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1 Duke Fishron

Once I had played terraria for 1-3 years, I had the best gear in the game, and I just farmed this guy for wings to give to my friends.

He kills me so much. If I could vote for 2, my second choice is the moon Lord. That stupid phantasmal death Ray.

The hardest boss if you agree. One time I had beetle armor but I only took him down to 34 of his health down.


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2 Moon Lord

He should be first. I have 68 defense and nights edge and I barley even got him to 3/4 health.

He should be the first, I needed help from 2 other people to beat him, I have the full chlorophite armor, demon wings and some extra stuff for extra defense, I have solar eruption, daybreak, and the stardust dragon staff. I still needed those 2 people to beat him, even though I had all of these items.

He's considered the final boss and is known to take health from the player and giving it to himself

Moon lord spawns true eye of Cthuhlu even one true eye of Cthuhlu can kill eye of Cthuhlu and Duke Fishron you can just get the ninja gear

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3 The Twins

Hardest mech boss by far. Some people think that skeletron prime, or even the destroyer is the hardest, but the other two are relatively easy with a good strategy. With the twins, you need quick reflexes, precise aim, high mobility, strong weapons and armor, lots of buff potions, a carefully thought out arena, powerful accessories, the best modifiers, a bit of luck and a lot of practice. Doesn't help that you HAVE to actually fight this boss to progress through the game. Still a fun and very creative boss and he remains a fun boss to fight post-plantera due to his difficulty level.

The twins are pretty hard because I had full titanium armor and I was at 2 hearts after I defeated him but he still is kinda eazy

I killed the twins easily, in my opinion the destroyer is the hardest mech boss

Hey kid (I abbreviate everyone as kid) who said twins are easy because you had all golden hearts PEOPLE USUALLY ACHEIVE THAT AFTER DEFEATING ALL MECH BOSSES OR EVEN PLANTERA! I am not sorry for the inconvenience sir

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4 Skeletron Prime

Well, this took a long time to defeat! I spent 2 days devising a plan to beat him and it still wouldn't work. I killed the twins for a practice round, because they are pretty easy. I killed him AFTER my friend and I beat the frost moon. I felt weak compared to terraria, but I know that a lot of others feel that way also.

None of these are hard but come on queen bee at 10 are all voters retarded

I think you need a shadow armor and a demonic water bolt

Skeletron prime isn't very hard he may have many attacks but when I use the good n shower spell on him that ichor debuff almost drops his defense to 0 twins are hardest mechanical boss ;-)

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5 Plantera

Use teleporter on 2 sides of an arena and make a wall of any block to block mobs from spawning in on the side of the wall. You can then shoot it with a bow or gun whichever. Add campfires and heart lanterns. I could barely beat it this way!

The spikey balls that's why

I have turtle amor its like paper

I got a quarter of plantera’s Health down but it was only my first attempt

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6 Golem

How is he on here? He's one of the EASIEST bosses in Terraria. I beat him, no problem.

I have dragon armour and the terra blade and I still can't take him out when everyone says he's easy. I got up to level 10 with the pumpkin moon but I can't beat him?

He is hard because he shoots eye beams that do a lot of damage that almost kills me and I have 31 defense.

He shoots lazers out of his eyes called eye beams

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7 Lunatic Cultist

I handled this one very easily why my class is mage lol twins are harder than him speaking of which the twins summoner weapon vs the twins boss!

He's ok but very challenging to me and I have 45 defense so he deserves 10th

Dude, I have 53 DEFENSE and he's still the hardest other than Fishron, Prime and Twins.

I have almost 100 defense+Terra Blade+Cthuhlu Yoyo+Cursed Hatchet and he still wipes the floor with me.

8 Ocram

Ocram is the hardest host ever even ice rod and turtle armor can't work

It is this boss

Screw orcram I tried fighting with 40 armour and using the true Excalibur and I still died

Ocram is just a palette cleanser, kinda like Sally Stageplay from Cuphead.

