Top 10 Hardest Terraria Bosses

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1 Duke Fishron

This is legit one of the only bosses I used an arena for... THE CTHULUNADOS ARE DANG ANNOYING, HE'S WAY TOO FAST, AND THE TRUFFLE WORM IS DAMN RARE. Legit, you need an actual good arena and a lot of healing stuff to beat this guy. Overall the hardest boss I've been trying to tackle, but Moon Lord is supposed to be harder.

Travel through walls and cannot camp it out without dying if not using a slime statue farm. You need wings and titanium armor instead of chlorophyte or hallowed in case you failed to dodge one of his dashes. Together with the hardship of catching his summoning item, he is easily the hardest boss in the game even beating the moon lord who you can farm easier.

Duke Fishron is INVISIBLE at it's second form. But, if you have something like the Last Prism, then it might be as hard as Queen Bee.

Let's see, I have beaten the moon lord about ten million times, (still don't have the terrarian), like it's something I just have to do. The most formidable part of the moon lord are the crawltipedes you to summon him. I have a legendary meowmere, full solar armor, and this walrus-pig-dragon-shark comes closer to killing me than Mr. Cthulhu knock off

2 Moon Lord

Normal mode? Okay.
Expert and Master Mode?
You better cheese him because in 1.4 he is the most overpowered garbage dump that this world has ever seen. People call Duke Fishron harder than this guy? I can beat Duke easily, but not ML solo. He is super hard, and deserves to be at number one at this list.

The Moon Lord is annoying in a way that it makes you lose almost every single time. It's almost impossible to beat without the Solar Eruption, and you actually require an arena or just a roof to avoid them damn lasers. Overall, the most prestigious boss in Terraria. Duke Fishron has seen better days...

Endgame boss, high damage, the eyes are very hard to dodge. Without a nebula or vortex armor, you may find it very hard to kill with a nebula blaze or vortex beater. A solar eruption is useful if you want to beat it easier. When fighting him, make sure to keep the percentage of his eyes similar, and destroy them at about the same time so you can beat the heart straight afterward.

Moon lord definitely is the hardest boss. I had to cheese him multiple times before I got a good enough weapon to fight him with. As for duke fishtron, it is extremely easy as long as you have the right arena. (Asphalt on the floor, campfires and heart lanterns). As for enraged duke fishtron, I killed him 26/27 times without a proper arena. It was only after, when I smashed him in expert mode, did I realise that he was enraged.

3 The Twins

Damn, these guys are hard. The strategy is, you gotta take out Spazmatism first then get Retinazer for an easier fight. Spazmatism is way too hard at Phase 2, but learn his algorithm of attack, and he's not so hard as you think. Retinazer seriously is uhhh, not too good. It won't take much effort to beat, as long as you avoid the lasers.

Hardest mech boss by far. Some people think that skeletron prime, or even the destroyer is the hardest, but the other two are relatively easy with a good strategy. With the twins, you need quick reflexes, precise aim, high mobility, strong weapons and armor, lots of buff potions, a carefully thought out arena, powerful accessories, the best modifiers, a bit of luck and a lot of practice. Doesn't help that you HAVE to actually fight this boss to progress through the game. Still a fun and very creative boss and he remains a fun boss to fight post-plantera due to his difficulty level.

Most players would choose to defeat the destroyer first. Then it is not that hard to defeat since you are most likely to have the mushroom spear and can hide behind walls for its first stage.

The twins is incredibly easy, all of the mech bosses are. unless you have horrible aim and don't know good strategy then the twins should be easy. every time I get to that stage in hardmode I beat the mech bosses no problem.

4 Plantera

Plantera is DAMN HARD. The uhh spike balls that she shoots are annoying, the petals are of a hindrance, and Phase 2's little mini-thingamajigs are hard. Overall a hard boss.

Remember to clear the terrain and be prepared when fighting it for the first time, or you can hardly do any maneuvers in the jungle. It is a large boss with high damage. You can hardly kill it with melee weapons besides spears at that stage of the game. Your bullets are easily wasted since its hitbox is not as large as its reach. You don't even have a raven staff as a summoner and there is no corresponding class set up by the new ores you mine.
Try magic weapons for best.

