Top Ten Hardest Super Luigi U Levels

New Super Mario Bros. You on the Wii you has released a Challenging DLC called Super Luigi U. So Which are the hardest levels in the game? This list does not include levels from world 9, because come on. They're all hard.

The Top Ten

1 Ludwig's Block Press Castle

Did anyone actually think this level was hard because of the boss? No, they didn't. Ludwig is awesome and all, but I'm pretty sure everyone found it easy because it's the exact same as in New Super Mario Bros. U

Get to safe place, if you get crushed then you have to start all over

This was so easy.
It is my favorite level in world 7.


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2 Deep Sea Stone Eyes
3 Icicle Tower

This level is easy for experts. Get this level off and replace it with lemmy lights out castle and piranha garden.

You go up an elevator and avoid icicles GOING DOWN

This level is so easy

4 Magma River Cruise
5 Boo's Favorite Haunt

Circling boos everywhere, some secret paths, small platforms

6 Sumo Bro's Spinning Tower
7 Giant Swing-Along
8 Current Event
9 Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp

I always die on this level. It took me a very long time to get the secret exit, which is even harder than Boo's Favorite Haunt secret exit. But if you don't want the secret, use the P-acorn!

Think when you jump, patterns are everywhere

This level is so easy

real hard

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10 Sumo Bro Bridge

You avoid getting electricuted on small platforms, if you fall, you die in a poison lake, and you hsve 100 seconds

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11 Fire Bar Sprint

You avoid fireballs for 100 seconds

This is in world 9 but very hard.

This level is frustrating


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12 Wendy's Thwomp Castle

Wendy's Thwomp Castle... how is this not on here? I've died about 20 times before deciding to go back and choose the Other Path Forward instead of Frosted Glacier, since I can't beat this one.

13 Haunted Cargo Hold

I die a lot getting the secret. The secret isn't as hard as the one in Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp and Boo's Favorite Haunt.

14 Impossible Pendulums

Took me 80 try's for all three coins

World 9 - 8 also one of the hardest to unlock

15 P Switch Peril
16 Wiggler Floodlands
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