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1 The Elder Wand

It is powerful, but it holds a bloody and dark past. It is most likely the wand that has taken the most lives, cost the most bloodshed. It is evil, poisoning the beholder with horrible intentions. The core is hair of a Thestral, but Thestrals can only be seen by one who witnessed death, signaling that this wand is deadly. Avoid this wand at all cost! Do it for your friends, family, and many innocent people, including yourself. Sure the power it brings may seem tempting, but with this great power comes a cost...the unforgiving need of fame, violent reactions to minor things, and a taste for blood. Look at what happened to Voldemort when he tried to hunt it down. Look at what happened to the Peverell brother who first owner it...

This is such an amazing wand. The bumps and smooth, brown wood puts me into a trance of love and interest. And the little dots and designs on it make me smile and wish I was there, feeling the patterns and tracing them. And how it is so powerful. It is the most powerful wand. I wish I had it, because this wand would make me confident, happy, and powerful.

This wand wasn't even made by a wandmaker! It was made by death, meaning it would be a VERY powerful thing. And I also love how you can change the owner of the wand. This is by far THE VERY, VERY BEST. It is so powerful, nobody can kill you (unless you don't notice or don't send a spell back), unless they're the owner of the Elder Wand. Which is the part I love, Harry was the owner, but Voldermort shoots a killing spell at him, and VOLDEMORT DIES. YIPPEE!

The Elderwand is also known as Deathstick, and Wand Of Destiny. It's the best in the world, superior, and amazing. It's also the only wand in the entire harry potter series that is able to repair broken wands. Good placement on this list! Vote for the best, Vote for this wand.

2 Harry Potter's Wand

Harry Potter's wand is just beautiful. I like the Elderwand better, but I very much like this beautiful wand with it's interesting things. First of all, it has a phoenix feather inside. You people should know I amazingly like phoenixes, and their amazing feathers are what dazzle me most. So, that's my number one reason. Also, it is made from holly. Holly is very beautiful with bright red berries and pretty green, spiky leaves. Holly is also a name. the wood is very clean and soft and a beautiful color, besides that. So that is my second reason. Harry's wand also has a very pretty handle full of beautiful patterns that one can not but help love. Handles on wands are what I like a lot. I have this wand and I love feeling it's soft, silky, smooth wood and grabbing onto it's handle, then pretending I am using spells. I have had it since I was six. And I think Harry's wand should switch places with Sirius Black's wand.

Harry's wand was already a wand of extraordinary power. However, the addition of Voldemort's power into the wand made gave it tremendous strength. In my opinion, this wand is only beaten by the Elder Wand.

This want has been through everything and beats almost every (except for the ones above) and is amazing but also plain and in some ways is good and is mentioned to be good and supple.

It is one of the most unique wands and one of the only ones which can cope with the Dark Lord and extremely powerful which serves as the reason why Mr. Olivander took so long to find it out for Harry.

3 Voldemort's Wand

Elm, Phoenix feather, 13 1/2 inches long. It's Lord Voldemort's Wand. It is very powerful and it suits the wizard. "He" used this wand to duel with Dumbledore using the Elder Wand and he didn't lose or die, which is a miracle, I mean, the Elder Wand is the most powerful wand ever, right? So I personally think this Wand is one of the best wands ever.

Interesting wand. It definitely fits the villain. I love pheonixes, so since there is a pheonix feather in there I love it even more. Also it is made of bone, which may be beastly but in my opinion it is very interesting. There is also a cool bone eagle-shaped top with some interesting designs and pattern below that. It gives me a mysterious feeling, that spreads from the tip of my fingernails to the tip of my toes. YOU SHOULD GET THIS POWERFUL WAND!

White always fits a villain. Shows that they're dominant over good. And that's exactly what "he" is. Probably the greatest wand design in Harry Potter.

The hook on the end makes it easier to hold. Also, Voldemort is the the second most interesting character and we all know it

4 Sirius Black's Wand

Lovely wand. At first it looks simple with no bulky pieces are a distinctive handle; however, the etchings, color, and especially the subtle change from square to twisted shape in the wand make this one unique. It's also cool to note that Sirius' wand is a bit of a mystery as JK Rowling nor any of the films mentioned what exactly the wand was made of and in the books the shape was never really defined. It's almost as if this wand could be Sirius', anyones, or no one's at all simultaneously. : )

The wand looks cool and has a lot of meaning behind it. If you get the right lighting, it looks like the wand changes from mettle to wood, and it also changes from a square to a circle. Obviously Ollivander is great at selling and making wands since he knew that Sirius would be changing from human to dog.