Plantera is reasonably easy, I took her out with the scourge of the corrupter and the Terra blade in a mine shaft. That only happened because I have the chlorophyte mask and hallowed armor. The best way in my opinion is the two teleporters and shooting at her through slits. best weapon recommendation is possessed hatchet

Use teleporter on 2 sides of an arena and make a wall of any block to block mobs from spawning in on the side of the wall. You can then shoot it with a bow or gun whichever. Add campfires and heart lanterns. I could barely beat it this way!

5 Skeletron Prime

Skeletron Prime has a lot of limbs. Some of them are useful, some of them aren't. He's still strong, but being on platforms basically immobilizes one of his limbs. Just kill the limbs, then kill the bone man.

Well, this took a long time to defeat! I spent 2 days devising a plan to beat him and it still wouldn't work. I killed the twins for a practice round, because they are pretty easy. I killed him AFTER my friend and I beat the frost moon. I felt weak compared to terraria, but I know that a lot of others feel that way also.

You cannot farm it since its limbs are hard to deal with. When you find the pattern of attack, it is reasonable. Very hard to fight without the north pole or other later weapons.

Are you kidding me Skeletron was the easiest boss! It took me about 1 minute to defeat him!

6 Eye of Cthulhu

The eye of Cthulhu is extremely easy. I beat him first try with wood armor and a tungsten sword. I would say this boss is easy, and if anyone isn’t able to beat it, they are not good at game.

Eye of Cthulhu was pretty easy, if I beat it I get some red and black ore (I already wasted it on a sword and bow ) that I found in caves. I got somewhere about 24 or less ores. But it was a little annoying since he goes up into the air and I am horrible with the diamond staff so I just waited to use my rainbow claws and I killed him. Took me a total of 2 minutes.

This boss should be easy when you join hard mode. If you are a beginner or started a new character it would be best to fight king slime before you fight the eye of cthulhu. It is recommended to have a musket with a couple hundred bullets and at least 10 defense points.

It only took me 2 try on expert mode and on my third I beat him. The Eye of Cthulhu should be second last on the list the eater of world should be above the Eye of Cthulhu

7 Wall of Flesh

Pretty hard, but not too hard. If you come in with hardmode gear he's the easiest thing ever, and even pre-hardmode is still pretty easy. However, if you're not prepared you are going to struggle with this boss. I recommend getting a minishark and molten armor.

He was so easy I had a physician skull water walking boot combo and had ended up with a glitch world where I went above 0 level in the dungeon before killing skeleton and found a rainbow gun in a normal chest took me 10 seconds.

He is extremely challenging for me and I still haven't killed him even with a nights edge

Well, I beat him with 11 golden hearts and a titanium sword, not as hard as I thought.

8 King Slime

The hardest boss ever. It makes the game unfair and impossible on how good it is. Make this boss easier in version 1.4 please. 1 vote= one vote for easier King Slime!

People are RETARDED! "I beat him in 20 seconds, and all I had was end game weapons and armor, fighting a pre-hard node boss! ". This should be for what you WOULD have at a certain stage of the game that the boss is found!

Bruh this is easily the hardest boss in the game. I think it is literally impossible to beat and definitely needs to be rebalanced. If it is even beatable does anyone have any tips on beating this monstrosity.

This is kinda on the wrong list for people with endgame items. The best weapons to kill king slime is The Terra Blade, Terrarian, Vampire Knives, Last Prism, Nebula Blaze or Arcanium, And You Can Also Use The Stardust Dragon

9 Ocram

It used to be in the Mobile version of terraria so I know. It has a lot of forms of attack and is hard to dodge. It easily kills a player in hallowed armor if he is not dodging properly. The summoning item was expensive to make.

With complete turtle armour the Terra blade wings and a twenty by twenty box around you he's easy I've beaten him 13 times and I've spawned him 13 times so...

Dude you just gotta get the right armor and gold hearts and you can kill him with a wood sword

Ocram is the hardest host ever even ice rod and turtle armor can't work

10 Golem

Whilst Golem is easy, King Slime is miles easier.
For starters, King Slime is the very first boss you fight, whilst Golem is one of the last bosses you fight.

Then there's the fact that King Slime can be cheesed by building 30 Ropes up into the sky and throwing shurikens down at him.

