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1 Duke Fishron

This hard Fish boi is no easy fish sandwich. Lots of skill and the right weapons are needed to beat this fish filet, pig boi. Not to mention the painfully slow process of getting a truffle Worm.

Definitely the hardest boss fight yet.

The pain of fighting this fishy boi can only be described as all of humanity suffering

I hate searching for just the rare earthworm then the computer crashes so I do it again and die to fishron

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2 Moon Lord

Moon lord definitely is the hardest boss. I had to cheese him multiple times before I got a good enough weapon to fight him with. As for duke fishtron, it is extremely easy as long as you have the right arena. (asphalt on the floor, campfires and heart lanterns) As for enraged duke fishtron, I killed him 26/27 times without a proper arena. It was only after, when I smashed him in expert mode, did I realise that he was enraged.

Really? Only number 2, you guys are insane, yeah the earthworm is hard to get for Duke Fishron, but the series of events and mini bosses to get to this boss, its just insane, and finally once you do get to Moon lord, you hardly have time to react due to the fact he attacks literally instantly.

Moon lord would pummel me I would wipe the floor with the rest like I beat all the mech bosses alone

Looks impossible to kill and actually is a really deadly boss

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3 The Twins

This boss is near impossible in expert mode it took me like 10 attempts with nurse and auto pause

I'm at destroyer but still the twins as I like to call jacksepticeye and markipeye.

Definitely hardest mech boss. It took me 10 tries, while I beat the other two in one go

The twins are pretty hard because I had full titanium armor and I was at 2 hearts after I defeated him but he still is kinda eazy

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4 Plantera

My favourite boss well one of them

Planterra is hell. I am on duke and still die. Golem is easier

Literally died about 21 times to this thing.

Not the 4th easiest boss by far it is golem

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5 Skeletron Prime

Are you kidding me Skeletron was the easiest boss! It took me about 1 minute to defeat him!

I think you need a shadow armor and a demonic water bolt

I thought this boss would be hard so I put on the best armor and it couldn't do any damage to me

He,s kinda easy with vortex beater

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6 Golem

In my version, golem can squish you

Easy boss, just put him in a box with traps and stay on top of him until his head is messed up, I remember a long time ago when I was bored I would always do this to the golem >w< my brother still has some of his gear but I lost my account due to some change in devices and removal on accident

On ipad me and my brother always got killed it at least took us 10 tries to defeat him

I have dragon armour and the terra blade and I still can't take him out when everyone says he's easy. I got up to level 10 with the pumpkin moon but I can't beat him?

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7 Eye of Cthulhu

I have full beetle armor, the phantasm, the stardust dragon, and the solar eruption. However, I am still not able to defeat him yet!

Eye of Cthulhu was the easiest boss and the cultists were a lot harder.

This boss was easy

So hard beat scrub lord but not god eye.

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8 Lunatic Cultist

I was using terra blade not even 10,000 down I died

I think he kinda buff in my game, I've tried to beat him with my mage easily destroy

What? Why is he so low on the list? Golem plantera and twins were super easy and I did them all on my 1st try except this one... Am I doing something wrong?

I handled this one very easily why my class is mage lol twins are harder than him speaking of which the twins summoner weapon vs the twins boss!

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9 Wall of Flesh

He keeps shooting lasers at me until I die, sometimes this is annoying.

He smells

I beat it pretty fast with the last prism it took 15 seconds(yes I timed my self)

I took him down in less than 5 sacks with bloody meowmere SUCKERS

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10 Ocram

Noob I destroyed him with 36 defense SUCKERS

He's strongman

With complete turtle armour the Terra blade wings and a twenty by twenty box around you he's easy I've beaten him 13 times and I've spawned him 13 times so...

Pretty hard boss scary too but bit to easy on this list here

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11 King Slime

People are RETARDED! "I beat him in 20 seconds, and all I had was end game weapons and armor, fighting a pre-hard node boss! ". This should be for what you WOULD have at a certain stage of the game that the boss is found!

Hardest boss in game by far get this to #1

Too easy take this off

This is easy remove it - oofnugget-boi

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12 The Destroyer

The other mechanical bosses are easy in comparism skeletron prime is predictable the twins are easy but the destroyer just like his name destroys you with his lasers I always end up killing him the last at least without an arena

Destroyer is pretty hard when new to hardmode, but who in their right mind would ever put eye of cuthulu and wall of flesh before lunatic cultist?

Pretty easy, as long as you know how to beat this dude its easy. But I did fail like 2-5 times though

Destroyer is easy. - LordDovahkiin

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13 Brain of Cthulhu

Ez it was so easy and not that powerful I didn't even have the first row of red Hearts completed and I still beat him with a starfury so he should be lower than this

14 Green Slime

I tried to kill it with full turtle vamp knives and a terra blade but I did not even put a scratch on this beast I immediately turned off my phone ( I play on mobile) but it came through my screen and turned it on again! Truly the most op and dangerous entity in Terreria.

I have everything in the game and I have never even gotten a tick on his health bar

I had a terra blade, beetle armor, and wings and it was impossible. It took 23 tries.

I spent 69 years trying to beat this but I still haven't

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15 Eater of Worlds

I literally just swung my sword and took it out first time. Loss 1 heart

Easy to kill in my world

I mean you think that is hard no

He was easy. - LordDovahkiin

16 Queen Bee

I beat her 4 times in one day

Easy man

Maybe to you but not to me

I have 9 bee hives in my game and I didn’t take one hit with my megashark she was so easy I tried with a cutlass still beat her this is too easy.

