Top 10 Best Fielders in Cricket History

The Top Ten
1 Suresh Raina

Funny that Indian cricket fans are pretty stupid and don't really know much about the game they love. Wouldn't make the top 50 if Indian fans didn't vote.

Suresh Raina - Live Wire On the Field!
Energetic + Enthusiastic + Encouraging bowlers.

Suresh raina tweeted long ago :
I met johnty Rhodes and he said he thought I was Best Fielder in India, which I'm Extremely proud of!

Raina - India's Johnty!

He is the aggressive fielder with all abilities... He have no second thoughts to stop the ball or catch the ball... He never left the ball without attempting to stop...

Suresh raina represents the new age Indian cricketer. An attacking left-hander who goes for the big shots with impunity and clears the field with a swashbuckling flourish when at the top of his game, raina is also equally capable of attracting applause as an electric fielder in the circle. All of this, though, is tempered against the short ball, which has been mercilessly exposed in test cricket.

2 Jonty Rhodes

It is not even a close call to be fair. Yes there are some exceptional fielders out there, such as Ponting, Collingwood, Yuvraj, Gibbs, and Dilshan to name a few, but they don't come close to the man who practically reinvented fielding; Jonty Rhodes. It's simple - the guy was a genius.

No doubt that he is best fielder. He is a top class field man ho its great for south africa it's a god gift he has got a too good speed he is missiel or a rocket which flyes all over the ground no one can compare him yes its true that he is a rocket and he rocks full ground. He will lead the pack in all times. He is a great rocket!

The guy's from another planet, pure and simple. He's my fielding hero with the way he just picks up the ball effortlessly and sends it back like a tracer bullet, exactly where he intended it to go. Also, he doesn't dive to catch the ball, he flies.
Jonty rules!

I'm surprised to see Raina above Jonty... nobody has come close to Jonty...he totally disrupted the game and proved that fielding was just as important as batting or bowling...South Africa were trailblazers when it came to fielding excellence.

3 Shahid Afridi

You must be joking can't think of anything he did as a fielder that would get him on this list. Pakistani fans don't know anything about cricket

One of the most outstanding fielder of all time.

He always use to show courage towards the bowlers and other fielders and according to me and the facts also says the same that I never see him dropping the catch or having a misfield.

One of his memorable catches that he took against england in england in a tri series against newzealand in the semi final of champions trophy and the running catch again against kiwis in 2009 t20 world cup.

If it comes to enthusiasm than we all have to admit that he is the life line in cricket ground and the most beloved player in the cricketing world due to his passion and style.

Shahid Afridi is the best fielder because of his run outs and catches, also he holds a great record for hitting 100(37). One of the best catch he caught vs Newzeland was so great. He is the best fielder in PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).

Shahid khan afridi is my favourite player in the history
Of cricket. My suggestion is that afridi have to play in the World Cup 2015. Afridi is so much talented. My wishes are with him.

4 Ravindra Jadeja

He is the best fielder in this current era. He has the rare instinct of hitting the stumps directly. Most of the time never drops a catch. Powerful left hand.

Reflexes, accuracy and agility he has it all. The cover point region is impregnable when he is lurking there. A lightning fast throwing arm makes him a potent outfield fielder as well

Best in Indian Cricket history. All the Direct hit run out he has earned, adds an edge over any fielders.
Probably the best in the Current Era.

I think he's the world's best fielder. He always talks terrefic catches & and makes even toughest catches very easy & also his throughs on the stumps are outstanding.

5 Ricky Ponting

Ricky is simply the best.
No match for him.
A brilliant athlete.
A terrific fielder.
Safest catcher.
Owner of a rocket arm.
The Runout genius. He had run as many batsman out than an individual could ever imagine.
He has the ability to hit when it matters.
Ricky is the best. Ricky is the king!

Don't know why I bother with these Polls a bit rigged really when 2 billion Indians just vote for Indians. Jonty Rhodes number 1 followed by Ricky Ponting without a doubt.

Ricky is amazing he can catch anything and hits the stumps nearly every throw and he is also #3 in the best batters of all time GO RICKY!

He was great fielder and worthwatching in the in the field. He has always been one of the greatest sports athlete to whom none of us gonna forget.

6 AB de Villiers Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, commonly known as AB de Villiers, Mr. 360° or simply AB, is a South African cricketer.

Yeah sure makes a whole lot of sense. Suresh Raina the best fielder... Better than AB and even Jonty? AB is by a thousand miles the best fielder today. His speed, intensity reflexes... amazing. Jonty is king but if ever there was a prince.. no doubt who it is. And you all might think I'm a South African showing blind support for Jonty and AB but guess what I'm an Indian settled in India too. Wow! Suresh Raina... What a joke...

Johnty is sure the legend here, and he is impossible to beat, but the thing is we have to consider the situation here.
AB has been the best fielder in his generation without a doubt & you have to add his keeping ability.
So that makes him an all rounder in the fielding dept. (IF someone thinks that way)

AB de Villiers is known to continue Jonty Rhode's legacy of fielding. He is by all means the best fielder at present and looking at him reminds me of jonty.

I can't understand why the hell Indians don't have any brain to to put ab into 3rd
India is a good fielding now, but far away from saffas'
Indian main fielders like Raina can only match upto South Africa's Steyn's fielding mostly, especially when fielding in thevout field and also when throwing it into the wickets
Then how could that man come first in your list I don't know,

Don't do these kinds of bulls
Raina like fielders are only contemporary,

AB and Jonty are in the history of this game and fielding,

The main problem associated with these fools who ranked raina first is that they are Indians and not the quality viewers of the game to see more matches irrespective of the nation.

