Top Ten Most Annoying Harry Potter Characters

The Top Ten
1 Dolores Umbridge

It's Umbridge. what do you expect me to say? nobody really liked her and I almost threw my TV out the window every time she would do the HEM HEM

I've had a few teachers like Umbridge and I don't know if I could understand anyone who likes her as a character.
First off she's incredibly close-minded.
Second, she's very condescending.
Third, she's so fake. I don't like people who fake being nice or who they are. It feels incredibly unsettling.
Fourth, she's judgmental.
Fifth, she's racist.
Sixth, she's sadistic.
Seventh, she's self-centered.
Eighth, she has no sense of respect towards others.
Ninth, she's way too structured and rule-based.
Tenth, a variation of her first name "doloris" is Latin for pain. If that doesn't speak volumes about this woman, I don't know what does.
Eleventh, she wrongly persecuted muggle-borns.

I just cannot stand this woman.

I really hate Umbridge. Go jump off a cliff into a slimy sea of piranas. She is a Slytherin, for one. Although l like the slytherin qualities, Umbridge is a perfectly terrible character. She is also a pink, frilly, toad. My first burn of hate for Umbridge was when she made detention for Harry, when he did particularly nothing bad. And even worse, she made him write something foolish on the back of his hand with his own blood! I would like to grab her, tie her to a stake, then throw the stake off a pit. But I like reading about her. Villains are just interesting, even if Hermione Granger is my favorite.

Everyone secretly wanted Umbridge dead more than Voldemort. She represents everything teenagers hate; being condescended to, adults that don't believe anything you say, or worse: dismiss it as you simply being too young to understand the "truth", adults that treat you like children but dole out punishment as if you're adults, teachers who are blatantly racist, etc. Her name isn't Umbridge for no reason, its's a play on the word Umbrage- an offense, annoyance, or displeasure.

2 Rita Skeeter

She just wants to know things that are none of her business and she wanted Harry to go first in the forth book. And lucky she got trapped in a jar at the end. And she said Harry had the ghost of his past in his eyes. What in the name of Thor is that?!-Jewel the RainWing

I hate her. She is outrageous and horrible. I prayed to GOD that anybody (preferably Voldemort) would find and torture, kill and make her suffer as much as the innocent Mrs Burbage!

Agree. Agree again. She is an eavesdropping, terrible person who's name means mosquito, and she should jump off a cliff. She is a nonsense writer and stupid, and a critical person. Poopface. She insults people and writes bad, bad things such as Harry and Hermione are in love and Harry's crying. She should not use her stupid quill and write the truth. yes.

Oh god this woman is so annoying! Always trying into peoples business and writing nonsense about harry and Hermione. She is, well, a scumbag! She is also an unregistered animagus which is illegal! And she spies on people and made a fool out of poor hagrid, who is half giant. She needs to back down. Thank God Hermione is so smart!

3 Draco Malfoy Draco Lucius Malfoy is a character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is a student in Harry Potter's year belonging in the Slytherin house.

I really dislike Malfoy. I feel like the main reason the whole Harry Potter fan-fiction is obsessed with him is because they think he's "hot." But besides that his whole character is kinda horrible. He bullies Harry and other Gryffindors with no good reason to dislike any of them. He's constantly bringing up his father as if everyone should bow down to him simply because he has a rich family. When he was trying to kill Dumbledore, he almost killed Katie and Ron, and I doubt he really cared about either of them. He doesn't redeem himself in anyway and he tries to kill Harry and his friends many times.

I'm don't get why Draco made this list... I mean. I'm not saying he was a brilliant person, he wasn't! He was a git. But annoying? That, I would not say. I particularly enjoyed his character, twisted as it was. But can you blame him? That's who Draco is brought up to be!

