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1 Duke Fishron

Once I had played terraria for 1-3 years, I had the best gear in the game, and I just farmed this guy for wings to give to my friends.

The hardest boss if you agree. One time I had beetle armor but I only took him down to 34 of his health down.

My favourite boss in my opinion. I haven't defeated him yet (I've defeated all normal mode bosses including the wall of flesh but I haven't defeated any hard mode bosses yet) but he still looks awesome and his drops are helpful - astroshark

This boss deserves to be #1 can beat him with SOLAR armour so...

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2 The Twins

I think that the twins are harder than skeleton

I've defeated skeletron prime 7 times, the destroyer 8 times, and ocean 4 times, but no matter how hard I try I cannot defeat the twins!

The twins will kick your booty unles terra blade turtle armor and a strong wepon or range good rane,+ horseman's blade the best wepon in the game

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3 Skeletron Prime

Well, this took a long time to defeat! I spent 2 days devising a plan to beat him and it still wouldn't work. I killed the twins for a practice round, because they are pretty easy. I killed him AFTER my friend and I beat the frost moon. I felt weak compared to terraria, but I know that a lot of others feel that way also.

None of these are hard but come on queen bee at 10 are all voters retarded

Not the hardest boss but takes some time and planning

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4 Moon Lord

He's considered the final boss and is known to take health from the player and giving it to himself

Why is he #9? He should be like #2 or even #1. This is the final boss we are talking about!

Moon Lord is the final boss he should be at least number 2. He and Duke Fishron are the hardest ones

I mean why! Moon Lord is the final boss and if you watch some videos about it, you would know why! I can beat Duke with just a FLARION! HE DESERVES TO BE NUMBER ONE! #MoonLordIsHardestBoss

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5 Plantera

I have turtle amor its like paper

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6 Golem

Golem is actually very tough in the second stage and can really overwhelm you with melee and lasers.

He is hard because he shoots eye beams that do a lot of damage that almost kills me and I have 31 defense.

Golem is a very tough enemy that should be ranked higher.

You're just saying that because he has high health.

7 Ocram

Ocram is the hardest host ever even ice rod and turtle armor can't work

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8 Lunatic Cultist

He's ok but very challenging to me and I have 45 defense so he deserves 10th

9 The Destroyer
10 Wall of Flesh

He is extremely challenging for me and I still haven't killed him even with a nights edge

I am trying to make a plan that will work I like using healing,iron skin and thorns drinks

Come on! the wall of flesh is easy! I killed him in a matter of seconds!

Use motolav cocktails it kills him REALLY fast you need about 80. - Katekat123

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11 Skeletron
12 King Slime

I'm guessing he is the easiest boss in Terraria.

13 Bacterium Prime
14 Oblivion
15 Desert Beak V 1 Comment
16 Queen Bee
17 Ice Queen
18 Everscream
19 The Pumpking
20 Turkor the Ungrateful
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1. Moon Lord
2. Duke Fishron
3. Lunatic Cultist
1. Skeletron Prime
2. The Twins
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