That's all

7 Gus Logie

Kaif, Brett Lee, and Pollard being ahead of a genuinely all-time great fielder like Logie is a crime. He was almost a glorified fielding pick, although a handy batsman too.

The world best fielder I watched since 1983.

8 Yuvraj Singh

I love him. I am his fan. He is the no.2 fielder after jhonty. He is the number 1 Indian fielder. Nice man.

He is an increadible fieder. He is the only fielder to do impossible catches to paosible catches. I like the way he catches the ball. He does awesome catches. He is the flying catcher ever.

He is the lone player in the world who made comeback after cancer. According to me he is the best man when he is in the field

He is best fielder ever. He is wonderful player.

9 Abdul Razzaq

He is one of the best fielders I have seen!

King of fielding

He should in top1

He catch with one hand near the boundary and stands with one foot,

10 Shoaib Malik

He is the world class fielder and all-rounder I have ever seen.

Excellent fielder! Should be in top 5!

He should be in top 3

He should be in top 2

The Contenders
11 Mark Waugh
12 Virat Kohli

Doubt that he is the best fielder. The way he move for taking the ball in his arms is really unbelievable...

He is just the best nobody can be like him or even near him he is an exception and a legend in fielding he just like a rocket what a speed he posses he is simply the one and only one the best of the best sachin is
He was rocket who fly all over ground. Brilliance like his will almost be impossible to equal. He will lead the the pack in the all time greats of fielding

Virat Kohli is great player for Indian team. Whenever he hits century mostly India doesn't lose the match.In test matches he hit 18 centuries and out of those 18 matches India lost only 4 ( drawn: 6 won: 8 ). In odi matches he hit 32 centuries and out of those 32 matches India lost only 5 matches and won 27. He is having an average of 50 in all three formats ( Test: 50.13 odi: 55.74 t20: 52.86 )

He is very young and inexperienced but still is able to bat the best and take catches of the best, so virat is the number 1 best fielder in the world. And accept it in today's cricket he is the best fielder dis counting the retired players.

He is the best player on Earth in cricket. Let it be fielding, batting, sorry but not bowling... He is a living legend!

13 Mohammad Kaif

Friends, have you forgotten this player? He is not in this list because he is not so popular. He is neither a good batsman or good bowler. But without any doubt he is the number 1 fielder in the history of Indian cricket. He was saving at least 20-30 runs in every match for India. His diving catches & superb run outs are unforgetable.

He is really the best fielder in Indian cricket history. He is even better than Raina and Yuvraj.

So please vote for him.

He is indeed a good batsman also. Every cricketer passes through his bad times. But this player was dropped from the national side after Dhoni was made the captain. We miss him till today also. Jonty Rhodes has indeed regarded Kaif as one of the best fielders after him.

Please bring him back in india cricket team his father mohammed tarif how played Railways & Uttar Pradesh and His brother Mohammad Saif plays for Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh... Mohd kaif is also an very good player His most famous feat was helping India chase down 326 with 87* (off 75 balls) in the 2002 NatWest Series Final... He made a good comeback to the Test side against Australia late in 2004 scoring two half-centuries.. He made his fan very fast an rising player... Please bring him back we all miss you mohd kaif :(

When he played, I just watched the matches to see him field!

It is a fact to recall, no one. absolutely no batsmen would even accidentally want to hit where he stood.

He wasn't all that a great batsman, but the amount of runs he saved for the team, made up for it!

14 Andrew Symonds

He managed to secure a spot in a top quality side, despite not being a great batsman, or bowler. He would constantly supply run outs, and superb catches and I don't recall him dropping a catch.

He throws amazingly fast

15 Misbah-ul-Haq
16 Kieron Pollard

My god what catches he takes he is air borne. You should se his diving catches. What awesome catches you know they ate the best catches in the the whole world.

What about the one where he had to throw the ball back over his shoulder, because he was running into the rope and took a diving catch

He is one of the best fielder in the world!
The catch which he took at the IPL 2019 against csk of Suresh Raina was amazing!
Love you pollard!

OH my god what an amazing fielder he catches the ball nicely and then his dance on the stadium is fantastic. Rock on west indies

17 Mark Taylor
18 Michael Hussey
19 Ajinkya Rahane

One of the best fielders I feel he is. His reflexes in slip catches are mind blowing he should be ranked amongst top 3.

He's much better than suresh raina. This guy deserve's to be in top 3.

Best fielder Indians ever had.

The best slip catcher

20 Carl Hooper
21 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni, commonly known as MS Dhoni, is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national cricket team.

The best Indian wicket - keeper...
Mahi bhai, I cannot compare you with any one!

He must be after to raina. Who can do a lightning stumping like him?

No any one like this guy

Boss player of all time

22 Viv Richards

Viv Richards, Colin Bland, Jonty Rhodes, Paul Sheahan, Mark Waugh and the one that modern day so-called experts forget, Clive Lloyd. My top six off hand.

23 Herschelle Gibbs
24 Rohit Sharma Rohit Gurunath Sharma is an Indian international cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket and captains Mumbai Indians.

He is the best fielder in cricket world no one like him in slip and if you had seen his catches then no doubt he is the best.

In my opinion Rohit is the best player after Jonty Rhodes.. His fielding is really nice to watch

Best fielder. Always saves boundaries and catches beautifully.

He is the best fielder because he takes unbelievable catches.

25 Steve Smith

How is Smith not higher?! He is one of the greatest fielders of the Modern Era and has produced some of the greatest catches of the century!

He is best fielder in the IPL than everybody is called superman. He is a great fielder in the cricket.

He takes one handed blinders in almost every game. The best at the moment.

He is the best, one one can catch the bal like him...

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