All those people who think Draco is annoying, let me ask you. Did you think James Potter was annoying? If yes, okay. You're justified in thinking Draco is annoying. You can carry on with life. I don't. If you're with me, read the rest. How is Draco much different from James? James Potter was a pureblood, rich wizard who came to Hogwarts, got into Gryffindor and made Severus' life miserable! Draco is a rich pureblood who comes to Hogwarts without any hopes for the future because he has no choice but to do exactly as his father tells him to. And so he gets sorted into Slytherin, gets denied Harry's hand in friendship, and ends up making Harry's (among other Gryffindors') life miserable.

So why is it that ...more

Ugh. Everyone just likes him because he's handsome. My friend is all like 'But he's so handsome! He can't be evil. I love him. He's perfect! Who cares if he's evil!'

And I'm like 'What the F***'

No moral fiber at all. No matter the situation all he knows is to save himself and run. Not even a than you for so many times someone else saved his skin. Bad parenting or not, by age 11 you know right from wrong. He' s all wrong, even not identifying harry at malfoy manner was more in fear.

4 Cornelius Fudge

This guy is a selfish, two faced loser. he jumps to random conclusions about DUMBLEDORE, the greatest wizard who has ever lived and is worth a billion of Fudge! man, I loved when he found out voldemort WAS back and he got knocked of his seat as minister of magic. hah, that dude is just some paranoid, two faced bastard!

Cornelius is a selfish, self absorbed snob. I was stuck between him, Delores, Cho, or Dudley. They are all anoying.

Vile man. Started hating him at the end of the Goblet of Fire book

What a coward. He only cares for himself.

5 Percy Weasley

The Weasleys are such a warm loving family. And stupid Percy left them for the lying ministry. Not to mention the time he sent back the hand-knitted sweater from Mrs. Weasley. Oh yeah, and in prisoner of Azkaban when the fat lady was attacked he yelling " Out of the way I am HEAD BOY" It's just like shut up and go away Percy.

He used to be rude and annoying, but he realised his mistakes in the seventh book and came back to his family and apologised. I think he should be given a second chance.

I know a lot of people think Percy's all better now because he came back to fight in the battle, but think about all the annoying things he's done.

Jeez this guy gets too much hate! Unlike most characters on this list he realised his faults and redeemed himself meaning that he's no longer a dickhead, come on!

6 Dudley Dursley

He was a spoilt brat having 36 presents less than his 10th birthday when he had 38. Having two bedrooms when one should've been for Harry, then having a big tantrum when Harry got the bedroom, which was only for the Dursley's plan to try to stop the Hogwarts letters. Harry got the bedroom and he noticed a television which Dudley broke with his foot when his favourite show had been cancelled.
Dudley was also a bully, but his father egged him on.
In the fifth book when the Dementor attacked him, he didn't say much and didn't really say or do much in the sixth. In the seventh he gave Harry a cup of tea and thought Harry was coming with them. (For safety)

At least he redeemed in the last one, but that can't make up for how terribly he was to Harry during his childhood! He's a typical, spoiled, snobby, self centred brat, and why are Ginny, Dobby, Cho, and Draco higher than him? Okay, I can understand why Draco is, he was mean to Harry. Cho cried a lot, but it was because she missed and loved Cedric. Ginny was just awesome, so I don't know why she's on this list, and Dobby is great so he shouldn't be on the list. NONE of the characters I just mentioned are more annoying than Dudley.

Dudley is the most annoying person in the series! I hate that fat neck and balloon body of his. Dudley sounds more like ugly if you hear it closely. *----* I hate it when his mother ( Petunia) calls him 'Dudleykins' and when Dudley looks so sweet and innocent in front of his parents. I just wish Harry would come and throw him either in the Chamber of Secrets where Basilica would make him a bit thin, the Forbidden Forest where Aragag would eat him, or put throw him in Azkaban where only the Azkaban guards could call him Dudleykins! He is way annoying than Dolores Umbridge, Draco Malfoy, Moaning Myrtle or even LORD VOLDEMORT!

Spoiled, fat, demanding, whiny and mean kid. He bullies Harry for no reason and treats him like dirt. I'd go right through my T.V. or into the story and give him a whooping great smack!
His parents are hardly any different. They treat Dudley like a prince and gives him the world and yet Harry gets bullied and tortured FOR NO REASON! Petunia and Vernon should know what a brat Dudley is.

