. Afridi undoubtedly deserves the top spot on the list.

8 Richard Hadlee

Champion fast bowler and a way better batsman than the very few bowlers in his league.
An all-time World XI candidate based on the stats.

Easily the best all-rounder of all time. His bowling average is the third best of all time! His batting average is better than some number 5/6 batsmen.

9 Keith Miller

He could bat, bowl, and charm any Sheila.

The younger generation may not know much about him, but he is the greatest all-rounder of Australia. He deserves to be in the top 5 all-rounders in Test cricket.

10 Sanath Jayasuriya

Jayasuriya is a legend of the cricket world. His batting, bowling, and fielding abilities are unmatchable. He is the best game changer. His running between wickets is great.

Sanath Jayasuriya must be the number one all-rounder. Which player has reached his record of more than 13,000 runs, more than 350 wickets, and more than 100 catches, including run-outs? So, he is the number one player.

Haha, he took more than 400 wickets and hit more than 13,000 runs in international cricket. He is the only one to show that type of performance in international cricket history. He is the only cricketer at this level, and he must be at the top of this list.

The Contenders
11 Shaun Pollock

I think he's the best. He did not have very good bowlers helping him at the time. So, he had to keep runs down and take wickets. People forget he was batting way down the order, but that man could bat. He is the best by a long shot.

The best there is. Was a great bowler and batted very well down the order.

12 Andrew Flintoff

Andrew deserves the title of the best bowler, average batsman, and average fielder. Do not joke about keeping Dhoni on the list.

I'm a big fan of Andrew Flintoff because I like his batting and bowling as well.

He is a great all-rounder, a good batsman, and a good bowler. Very talented.

13 Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is the best all-rounder I have ever seen. The day he doesn't bowl well, he excels with the bat. When not excelling with the bat, he is marvelous in his fielding and bowling. He was the main icon who helped India win the 2011 World Cup. He is truly god-gifted. India should certainly look for these kinds of players. He must keep it up.

Yuvraj Singh is the best all-rounder. His batting is dangerous, and his bowling line and length are crucial. He was the main icon for India to win the 2011 World Cup. He is a gift to the Indian team from God. He should be given chances to help India win more matches. I support Yuvi.

14 Shane Watson Shane Robert Watson is a former Australian international cricketer and a former captain, who played all formats of the game.

He is the best. He is the best of all time. Nobody was like him. He is the most dangerous batsman in the history of cricket. He is rocking the world.

Shane Watson is a very good all-rounder. He can play all the shots comfortably on certain balls and has a good temperament. He is also very good at bowling. I like him very much. He is simply amazing to watch! However, there is scope for improvement in his forward defense.

The Captain America of cricket. Not liked by most, but still the best. This guy should be at the first number on this list.

15 Chris Cairns

Great New Zealand all-rounder, a match-winner with both bat and ball.

16 Ravindra Jadeja

I watched Jadeja in the final of the Champions Trophy, and he was excellent. Definitely a no-brainer.

In 2014, he performed exceptionally with the bat in ODIs. He was ranked 1st in ODI bowling rankings. He will be maximally utilized when batting at No. 5 (or 4) in ODIs.

He doesn't concede many runs and always takes a wicket or two.

17 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni, commonly known as MS Dhoni, is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national cricket team.

He can bat, keep wickets, and bowl too when a spare wicketkeeper is available. Above all, he is a great captain. Truly an all-rounder in every sense of the word. He could work on his bowling a lot more.

In his first over, he got a wicket. What do you think about his batting?

He is the best human, rather than just a cricketer, I have ever seen. Hats off to Captain Cool MSD.

18 Abdul Razzaq

He is the world's best all-rounder. He can play according to the situation and hit huge sixes when required. He is a good bowler as well, and can swing the ball along with slower deliveries.

If there's any doubt, watch his inning of 109 not out on 72 balls against South Africa.

I like him. He is the very best in cricket.

19 Lance Klusener

Lance Klusener is a best all-rounder. He was declared Man of the Series in the 1999 World Cup, taking 17 wickets and scoring 257 runs. He helped South Africa reach the semifinal.

Lance Klusener, who is the best all-rounder of all time. He is the greatest hitter and bowler. He led South Africa to reach the semifinal in the 1999 World Cup.

He is a match-winner all the time. I miss you, my hero, Klusener.

20 Andre Russell

I think that in another five or seven years, he could be in the top ten.

21 Muhammad Hafiz

Hafeez is a calm, cool, and collected guy. He plays cricket with a determined mindset and leads his team with great enthusiasm. He is one of the best all-rounders of all times. Having such a great man is more than a pleasure for the Pakistani nation!

The greatest all-rounder ever. He is an absolute legend.

He is a very talented all-rounder of the Pakistani team and one of the top all-rounders in T20s and ODIs. Hafeez always supports his team whenever Pakistan needs him, and he is an excellent captain too.

22 Ravichandran Ashwin

The best all-rounder in Test cricket currently, the best Test bowler, and has a decent batting average. He is the next Kapil of India.

Why is he not on this list? Best all-rounder in the world!

He is a match-winner and is silently breaking all records. The way he is performing, within a year he will automatically be in the Top 10.

23 Wasim Akram Wasim Akram is a Pakistani cricket commentator, coach and former cricketer, captain of Pakistan national cricket team.

Perhaps the best left-arm fast bowler of all time, Wasim Akram was a magical bowler, averaging 23 in both Tests and ODIs. His highest Test batting score of 257* puts him up there as one of the best bowling all-rounders of all time.

24 Irfan Pathan

India really missed his talent. He could have been India's best all-rounder if India had handled him brilliantly, which Sourav did well in 2005.

He is the best all-rounder I have ever seen. He is my favorite player.

Number 1 bowler in the world for a left-handed all-rounder.

25 Suresh Raina

He is the best fielder in current cricket. The ball can never cross him when he is on the field.

The best batsman ever, and he bowls with a technical style that keeps him every year in the Top 10 lists in IPL for "best economy rate."

He is the best all-rounder in the world. I love you so much, Raina.

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