Golem is easy. First try. Y'all not good at Terraria if you think that Golem, Ocram, WoF, Destroyer, KING SLIME IS ON HERE?! what?! Queen Bee, and such are hard. Plus I saw ICE GOLEM. That's not even a mini boss! Plus Dungeon Guardian is on here. He is not a boss, nor a mini boss. He's just a really tough enemy.

I have dragon armour and the terra blade and I still can't take him out when everyone says he's easy. I got up to level 10 with the pumpkin moon but I can't beat him?

Easiest to farm although it might be a bit damaging and tough. Its attacks are very simple to observe and dodge.

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11 Green Slime

This boss is far too overpowered. It's honestly the hardest boss in the entire game in my opinion. I literally had the best armor I could muster, LITERALLY ADDED MODDED ARMOR SO I HAD SO MUCH HEALTH, AND HE STILL ONE SHOTTED ME! HOW!?!?! Don't even get me started on the 14 hp. ITS NOT FAIR! I've tried nebula armor, vortex armor, MODDED ARMOR, everything! I've even invited over 10 friends to help to no avail. I've never seem a single person even KILL IT. It is impossible. Don't even try. It keeps one shotting me and killing me. Complete waste of time. Far too overpowered. They NEED to either get RID of the green slime, or get rid of his TWO MILLION HP! PLEASE!

I've used full nebula armor, all the magic buffs, and the last prism, yet I only managed to deal 5 damage to this thing. The 14 max health is far too much for a post-ML boss, and that doesn't even count the 28 health it gains in expert mode. Even with a skybridge stretching across an entire large world, complete with campfires, heart lanterns, stars in a bottle, and bubble blocks for the cute fishron buff, it is near impossible to dodge its jump attack, which deals a staggering 6 damage. Because I've been spending the past month straight on my computer, trying to beat this creature, my family has called authorities repeatedly, who have filed me a missing person, thinking I committed suicide. Terraria has severely damaged my mental health solely because of this impossible boss. After finishing this post, I'm going to uninstall the game, leave a negative review on steam, and sue Re-Logic for creating this horrible game.

I tried killing him with even MODDED WEAPONS, and it tore me apart. Modded armor dosen't work, I had npcs helping me, turrets, summons, nothing. even when my friend was able to use the Yharim's Crystal against him, nothing. Me and my friend used Yharim's Crystal and Fabstaff, and invited another friend with Last Prism, nothing. I Invited My Entire Server, Yharim's Crystal, Fabstaff, Last Prism, Halibut Cannon, Lunar Flare, Wooden Sword, Night's Edge, Megafleet, Megashark, Minishark, Megalodon, Celebration, Npcs, Summons, Turrets, Insane Op Modded Armor And Endgame Armor, Endgame And Modded Acsessories, Nothing. We Managed To Get 1 Health Out Of Its 14, And Its Whopping 1 Damage Is Insane. Don't Try This Boss, It's Impossible And Never Despawns.

Bro this guy is the most ridiculously overpowered super boss ever! His whopping 1 damage destroyed my character instantly, even with full Titan Armor he just destroyed me, and whenever I go back, he kills me instantly.

12 Lunatic Cultist

The second latest boss by progression, however, is not as hard since you can build barriers and beat it easily. You can also parry his magic attacks easily. Mind the dragon.

Really deserves to be under Duke and Moonlord in terms of difficulty, but this guy definitely at least deserves the number 3 spot. If you don't have a proper DPS weapon for the cultist himself as well as a decent weapon that can simultaneously attack the segments of the dragon he conjures, you'll find yourself gobbled up pretty quick.

What? Why is he so low on the list? Golem plantera and twins were super easy and I did them all on my 1st try except this one... Am I doing something wrong?

I handled this one very easily why my class is mage lol twins are harder than him speaking of which the twins summoner weapon vs the twins boss!

13 Brain of Cthulhu

Is a complete joke with multi-hit weapons like the starfury. Without them? He's a total pain. Just keep getting better armor and more hearts and you'll eventually beat him.

The brain of Cthulhu was so easy that I could beat him with wood gear

How is this easier than a green slime?

How do you defeat thi?

14 Eater of Worlds

I just took him out with my CELESTIAL SPACE GUN as if he were just a little green slime! If you have a space gun and full set o shadow armor if not then sucks FO U! 😜

Hard without right gear, which is grenades, jester arrows, or water bolt. Be wary of it splitting up.