7 Cho Chang

Cho chang is not annoying. Her boyfriend died and she was shocked. And I don't believe she is a person who lived a terrible life. She was a normal girl who isn't used to have terrible things happen to her, and she is shocked after her boyfriend died I don't see how she can act normal. I mean harry had a PTSD after the death of cedric, and he wasn't even close to him. Actually he was jealous of him. Yet his death affected him so much. He was severly scarred because of that.
And Cho, being close to cedric (I am sure she loved him) lost him and it shocked her because she is not used to have terrible things happen to her or the people she loves. And it affected her a lot.
You can't really expect everybody to show the same attitude when something bad happens. She wasn't also exactly very strong like harry or hermione. And I think she is a necassary character, because it shows us that not everybody can be strong and everybody has their own strength.

Cho is quite very annoying to me. She reminds me of a girl that dates one boy and flirts with another just for her enjoyment! Even though how innocent she looks and acts, Cho Chang is definitely one of my least favorite female characters! She even tries to talk about Cedric's death at her and Harry's date! First of all if my boyfriend/girlfriend would want to talk about his/her dead ex, I would be very upset because that just shows that the boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't like me. Harry has every right to reject to talk about his dead friend/girlfriend's ex. Sorry Cho but I am not an Fan! Cho heres some tips get over you ex's death ok you two didn't even date long, next don't talk about him to you new boyfriend, I mean what?!?! Last Cho stop crying ok he's dead and gone! Find another man!

Cho Chang, just because Harry Potter likes you doesn't mean you should play with his feelings. I mean, who would want to talk about the death of an ex girl/boyfriend on a date? Like, seriously Cho, get a grip with that feeling because honestly, you did not see Cedric die, Harry did. And if there is someone who should be sensitive about this issue, it should be Harry. It's not like you've dated Diggory for so many years! Go on flirt with other guys, the boy had enough burden to carry!

I truly hate her. Even when she had done nothing at the beginning of the 4th book, I hated her...there's just something about her that makes me want to scream my lungs out.
I get that her boyfriend, someone that she loved, died, and she was grieving and all, but that doesn't make up for what she did in the 5th book. SHE GAVE AWAY DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY! The moment she did that, she may not have realized that along with destroying the only thing that gave Harry and his friends hope, she also destroyed a chance of saving hundreds of lives that were lost...just think about it. Had Cho not given the away, they would have come up with a powerful plan to defeat Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and would have saved the entire world--muggle or wizard. However, I must say, Cho was a key element in the story. If she didn't give the away, the story would have gone a lot differently. So I'm basically saying that I hate her guts, but still thank her for being in the books and starting a chain of ...more

8 Ginny

Why does everyone hate Ginny! Harry should have ended with hermione and Ginny could become evil and then let's see what Harry does. She rules so stop being mean and quit telling lies about her. Ginny is the best and she should be the main character and a vampire so she can pick victims out of the annoying people. Go Ginny show them what u got. My dog is named ginny and love the name. Ginny is the best and she should be the main character because Harry is mean and selfish ecspacially when he broke up with her.

Super obsessed with the famous Harry Potter. Same as her brother Ron. Stalked him for years. Never got over him and used others to manipulate him into a relationship. Friending Hermione to get closer to Harry and eliminating a potential love rival. Getting love advice from Hermione and telling each other their secrets only for Ginny to blab her mouth in front of others. Shameless. Leading on all those boys to make Harry jealous. She is just as mean spirited as the twins.

Ginny has always annoyed me. Even when I first read about her I hated her guts. Honestly she acts really bossy and stubborn. Harry should have ended up with Hermione(Even J.K Rowling said so after a while)
She was barley involved with Harry and the trio. Only until the 5th book she decided to be a hero. You can't just be a shy girl who doesn't even talk to Harry to a short tempered, bossy, stubborn, loud girl. Ginny should be number 1 on this list. And in the Order of the phoenix she used that crazy strong spell that was not needed on that death eater and the whole place fell apart. Gosh I hate her so much. I know looks don't matter and stuff but she has a weird shaped chin. You can say what you like about her but I HATE HER GUTS!

