Top 10 Best Harry Potter Spells

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1 Expecto Patronum Summons a Patronus, a protective entity representing positive emotions, to ward off Dementors and Lethifolds.

As someone who suffers from severe clinical depression (the kind where you can't just "snap out of it"), the whole concept of EXPECTO PATRONUM and what it does really resonates with me.

Hearing how J. K. Rowling "envisioned" the Dementors as a physical embodiment of depression really made sense to me. Given my personal circumstances, having a way to literally banish the demons of depression is something that appeals to me.

I love this spell because I hate, hate, hate Dementors, and it is fun to see a silvery animal coming from the tip of your wand. If I could cast the spell, my Patronus would be a dolphin because I am playful, fun, intelligent, and kind like them. And I like thinking up happy memories, even if a dark person is in front of me. In my opinion, this is totally the best spell in the wizarding world.

2 Avada Kedavra A deadly curse that causes instant, painless death without leaving any physical marks.

For those commenting about Harry surviving this spell, I would like to point out that you are all wrong. Seeing as how you are never going to read this, my comment is geared towards those who will read it later. The first time Harry survived the curse was due to his mother. She performed an act of self-sacrifice by protecting her child instead of saving herself. This resulted in an ancient magic being bestowed upon Harry that initially protected him from the curse.

However, the magic eventually wears off, and the reason Harry can shield himself from the spell is because Voldemort and Harry's wands share the same core. They can harm but not kill each other.

3 Expelliarmus Disarms an opponent by knocking their wand out of their hand, commonly used in duels.

Most used, best used. Even if there are stronger spells, this one will always be put to good use. A wizard doesn't have to be amazing at duels to be able to use this. Let's not forget, this is the most common spell used in the series for dueling, and it is what defeats Voldemort. A simple spell maybe, but if the wizard can use this disarming charm in the correct way, it can do so much.

The Expelliarmus spell is super strong. It sort of killed Voldemort, and it is a very, very strong spell in duels. To disarm the other opponent, just use this spell, and you can cast anything you want on them! Like Crucio! To watch them writhe in pain on the floor. And it is surprising that Neville, a clumsy Longbottom, said it first. It's just a super duper awesome spell that everyone should use.

4 Accio Summons an object to the caster, making it fly into their hand.

Picture this:
You're sitting in front of the TV, watching Jeopardy.
Suddenly, the show stops. Is it golf that is playing now? It is golf.
Guess you'll just have to change the channel.
God, no! The control is too far away for you to reach it without getting up. If only you had a way to make it fly to you!
Oh yeah, duh! You're a wizard!
Accio control.

I'm too lazy to get the pizza off the table, so BOOM! Accio pizza! It's pronounced ah-SEE-oh, not a-KEE-oh, as I keep telling everyone.

I'm always losing things, and I really need this spell, or else our family will lose everything we have. Eventually.

5 Sectum Sempra Creates deep gashes on the target as if slashed by an invisible sword.

Who wouldn't want invisible swords to slice and give your opponent cuts! Sectum Sempra is a very powerful spell and even more dangerous than Avada Kedavra because it is more painful.

I love this spell, but in the bathroom scene, I was super mad because it almost killed Draco Malfoy. Harry walked away, and honestly, Draco didn't deserve that.

My two favorites are Expecto Patronum and this, but this just takes the cake. Who needs the Master Sword when you've got an invisible sword?

6 Wingardium Leviosa Levitates objects, allowing them to be moved through the air with wand movements.

I love Hermione's quote with Wingardium Leviosa on teaching Ron. It was rad and really showed Hermione's girl power. Also, it helped Ron later in the series. And if you are lazy, just say the spell, and whatever you want will come to you. I love this spell.

Good for lazy people who cannot be bothered to get up from the sofa and get stuff. Also, if you were trying to defeat a troll in the girls' toilets, you could make its club whack him on the head.

Because of Hermione, I can remember this spell. Hermione: It is Leviosa, not Leviosaa. This is the best spell because it makes things levitate. I would love to use it to learn how to do a back tuck.

7 Imperio Puts the victim under the caster's complete control, effectively reducing them to a puppet.

Really? Mind control? Also known as hypnosis. Cool! Wow, why didn't Harry use that on Snape? Or Voldemort? Then that would have been easier! Or why didn't Voldemort use it on Harry? WEIRD! Aren't evil people supposed to mind control everyone to manipulate them into doing everything? I just saw a comment so...

What spell is better? You can tell anyone to do anything. It's better than Muffliato because you could just control them to let you talk to your friends or something. You could tell them to kill themselves or something instead of Avada Kedavra! Anything is possible with Imperio!

8 Petrificus Totalus Completely immobilizes a person by binding their arms and legs to their body.

You can just stick out your awesome wand and say the words "Petrificus Totalus." How did J.K. Rowling make up all of these awesome spells! I just love the Harry Potter movies and books!

Best spell ever! All you need to do is whip out your wand, and you can freeze anything in your way!

Seriously, this spell is very overpowered. I've read the whole series, and this was the only one unblockable.

9 Stupefy Renders a target temporarily unconscious or stunned.

Best attacking spell that doesn't seriously hurt you. It knocks out your opponent! It's the best spell to use to capture criminals and in friendly duels at school.

It's an amazing spell that can protect you from almost anyone! I wish I could use it. It is also not very harmful and doesn't do much damage.

Stupefy should be first. By shooting it over and over at an opponent stronger than you, they either parry or lose.