I literally just swung my sword and took it out first time. Loss 1 heart

I mean you think that is hard no

15 Queen Bee

I have 9 bee hives in my game and I didn’t take one hit with my megashark she was so easy I tried with a cutlass still beat her this is too easy.

This is a hard boss of it making her defenses stronger and it's pretty hard

Hard as hell when you have no strategy.

Maybe to you but not to me

16 The Destroyer

It took me a long time to beat, but the Destroyer gets DESTROYED by the Daedalus Stormbow or other weapons that do multiple areas of damage. Just learn the attack algorithms and it'll be easy.

Well, very tough, very damaging and annoying, but its attacking pattern is so simple that you can just build a platform and cut it off with your night's edge, which is a pre-hardmode weapon.

Me and my friends kept hitting him. Got our inventories full of headstones, died a lot, but he died too

Destroyer is pretty hard when new to hardmode, but who in their right mind would ever put eye of cuthulu and wall of flesh before lunatic cultist?

17 Dungeon Guardian

The dungeon guardian needs to be at number 1 even though u can just dig A underground tunnel with the drax and with specter boots and the night’s edge and run backwards. Noobs

Well I just play terraria for 2 days and when I see a dungeon I go deep inside it and well you know what happen..I died the dungeon guardian is like the strongest enemy I ever met he did 1000 dmg to me

Dungeon Guardian isn't even a mini boss, much less a boss. He is actually just a really powerful enemy.

The 'Dungeon Guardian' is already on this list. Why is it on here again, and right below the first one

18 Skeletron

Skeletron is easy to beat if you aim for the hands. Use a bow, or a storm spear. NEVER USE SWORDS ON HIM it will be useless. use ranged weapons. Yoyos are good

It was hard for me, I was in expert mode and had full Molten Armor and a Nights Edge.

So Easy as soon as you have at least gold armour and a bed close by it's so Easy

He is easy I kick his butt with a nights edge and wood armor. he is a good thing to get the dryad

19 The Lunar Pillars

How do you think the nebula pillar is easy!?!?!?! I haven't even beaten it and its going underground!

Very hard. All. Even if you beat em all, the Moon Lord becomes summoned.

Their mobs are definitely pretty challenging.

Pretty hard and annoying to try and kill

20 Supreme Calamitas

It is very hard and has a ton of health, I mean, come on, it has to be #1 hardest boss in this game, but it is only in Calamity mod.

Bullet hell with awkward controls and a hit cap. Need I say more?

By far the hardest boss in all of terraria

This is calamity mod, not normal terraria.

21 Slime

Me and my friend played through the whole game and it was easy. We killed Duke Fishron and Moonlord first try. At the end we had solar armor, Terra blades, and even the last prism. We also had a pretty legit castle base with a lava pit and all the npcs. I thought we beat the game. That was until this boss came out of a bush and flew into our castle and killed me in one hit within a single frame. I couldn't even react in time. My friend managed to get 1 damage out of its 700,000,000,000 health before dying the next second. It left our castle destroyed and everything was on fire. It also killed all of our npcs before flying away. If you see this boss run for your life, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

What the beep this is just so eazy its not even a boss, all you need is a weapon that does 1 damage. Whoever can't beat this is a noob no even worse a failure.

It killed me one hit with full stardust stuff and an invincibility mod with terra blades

Is this really a boss in terraria or is it that its in a mod

22 The Devourer of Gods

To easy I killed him in one hit

He is my favorite Boss. though he might be hard.

he killed me 999 time befor I beat him


23 Ice Queen

Real tough boss. Although only a mini-boss, the ice queen is really had to beat and doesn't guarantee a good drop, making its single defeat a low yielding work. It is even more annoying after 12 waves of the frost moon, as you may see a couple of these at the same time.

Really hard for a miniboss

This is VERY VERY VERY hard please nerf

24 Lepus (Mobile Version)

Just get spider staff and like the fiery greatsword, ez pz. Literally took out 3 times in a row.

Easier than green slime

He’s respawns because he lays eggs I hate lepus

It’s cause you play Minecraft

25 Harpy Feather

Harpys are hard and what are harder is is the Harpy's feathers and they "TIKILL" get it? ? tikill

They tickle too much and kill you :3

I like trees

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