She is at her most annoying when she is praised for being rude and aggressive. Her scathing, jealousy fueled remarks about Fleur made everyone laugh. Ron accidentally hit a girl because of his uncoordinated flailing for which Ginny put him down in front of everyone and humiliated him on the Quidditch pitch. She called Luna "Loony Lovegood" and later had the gall to defend Luna against others calling her the same without even an ounce of shame or acknowledgement for her past misbehaviour. Ginny is renowned for hexing students which annoy her with the Bat-Boogey Hex and instead of getting into trouble for it, she was invited into the Slug Club. She had no girl friends before she decided to "friend" Luna and Hermione, who were already Harry's friends at this point and even asked Hermione for advice on her crush Harry. Notably she felt it was safe to send Harry with Luna to the Ravenclaw tower, where before she had thrown a fit at Cho showing Harry the way. She told Ron about the kiss ...more

9 Moaning Myrtle

Annoying? What this is a 14 year old girl who was murdered, she was just telling a boy to go away she didn't know it was or that she was staring at a Basilisk.
Then she goes to haunt her enemy who bullied her in school, and then sent back to Hogwarts to live in the toilets that she was killed in.
Who wouldn't be upset about everything and she was probably in puberty or something.

Moaning Mrytle is so annoying when she screeches and moans about herself. But in Chamber of Secrets it's actually because of her that Harry could find the entrance to the Chamber and finish Tom Riddle A.K. A He-who-must-not-be-named. She looks so funny with those glasses and looks a bit like a long necked Turkey.

I really like Moaning Myrtle. She funny and crazy (the way I like it). The only time I don't like her is when she is in the bathroom while Harry is taking a bath in the fourth movie.

I love Myrtle! Also, in the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it appears Ron writes "Harry loves Moaning Myrtle" which is crossed out.

10 Dobby

Why does Dobby have to be on this list?! Who tried to warn Harry Potter not to go back to Hogwarts because dangerous things were happening? Dobby. Who died to save Harry, Ron, and Hermione from Bellatrix Lestrange? IT WAS DOBBY! If you are a Dobby hater, BACK OFF!

Dobby is one of my least favourite characters in HP, movie and book. He is annoying. He punishes himself constantly and refers to himself in third person. And not to mention, his voice. It's so weak. Yet still, he's strong and just wants to protect Harry Potter.

What?! Dobby was a good pers- er, elf! What's he supposed to be again? Never mind, it does't matter. Dobby wanted to protect Harry Potter when he knew there was danger at Hogwarts. That was very good! OK, his voice IS a little annoying, but that's it!

Dobby is a good elf I don't know why e speaks as if he just learned to that's the only thing that makes him a little annoying... Although he do reminds me of olaf from frozen

The Contenders
11 Professor Lockhart

I am slightly annoyed by him. This is the only thing Ravenclaw house has to really be ashamed about. With him using his memory charms to get ahead, he really should've been a Slytherin. Though as self-centered as he is, I'd rather have him as a teacher than Umbridge. That's really his only redeeming quality; he's more competent and less annoying than Umbridge.

I don't know what everyone is talking about. Although he was self-centered, he was awesome and his character was hilarious. He's the reason I love 'Chamber of Secrets' so much and if I was lucky enough to have a school offering Defense Against the Dark Arts, I would demand him as a teacher! Even if I didn't learn a thing

This guy is absolutely annoying. He keeps pulling Harry away from what he's doing and talks about some dumb, stupid nonsense. He should learn how to shut up and keep to himself and not disturb others (Not meaning to be rude, but he IS annoying when I read the book).

He is a liar who always screws up. Also the fact that he has loads of witches attracted to him makes him a bit of a Stu. Please tell me I'm not the only girl who does NOT like him?