Everything about his wand just looks beautiful and stunning. From the amazing runes and etchings, to the beautiful wood color, all the way to the simple way the wand changes from round to a square design. The best looking wand in the Harry Potter universe.

Great wand, simple and a good weight. The etchings around the wand are extremely cool and I would recommend this wand to any Harry Potter Fan! Comfortable to hold and no bulky pieces that could hurt younger people. The tip is also blunt which makes it safe. Instead of being round it is square which eventually shapes into a circle. This makes it unique and interesting. GET THIS WAND! IT IS AMAZING!

5 Lucius Malfoy's Wand

Dark elm wood with dragon heartstring core (ironically, elm wands are stereotyped as belonging to pure-blood extremists). Attractive design, topped with a silver serpent (possibly symbolic of his family's association with the Slytherin house) and sheathed in a cane. It is an antique, and a Malfoy family heirloom, widely believed to have been first owned by Armand Malfoy during the 11th century.

source: Pottermore

Even though Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater, his wand is a really cool wand. It's actually considered the longest wand in the entire Harry Potter series alongside the Elder Wand.

Awesome wand with a snake as its handle, sleek and shiny, and emeralds as its eyes! Would vote this as the best wand in the Harry Potter series

Lucius may be a death eater but he has one of the best coolest looking wands I have ever seen.

6 Hermione Granger's Wand

Hermione's wand is my favorite. It is a good weight, perfect for hands. And it is tall enough. Perfect. Perfectly tall, a good number, perfect height and weight like Hermy. And the wood is beautiful. Silky and kind of cream colored. Beauitful wood. The vines curling up the sides are lovely and so pretty my eyes bulged when I saw them with beautiful love. Hermione's wand has the perfect pair. Yupsa. and dragon heartstrings are so cool.

I love Hermione Granger's wand. It is a good weight, and a beautiful wood. My favorite kind, as it is light and almost yellow coloured, but cream. It has a very pretty vine design curling up the sides, which have to make me smile because I am a nature fan. Overall, it is pretty and good. And Hermione is smart. So they are a good pair.

I got Hermione's wand as the first wand of the Harry Potter's wand collection. I myself prefers the brown version of Hermione wand but I also really like the yellow version as it almost is a gold colour. The reason I prefer the brown version is because it looks more like wood and it looks real.

Beautiful wand. The vines make it look very natural, and the wood is a very nice color. Best wand design wise in my opinion.

7 Draco Malfoy's Wand

Technically, the Elder Wand did because Voldemort used it in the last battle, but that was after Harry disarmed him. So that makes Harry the true master of the wand and it didn't want to hurt him. That's why the curse rebounded on Voldemort.

Draco is one of my favorite characters and I love the design of his wand. Plus it technically killed Voldemort which makes it even more cool.

Hawthorn and unicorn hair, 10 inches, reasonably springy.

A nice simplistic wand

8 Narcissa Malfoy's Wand

Her wand is elegant and beautiful, just like Narcissa herself. I think the Malfoy's have the most beautifully designed wands in the entire series, along with the Elder Wand, Slughorn's and Ginny's wands.

I like Narcissa Malfoy's wand because I really like the silver details to it and it seems to have a good grip on it.

It has really awesome complicated designs that are EPIC!

The coolest one by far

9 Severus Snape's Wand

The all black colour of this wand make it look so elegant, and it has the perfect size regarding comfort and durability (The longer the easier it is to break it).

I think Snape's wand is a really cool wand. I think that it is one of the other great wands ever.

Absolutely awesome. The best magic I've ever seen from any wand would be this magic!

It's awesome looking plus he's probably the most iconic Harry Potter character,Alan Rickman played well as Snape.

10 Viktor Krum's Wand

Unorthodox wand with dragon blood. Olivander wasn't keen on it, still it did it's purpose brilliantly!

It looks kinda like an awesome cane.

The bird head on the end looks great!

The Contenders
11 Bellatrix Lestrange's Wand

Who wants her wand?
That wand killed sirius

Awesome curve on the wand.

Unique. That's all I have to say.

She has an awesome wand that's why I bought her wand in Harry potter world

12 Minerva McGonagall's Wand

It is an amazing wand,
the detail, shows her strict no-nonsense sensibility.
The amber bead is exquisite and there is no other wand like it.

Professor mcgonagall is awesome! She even entered a duel with Lord Voldemort along with Horace Slughorn and Kingsley Shacklebolt!

She has the most beautiful wand ever! She even turns into a cat!

A really cool shaped wand at the handle part.