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9 The Destroyer

Pretty easy, as long as you know how to beat this dude its easy. But I did fail like 2-5 times though

Destroyer is easy. - LordDovahkiin

10 Wall of Flesh

This boss is so easy I took him down with my friend in less then 20 second with my friend and we both hade around 25 defense I only hade the great sword and he had the true nights edge

He was so easy I had a physician skull water walking boot combo and had ended up with a glitch world where I went above 0 level in the dungeon before killing skeleton and found a rainbow gun in a normal chest took me 10 seconds.

Wasn't that hard, even with just a Nights Edge and a full set of Meteor Armor

Skelotron is one of the hardest bosses too

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The Newcomers

? Bat

With zealous enchanted sword it’s 2 or 3 hit kill

? Demolitionist

The Contenders

11 Skeletron

He is easy I kick his butt with a nights edge and wood armor. he is a good thing to get the dryad

Is not very hard. - LordDovahkiin

12 Dungeon Guardian

Dungeon Guardian isn't even a mini boss, much less a boss. He is actually just a really powerful enemy. - LordDovahkiin

Not really a boss, but he drops something difficult to get, I killed this guy by using frost armor and vamp knives, the guardians killed me like 30 or more times beforr I got the bone key

Well I just play terraria for 2 days and when I see a dungeon I go deep inside it and well you know what happen..i died the dungeon guardian is like the strongest enemy I ever met he did 1000 dmg to me

If this was an actual boss, it would be very difficult. 9999 HP and you do 1-2 damage per swing. It can also kill you in 1-2 hits.

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13 Queen Bee

Maybe to you but not to me

She was easy. - LordDovahkiin

14 Eye of Cthulhu

Best strategy is to use the sawtooth shark for first form cause the minions die quick then at least a platinum sword for final form

Easiest boss ever! I won with lights bane

Spam gold bow at him and keep dodging using simple arena. - computerfan0

I killed him w/ enchanted Sword

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15 Supreme Calamitas

From Calamity Mod


400 Attempts on NORMAL MODE. - DatLegoMann

16 Eater of Worlds

I literally just swung my sword and took it out first time. Loss 1 heart

I mean you think that is hard no

Easy to kill in my world

He was easy. - LordDovahkiin

17 The Devourer of Gods


He is my favorite Boss. though he might be hard.

18 Angry Bones
19 Turkor the Ungrateful

Just use muramasa

20 Bacterium Prime
21 Slime

Hehe this is *so* hard

22 Cave Bat

Oh dear god, don't get me started on this boss. I just cannot get past em!

Most annoying boss in my opinion. You have to fight him so many times

Oh my gosh he's so hard I did seeing him

23 King Slime

I'm guessing he is the easiest boss in Terraria.

This is on the wrong list, people. - LordDovahkiin

24 Harpy Feather

so hard

They tickle too much and kill you :3

25 Zombie


26 Vampire

Vampires are extremely rare I can’t even find one!

27 Ice Queen
28 Everscream

This is a mini boss, not a boss. - LordDovahkiin

29 Oblivion
30 Desert Beak

Morning wood is evil👹

31 Brain of Cthulhu
32 Santa-NK1
33 Lepus (Mobile Version)

HE JUST WON'T DIE! ~Thijminecraft02

34 Betsy

He is the final boss of Old ones army

35 Boomstick
36 The Flying Dutchman

What is this Flying Dutchman

Allthough it is only a mini boss it can be a pain if your playing a melee character and the pirates don’t help

37 Martian Saucer
38 Doctor Bones

I can’t even find him!

39 The Pumpking
40 Ice Golem

This isn't even a mini boss! It's a regular, but rare, enemy. - LordDovahkiin

41 Yharon
42 The Ragnarök
43 Eater of Souls

Not even hard

44 Dark Caster

I think it is so easy, just 5 hits of thorn chackram

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