12 Vernon Dursley

He didn't abuse Harry. He treated Harry horribly. But it wasn't abuse. The no food was an exaggeration, Harry constantly got grounded and was obviously not favored( understatement ) Vernon never hit or hurt him.

He should be higher on this list.

Other people like Ginny Weasley she was behaving like a teenage girl in the sixth book.

Fleur was a snob till the end of the sixth book, and treated Ginny like she was a three year old. Like when she called Harry a little boy in the fourth book when she found out that he became the fourth Triwizard Champion.

Ginny was not a fan girl she is not Romilda Vane. She was overexcited to see Harry Potter in the first book. Second book she struggled to talk to him. Fourth book, she couldn't wait around forever so she became herself in the fifth.

You don't like a girl for being herself and behaving like a teenager.

But Vernon Dursley just abuses Harry. He was nearly going to throw Harry out of the house in the fifth book. In the second book when Harry said the word "magic" at breakfast Vernon yelled at him insanely and then locked him in his room starving him to death with bars on his window when he found out he couldn't use ...more

Okay I can understand why Dursley is on here but shouldn't he be on number four or maybe I don't know maybe two but why is he on fourteen?

How is Cho Chang #5 and Vernon Dursley is #13? He abused Harry for goodness sakes! I don't particularly like Cho, but she's harmless!

13 Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.

I know I sound like a wimp, but sometimes Bellatrix makes me cry. What can make a person so loyal and so trustworthy for something so bad and terrible? What could Voldy have done to make her feel so proud of being one of his filthy slaves? I just don't get her, and I know that behind her loyalty and cruelty there is a tragic story that hopefully J.K Rowling will soon tell us.

I don't hate Bellatrix at all actually, I just think she's really annoying when she's acting like a retard, flailing her arms, doing cartwheels and shrieking in that obnoxiously shrill voice of hers... A good example of that behavior is after Dumbledore's murder in the sixth movie.

Why?! She was awesome as a villain. Idon't like how she got killed,though. It felt underwhelming for someone as powerful as her to die like that. She should've fought Minerva and the battle should've been longer.
I'm not hating on Molly or anything,it's just that she had never been shown any impressive fits until that time and she was never known for fighting,so it just felt so sudden and out of blue.

Bellatrix is one of the most annoying people in any book. "I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black" - Bellatrix Lestrange
That is such an annoying line.
I mean, what kind of person kills their cousin!

14 Severus Snape Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.

Everyone's making him out to be a victim, some tragic hero.

He's the one who willingly joins in a group of death eaters, people who actively murdered others for just being born from a muggle.

Lily is not obligated to like him. She chose James and yet, he can't get over that and bullies his son, who hasn't any connections with his DEAD father.

- Bullies kids like Harry and Neville
- Guy who can't get over a grudge. James saved his life and yet, he still hates him.
- Causes the death of Lily, as he told the Dark Lord the prophecy.
- Joins a literal group of killers. He was not forced into this.

He redeems himself in the end by acting as a spy, but he was no hero.

He is awful.
Did he ever truly change.
He just switched side because of Lily. A lady he loved yet treated her son awfully
Bullied a child to such a limit his greatest fear was him.
He wanted ti take revenge on a child
Humiliated hermione
Was bullied yet favoured a bully and became one himself.
And the way he treated harry after Sirius's death. Hid godfather just died.
He cared about no one but Lily

Severus Snape is my favourite character in the world, Dumbledore trusted him more than any other teachers in Hogwarts. Snape should not be on this list for whatever reason. He was the only death eater who could produce a patronus, a doe LIKE LILY's! HOW IN THE WORLD IS HE ANNOYING. I understand that he is mean to Harry and the others but he sort of had a reason to! He had no kind, loving caring family! Like his only friend Lily left him ( yes I know he called her a you know what because she was a muggle-born once) But still how do people hate him? He is one of the most wonderful, amazing, interesting and sad life, and awesome wizard there is in the wizarding world. Don't hat him! Look at him a different a kind way! He is not bad!