13 Remus Lupin's Wand

The wand is not only based on its quality its also based on its owner. If you are a strong wizard then your wand will perform to its best and if you are a weak wizard your wand will play up. Lupin is a strong, powerful wizard and its clear he has control of his magical abilities so that is why he has a good wand.

Remus has an amazing wand because at the time of the Battle Of Mysteries, Remus was the only wizard apart from Dumbledore and Harry not to get hurt. Think logically, if you are in the same status as the best wizards that ever lived then you must be good. In my opinion Remus Lupin has the best wand.

It's fairly simple but it's awesome and it's better than most. It's quite underrated and much better than most of them. If you compare it to say delores umbridges wand it is miles better because her wand is crap. Lupin is a great character and a very powerful wizard. That's all I've got to say so...


He is a good fighter and his wand helps him duel to his level best. He is an amazing wizard with an amazing wand

14 Neville Longbottom's Wand

Great wand. The low key hero of Hogwarts and in line to be the chosen one.

I just lovee Neville, I feel like he is such an underestimated character and I LOVE HIM!

Neville is awesome he has an amazing wand I love the spirals.

Love the licorice type curves.

15 Luna Lovegood's Wand

I think both of Luna lovegood's wands are great
spoiler! :poor Luna she was kidnaped from the ministry from Xenophillus writing The Quibbler when she did nothing and her first wand got stolen

Luna is a Ravenclaw. I think Luna include every personalities in every house. She is smart, brave, loyal, and she treat her friends very nice.

Sooo... Luna Lovegoods wand is the clear winner. I'm tired of #1 always be dumbledores or the elder wand. Not my favorite. Plus Harry's wand? Really? It's not that cool. But Luna's is great!

Luna Lovegoods wand is amazing it looks great feels great especially since Luna's such a good character it's just adds on. I rate this wand 1010

16 Professor Slughorn's Wand

My favorite wand very nice and kinda my type slightly bent and fancy-ish my favorite!

Name another wand that's even remotely similar. I'll wait.

A wand that is a slug and a horn. Do I have to say more?

Super cool. Bend nice festers best wand

17 Ginny Weasley's Wand

Ginny is by far my favourite character and this makes me want her wand! I love the intricacy and beauty of the cross like style as well as its sleek long physique.

I have this wand and I love the Handle design. I can stare at it for hours. It's so pretty! Ginny is the best character. And Luna.

Decorative, exquisite, and who ever said it's not very good probably doesn't know what it looks like.

Slick black wand with surprisingly intricate details.

18 Ron Weasley's Wand

It's so cool! I had just got it

He's the best character

I like his second wand!

19 Fleur Delacour's Wand

This wand deserves to be higher up. Not only does it have a stunningly intricate design, but it's wood type (rosewood) and core (Veela hair) greatly reflect the owner. Fleur is a very intricate character. She's feminine and powerful, and although she can be a bit vain, she cares deeply for those she loves. The fact that the core of her wand is a hair of her veela ancestor reflects the fact that family is the most important thing to her, which we see later when her sister is used in the challenge. While it has a beautiful design on the outside, just like her, there is the core of a creature with an unexpectedly powerful nature on the inside. There's more than there appears to be with this wand and this character.

She hasn't e most beautiful wand in all of Harry Potter, corresponding with her appearance. Please vote for her after looking up a picture!

I got this and it's so pretty! The handle is gorgeous and the leaf decoration is really nice!

I'm thinking about getting Fleur's wand because I just love the design of it.

20 Nymphadora Tonks's Wand

Tonk's wand is as unique as she is and I love that! The design is so cool and different than any other wands which makes it perfect for her!

It's well formed and it looks cool and funny!

This is my most favourite wand of them all!

21 Cedric Diggory's Wand

My favourite wand of all time! And character!

It is simple... And cool... Enough said

It's simple not powerful

22 Alastor Moody's Wand

It has an epic handle

It looks perfect

23 Death Eater Wand (Snake)

Beautiful shape, magnificent look... The Skull with The snake coming out of the mouth Is really nice. A lot of details, Nice colors and more making this wand One of the most Beautiful wand.

It has a really good grip on your hand. The Stallion's head wraps around your pinky and the rest of your hand goes on the handle. Basically it's very comphortable.

This and the skull wand

Snakes are cute

24 Fred Weasley's Wand

Amazing grip, perfect position to wrap your fingers around and put your thumb ; p

25 Newt Scamander's Wand

Perhaps the most unique wand we have heard about. And it looks sleek and beautiful.

It just describes him as a person so well and it's just so beautiful.

Simple and beautiful!

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