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17 Skeletron

Hardest in expert mode

It was hard for me, I was in expert mode and had full Molten Armor and a Nights Edge.

He is easy I kick his butt with a nights edge and wood armor. he is a good thing to get the dryad

Is not very hard. - LordDovahkiin

18 Dungeon Guardian

1hit from this boss and your dead

I died in one hit from him and a beat the king slim and eye of Collin ez

The only attack I could ever do over 4 yrs was one hit.


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19 Supreme Calamitas

This is calamity mod, not normal terraria.

Honestly I believe that she should be higher on this list I am fighting her right now she is the definition of hell

Bullet hell with awkward controls and a hit cap. Need I say more?

From Calamity Mod

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20 Slime

It killed me one hit with full stardust stuff and an invincibility mod with terra blades

Me and my friend played through the whole game and it was easy. We killed Duke Fishron and Moonlord first try. At the end we had solar armor, Terra blades, and even the last prism. We also had a pretty legit castle base with a lava pit and all the npcs. I thought we beat the game. That was until this boss came out of a bush and flew into our castle and killed me in one hit within a single frame. I couldn't even react in time. My friend managed to get 1 damage out of its 700,000,000,000 health before dying the next second. It left our castle destroyed and everything was on fire. It also killed all of our npcs before flying away. If you see this boss run for your life, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Terra blade beat him

Is this really a boss in terraria or is it that its in a mod

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21 Dungeon Guardians

The 'Dungeon Guardian' is already on this list. Why is it on here again, and right below the first one

The dungeon guardians are hardest because of they hit you it causes 1,000 damage.


22 Lepus (Mobile Version)

Kinda hard.

Just get spider staff and like the fiery greatsword, ez pz. Literally took out 3 times in a row.

He’s respawns because he lays eggs I hate lepus

It’s cause you play Minecraft

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23 The Devourer of Gods

To easy I killed him in one hit

He is my favorite Boss. though he might be hard.


24 The Pumpking

Easy beat him in one swing

25 Harpy Feather

I like trees

Harpys are hard and what are harder is is the Harpy's feathers and they "TIKILL" get it? ? tikill

so hard

They tickle too much and kill you :3

26 Demolitionist

He sells explosives; Grenade, Bomb, & Dynamite.

I knew it! He always seemed fishy to me.

27 Rainbow Slime

Guys it's a joke

Easy I have vampire blades and literally two hits for me who else?

This is not a boss and while it does have a bit more health you should be able to take it out

Is this easy? Is it hard? Who knows? - oofnugget-boi

28 Bacterium Prime

It looks like bacteria

29 Zombie

Guys can somebody join my world and help me defeat this boss...

I hit kill

EASY - oofnugget-boi


30 Angry Bones

Isn’t that just a skeleton in the dungeon

31 Cave Bat

Wut he's so easy

Dis is so hard to defeat - JayJayPlayzzz

Oh dear god, don't get me started on this boss. I just cannot get past em!

Most annoying boss in my opinion. You have to fight him so many times

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32 Ice Queen

This is VERY VERY VERY hard please nerf - oofnugget-boi

33 Turkor the Ungrateful

Just use muramasa


34 Santa-NK1


35 Boomstick

It's a gun, not a boss

I don't know what boss this is but I've never beaten it

36 Vampire

I found many of them in solar eclipse.


Vampires are extremely rare I can’t even find one!

37 Pumking

Dint get me started

Lol u r right my d00d

38 Ultraoblivion


I tried even with all of that and the best arena for him and I still can’t beat em

SO Hard I cannot beat him!

Ultrablivion is the final and hardest boss of the Avalon mod. He is 36x harder than the expert moon lord. The Terra Blade cannot kill him.
You will need a Nyan Mere (which is a modded weapon) and you will need The End Calamity and Enchanted Forted Armour. He has 45,000,000,000 health. He has 1,000,000,000,000 in expert mode. He has 46,000,000,000,000 health in Revengacy mode. He has 500,000,000,000,000,000 health in Death Mode and he has 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 health in Ultrarria mode. The reason why he is so powerful is because you need to kill his armour, blasters, horns, III, flames, mechanicals, body, second form, and the void blasters.

39 The Ragnarök
40 Oblivion
41 Desert Beak

Morning wood is evil👹

42 Betsy

He is the final boss of Old ones army

43 Yharon

To hard

Very very vry very very yeah hard -lolastickyda

44 Martian Saucer

Ok so this beat this "boss" ya need to dig underground ( 4 blocks and then cover the top of you) and let minions do the job for the deadly ball summon it takes about 3 minutes I hope ya found this useful

45 Eater of Souls

Not even hard


46 Bat

With zealous enchanted sword it’s 2 or 3 hit kill

47 Pirate Captain

Kinda hard

48 Everscream

This is a mini boss, not a boss. - LordDovahkiin

49 Ice Golem

This isn't even a mini boss! It's a regular, but rare, enemy. - LordDovahkiin

50 The Flying Dutchman

What is this Flying Dutchman

|: nerf dis its easy - oofnugget-boi

Allthough it is only a mini boss it can be a pain if your playing a melee character and the pirates don’t help

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