Well people, let's think. He was a Death Eater for the order, killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore wanted him to, and you guys think he is ANNOYING? He is an amazing character and whoever voted for him to be "annoying" should be ashamed. I mean, Harry and Ginny didn't name their son after him for nothing! I think whoever doesn't get that should rethink their love of Harry Potter because it's obviously not true! YOU GUYS ARE INHUMAN, AND CRUEL!

15 Lucius Malfoy

Blackmails millions of people into doing what he wants, including whole ministry departments and poor Arthur Weasley. he is rich, and therefore gets whatever he wants, AND is a death eater. His son Draco inherited these traits from him.

Such a wicked man. I hate him. Nothing that Draco did was his fault. It was Lucius' fault.

Draco, your father WON'T be hearing about this. You know why? Because I killed him.

King Foul, and in a way renamed his poor son Prince Brat.

16 Marge Dursley

Just We're speaking about ANNOYING characters, aren't we? Marge Dursley is not the character that I despise and hate the most, she's not the person I'd like to strangle every time I see her (no, no, this place belongs to Dolores Umbride of course), but, apart from Zacharias Smith, Cornelius Fudge and Cormac McLaggen, who I believe are not on this list, Marge Dursley is the character that irritates me the most. She spends her time insulting Harry's parents, favouring Dudley, abusing Harry (I mean, she was entertained that her dog attacked Harry, she hurt him and claimed she'd like to harshly bit him if she was her teacher - what a mental! ) And we, readers, sigh because we have to read a lot of pages of NONSENSE. The only thing interesting about her is that Harry turned her into a big balloon.

She is worser than Petunia, Vernon and Dudley put together.
She is the Muggle Umbridge.
She might have only had appeared in a postcard in the first book and we only saw her at the beginning of the third but she is the worst Dursley.
I wonder what Petunia's friend Yvonne was like she was mentioned in the first book.

Do I need to explain, really?

She is a tormentor...

17 Lavender Brown

I don't really get why everyone thinks she's annoying. At the time, Ron and Hermione where not dating, so it wasn't like Lavender was helping Ron cheat. Everyone's just annoyed because she got in the way of a couple you all really wanted to get together. I guess you could call her annoying because she constantly bothered Harry about Ron, but that was because he was straight out ignoring her, and she obviously felt really insucure about it. What's worse, is she was right about Hermione only talking to Ron once he got poisoned. Lavender didn't deserve the hate.

She is really annoying in the movie, which I assume is because the film makers wanted to give the audience an extra reason to hate her, not just because she's messing with Ron+Hermione. But in the books she isn't very annoying.

Shes annoying being with Ron all the time. She deserves to run away crying after what she did. She messed up Ron's mind. She is pretty but she is mean. I do feel bad that she had to find out they are not right for each other the hard way.

Shes annoying for being with Ron all the time. She messed up his mind. I wonder how she would feel to hear that Ron and Hermione got marred.

18 Peter Pettigrew

Lousy traitor, everything is your fault! Harry grew up without parents because of you. Sirius was stuck in azkaban for 12 years, blaming himself, because of you. Remus live alone for 12 years. Lily and James died because of you. I don't understand how anyone could feel any kind of sympathy for you, you never felt sorry, you only cared about your own neck.

Ugh why is he not in top ten? And Draco is? Not right at all. I mean, it's pretty obvious why his Animagus is a rat! He will befriend/serve the powerful just to save his own neck. And he betrayed Lily, James and Harry to Voldemort!

This guy should be on the top, no joke. He and Bellatrix have the same problem. Why would you be so loyal to a douchebag like Voldemort? I mean, Peter killed his best friends just for a filthy no-nose wizard.

His animagus really fits his damn personality, a rat who ratted out Sirius and supported Voldemort and betrayed James and Lily like what the hell? he should be the one in Azkaban not Sirius!