10 Incendio Conjures flames, setting objects or areas on fire.

Late last night, while we were all in bed, old lady Leary grabbed your wand off its stand. In a psychotic rage, she winked her eye and said, "INCENDIO!"

Albus Dumbledore used it to destroy all the Inferi. It is probably the best spell if you are a strong wizard with a good wand.

Incendio sets things on fire. What more can you say? It's awesome.

The Contenders
11 Protego Creates a magical shield that deflects spells and blocks physical entities.

Okay, I am a big geek of the Harry Potter movie and book series, and this is my favorite spell. I am surprised it isn't on the list, didn't make the top ten, and isn't number one.

I am not sure, but it seems that this spell protected the school against wisps of Avada Kedavra, and it took a dark wizard army, all the Death Eaters, and Lord Voldemort himself to undo. Most likely, they weren't shooting Avada Kedavra at the school, but I don't know if this was just for the movie magic using the green, or if it truly represented that spell. But what I do know is that it took all of Voldemort's army and himself to bring down, which has to make it number one. I hope you guys agree. I love it.

12 Lumos Produces a beam of light from the wand's tip, acting as a flashlight.

I find Lumos to be the "unsung hero" of spells since it's so easy to learn but its utility is astounding.

Now I never have to get the flashlight out of the basement.

Never going to get lost in the dark. Nice spell.

13 Reducto Blasts solid objects into pieces, often used to break through barriers.

Ginny uses this spell the best, causing the biggest explosions from anyone in Dumbledore's army. I'd put this as number 6 in the list.

Blasts them to pieces and shreds them to flames - cool!

And on this bombshell, Ginny showed her real power!

14 Obliviate Erases specific memories from an individual's mind.

This is definitely one of the best spells. Come face to face with someone you've had a bad history with? Obliviate! Need to make sure no one holds something against you when you did something embarrassing? Obliviate! This is a useful, general, underrated spell which can be much more powerful and deadly than it seems.

What if you're in a situation where you meet someone you have a bad history with, and to defeat them, you need to erase their memory? Then you'd need to use this spell.

You can literally erase someone's memory. After taking two on the "please take 1" sign on Halloween? Obliviate. Bam, best spell!

15 Crucio Inflicts intense, unbearable pain on the victim without causing physical harm.

Crucio is all kinds of great. This spell is the second most powerful spell, and it is just so awesome because of all the power it has. This should be in first place, but if I had this ability, I would not use it on anyone, unless it was extremely necessary.

This should get the place instead of Avada Kedavra because if the spell is strong enough, it will kill the victim ultimately, or worse, drive them to insanity.

Define powerful. Every spell is "powerful" for what it is supposed to do. If you mean combat-wise, then yes, it is the second most powerful combat spell.

16 Lumos Maxima Produces an intense burst of light, significantly brighter than the standard Lumos spell.

That guy who is two posts below me is right. Harry uses this when he comes with Dumbledore to destroy the fake locket Horcrux.

17 Riddikulus Transforms a Boggart from a form that induces fear to something humorous.

It's just a weird spell, but I'm going to say this spell in front of every fear I've got. I shall say this word in front of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

Love it! But it doesn't make sense to me when the snake turns into a clown, because to me, that's equally freaky.

This one was hilarious. I'm not going to lie.

18 Aguamenti Creates a jet of water from the wand tip.

Another "unsung hero" spell, its utility is almost unmatched.

Water is so versatile: cooking, cleaning, hydration, gardening, home-defense. Having a ready-made source literally at your beck and call is a lifesaver.

You can never die of dehydration!

19 Levicorpus Dangles the victim upside down by their ankles, often used non-verbally.

Levicorpus is useful in almost any situation.

I love this spell. I wish I could use it.

20 Reparo Mends broken objects, restoring them to their original state.

Right up there with Lumos and Aguamenti, this is such a versatile spell.

Being able to fix just about anything with a flick of the wrist... The only downside is it would put several jobs out of business.

I simply LOVE this spell. I never realized how beautiful it was until I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The scene in which they repair the city is just BEAUTIFUL.

I would point my wand at Voldemort's practically nonexistent nose and say, "Reparo."

21 Alohomora Unlocks doors and windows, bypassing most magical locks.

Alohomora is a great spell that unlocks doors. With a simple charm, you can unlock doors. It helped them get through and stop Voldemort the second time they used it.

Just a note from the Ministry of Magic: "This spell has its boundaries. Doors and locks can be enchanted against this spell."

Alohomora is always the spell that I remember best.

22 Piertotum Locomotor Animates statues and suits of armor to obey the caster's commands.

Used by Professor McGonagall in the last Harry Potter movie to protect Hogwarts. Watching this always gives me goosebumps.

I just love how excited Professor McGonagall got when she used that spell!

I loved the way Professor McGonagall giggled when she used this.

23 Muffliato Fills the ears of anyone nearby with an unidentifiable buzzing to prevent eavesdropping.

I would use this in class to talk to my friends without getting in trouble with the teacher. Very useful.

24 Deletrius Erases the aftereffects or evidence of a spell, commonly used to remove Prior Incantato effects.

The incantation Deletrius can disintegrate or remove certain things.

25 Fiendfyre Conjures magical, destructive fire that can take on animal shapes and is difficult to control.

This is my favorite spell. How is it so low? I mean, you create a fire dragon. How is that not the coolest thing ever?

Best spell ever. You can change the cursed fire into anything!

Obviously the best. Spirit fire that burns everything in your path. RIP Crabbe, though...

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