19 Ron Weasley Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. His first appearance was in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

Come on! Ron isn't that bad. Sure he made some pretty bad mistakes, but so has Snape and Dumbledore. He was jealous of Harry, which made Ron a little insecure. He totally deserved Hermione. Harry takes his anger out on his friends (but it was only because he was very emotional at the time). What kind of woman would want that? Ron was also very funny. The only problem was that sometimes he didn't know when to stop. Also, he helped Harry retrieve Gryffindor's Sword, played a giant game of chess to get the Philosopher's Stone (it was more dangerous than it sounds), believed Harry when everyone thought he was lying, was brave enough to try to help Harry defeat the basilisk, and he was overshadowed by his brothers the entire time! Ron was always there for Harry (well...almost always), and isn't annoying! I'd honestly love to have him as a friend!

I hate Ron, just hate him, he has very few redeeming qualities and is completely lacking in tact, usefulness (aside from chess and comic relief), and is far too much of an idiot and whiner. Worst mistake was making him get Hermione, would have been awesome to see his numerous flaws (which outweigh his good characteristics by a TON) cost him his friendship with Harry and relationship with Hermione. He is funny, but it's almost always at the expense of other people, he's just pathetic. He is basically Draco Malfoy dressed up as a Weasley.

Side note, feel awful for Emma Watson, she had to kiss that frog.

Ron doesn't deserve this. People keep whining: "Hermione doesn't deserve him. He's an ugly frog with an emotional range of a teaspoon and isn't loyal at all."
Yep I just summed up the hater comments in a sentence.
Just think for a second. Ron is a adolescent, a barely eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and so on and so forth year old. Would you have treated your crush, who you think likes your Best Friend better than you, any way better than this?
At the first to third book, he was adorable. Loyal, logical, great at chess, a Friend.
From the forth to the fifth, He was my Favourite in the fifth. He kept Hermione company and laughing really hard while Harry faced girl problems, O.W.Ls and Dolores. He was the cutest here too. He also was supportive to Harry. And the Yule Ball scene was so badass and hinting.
From the sixth to the seventh, I feel that book Ron was so much better. He might have left them, but he came BACK. And consider having tons of emotional baggage, an ...more

Ron was lazy but entitled, his "development" in the last book just seemed like a plot device to me and not real maturation. Ron is the friend you keep around because you grew up together and he's fun but at his base is too selfish. He wasn't really a good friend to Harry, but he always marching around with this poor me attitude even though his best friend didn't even have PARENTS.

Also everyone makes a big deal of how he grows up in the last book but I can't get over him leaving. Hermione wore the horcrux too but her ass stuck it through to the end.

Also I can never like Ron because he did. not. deserve. Hermione.

20 Colin Creevey

Colin... Ugh... I felt my head aching when I read Chamber of Secrets. I pictured a skinny blonde guy with rabbit like teeth and a camera following Harry like his tail wherever he went. Harry probably like it when Colin told him that he was a fan, but he soon turned out to be an annoying brat. It's like wherever he went, he was haunted by " kill" " You will be killed" like when he was haunted by Basilica in Parsetongue, but instead it was " Can I have a photo with you? " Or "Can you sign my photo? " Or worse " Can you give me a gum you chewed? "

What the hell? He is annoying but he is a simple kid who just figured out he is a wizard. Obviously. His father is a farmer, and I don't think that his life was interesting at all.

Colin was a little bit obsessive, yes, but he still didn't deserve to die at the age of 16! Think about his family and brother would act!

In the chamber of secrets...ugh Collin bud off. No one cares. You have no idea how happy I was when the creaturepetrified him like stay like that forever.

21 Professor Trelawney

I think she is so annoying, she doesn't explain anything and she makes a huge reaction to almost everything!

She reminds me a lot of my own stupid teacher. She talks and talks and it's all lies.

She's kinda annoying but I feel bad for her when stupid Umbridge was stalking her.

Trelawney: I take it, that you were born in October?

Harry: No, I was born in July.

Right fraud, m8

22 Pansy Parkinson

She is annoying and I hate her screaming/squealing/laughing she does. She sounds like a constipated monkey.

Oh my gosh like I sooo hate her! She's just jealous of Hermione. Duh...

Why is she after hermione on this list?

She is a stupid

23 James Potter

This jerk is so popular with the fans. Everyone loves his ship with Lily. He didn't seem to really like her. She is his trophy. He wanted to win her. Who knows how things would go between them when he got bored of her. He was already frustrating Lily when he kept going out with Sirius instead of playing family dad.

Sure, he made mistakes as a kid but he CHANGED unlike Snape; he learned what he was doing was wrong. Snape, however, did not. James also became and ILLEGAL animagus just so his friend would hurt himself during full moon. He also DIED for his wife and Harry. I don't know about you but in the end he was selfless. Snape destroyed himself instead of getting better by going into the dark arts his OWN choosing. That's why Lily broke off with him. Snape just couldn't get over it and change; doesn't mean that's James' fault.

James Potter was an immature teenage boy. Harry did not know about his father until he saw memories from the enemy.
Fred and George were immature teenage boys -- Hissing at a first year when he was sorted into Slytherin Malcolm Baddock - Goblet of Fire.
Order of the Phoenix - Allowing first years to test their joke shop items.
Stuffed a Slytherin called Montague through the vanishing cabinet injuring him.
But if you don't want to believe Sirius and Lupin when Harry talked to them through the fireplace then you have nothing and you are deluded.

When people say stuff like, "oh, it doesn't matter that he ruined Snape's life, because he was only 15, and he changed, blah, blah, blah" I think that
1. Just because he was 15 doesn't make him a good person
2. There is no proof that he changed
3. Even when Harry mentioned to Sirius that he knew what James did, Sirius told harry that he only ruined Snape's life because he was 15 and 15-year-olds can be arrogant. He is overrated by characters in the books too.

24 Hermione Granger

She is not that smart or good looking or popular. Girl gets shipped with everyone. She is a favourite for self-inserts. She is the authors self-insert. That makes her annoying. She's really not that important or impressive. She definitely can't keep up with actual geniuses. I think the Marauders are much smarter than her and they are not actual geniuses. Being studious is not the same as being smart.

She and the rest of the Golden Trio always stick their nose into someone else's business. Was it really necessary to make Polyjuice Potion and stalk Draco for an hour just so they see if he's the heir of Slytherin? She's way too ignorant, like when she decides to found S.P.E.W. even though the house elves don't all want to be freed. Yet she still assumes she knows what's best for them. Just because being a know-it-all is part of her character, it doesn't make it any less annoying. She always goes to authority, like in third year. When Harry received a Firebolt, Hermione goes immediately to McGonagall. It was none of her business. Or Dumbledore said this, Dumbledore said that... You don't need to agree with everything authority says.

Hermione is good, but she can be a bit annoying and a goody two shoes. She is alway saying " don' t do this you'll get caught and it' s against the rules" sometimes it's. Like which would you rather have, everyone put in dangesr, or a few rules broken?

I like Hermoine Granger. it's just that she sometimes a bit annoying when she acts like a Know-it-All or a nerd who always sticks to books ( schoolbooks ugh). I love it in Philosopher's Stone during Charms class when she had to work with Ron. Ron was like " Wingardium Leviosa" and Hermoine gave him a filthy nerdy look and said " It's not Wingardium Leviosa! " ( shaking her head in disapproval) " It's Wingardium Leviosa, Make sure you make the A stretch out! " Hahah. You shold have seen the look on Ron.

25 Amos Diggory

I mean, he is kind of annoying in the beginning, but in the end of the G.O.F. it's hard to not feel bad for him when he comes running out yelling: "My boy!" I can make an inference that Cedric's mum died before we bet him in the Prisoner of Azkaban, so Cedric would probably be the only one Amos had left. I believe that his story just might be one of the saddest.

Pompous ass was always talking down to Harry. He had no self-awareness and only bragged about Cedric. I was actually pretty upset about Cedric's death but at the same time I thought 'hey at least Amos can stfu now'

Losing Cedric would have been a great loss, so I understand that he took it out on Harry, but that was kind of too far.

Don't know what's his problem. Always degrading others. But I don't deny he has a strong moral character.

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