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1 Riverclan

Riverclan fish! Riverclan swim! Riverclan warriors use the water to win! Do I seriously have to say we are the best clan? It's SO obvious we are!

Can you hear the river? In it's flowing current you can what makes us the greatest clan in the forest. Nothing can stand against the force of water, just as nothing can defeat the Riverclan warriors when we rise up together. But when trouble comes, Riverclan knows how to weave through the dangers, adapting to the changed world, just as the river flows around rocks and over waterfalls. We are grace. We are power. We are Riverclan!
- Leopardstar

RiverClan fish! RiverClan swim! RiverClan warrior's use the water to win! One of the most underrated clans I must say! The only tip I have for this clan is get rid of Reedwhisker, he's literally just there.-Fallen from before StarClan

Riverclan is my favorite clan, I just wish they had more of a role in the books. Instead, they are just side characters when they are the most unique and amazing clan of them all.

I think this clan is interesting because of its relationship with star clan. Moth wing the med cat for a long time, and she was a atheist. I hope this will be explored more in the new series, along with river clan life and how it's different from the other clans

2 Thunderclan

Hi! This is Skyspirit of ThunderClan! I just have to say, ThunderClan is such an awesome Clan. Yes, I know, it is weird that it seems like StarClan is only for ThunderClan. But, they get cool prophecies! Like "Fire alone will save our Clan" and "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws" I really like the Power of Three prophecy. They also have "Four must become two, Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest" plus "The end of the stars draws near, three must become four and battle the darkness that lasts forever" and "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red" Okay. I'm not even sure if some of them are from ThunderClan, I just got them off a website because I've only read Into the Wild and Fire and Ice!

I think people tend to be biassed toward Thunderclan because we always have at least one protagonist in that clan. But I have not fallen short of the bias too. My favorite cat (Firestar) and my favorite villain (Ashfur) were both Thunderclan cats, but I do wish next series we have some new points of view. Tribe of Rushing Water, for example?

How many times has thunder clan saved all the others? Firestar saved the forest from Tigerstar, then Brambleclaw led the other cats to the sun drown place. Maybe give the other clans a turn, river clan never has any page time, just let them have a chance, ok?

OMG MY 2ND FAVOURITE CLAN! Not only is ThunderClan the only Clan (Next to ShadowClan) that gets a perspective in the main arc's, they're also the most welly developed! Lots of my favourite cats (Briarlight, Ivypool, Alderpaw, Jayfeather, Sandstorm etc.) Are in ThunderClan and it's just an all around amazing Clan! I love ThunderClan so much!

3 Windclan

WindClan, in my opinion, is by far the most underrated Clan. For starters, there's ThunderClan- I don't hate ThunderClan; I'd actually be fine with them if it weren't for the fact that StarClan was biased and gave the all the prophecies. WindClan is really the one closest to StarClan- they had the first medicine cat, Windstar was the first to receive her 9 lives, they sleep under the stars, and they're closest to the Moon Pool and the Moon Stone. And, under the rule of Heatherstar and before that, they fearlessly tunneled and figured out ways to shape the earth, estimate if a cave-in was about to happen, tell exactly where they were in relation to the territory above them, catch rabbits even when underground. I mean, literally all the other Clans didn't even think about doing such things. And they're still obviously the fastest of the Clans; after all, they need to be, to survive on territory that I believe is the hardest to live on. They could outpace all the other Clans, often not ...more

I have tried out every clan in the series and I finally decided to rest and win clan. Wind clan is the noblest of all the clans. Thunder clan is meant to be the heroes of the story but I think they're too nosy to bossy and altogether not the best clan. River clan had potential to be a good clan but the clan itself has a lot of problems that make them on liked by many people including me. Shadow clan is a nice clown in the current day books but they have a dark past and they always stick to the shadows. I mean what is up with that. Sky clown is a fine clan but we don't know enough about them to really feel a close bond or loyalty. There's just too much of a new clan. They're not also really after an element like the other clans are. That brings us back to win clan. Wind clan is resilient and always bounces back, they've been in the series since it started and they haven't been wiped out. The other clans may think windclan as weak but they are clearly the strongest clan and my ...more

I am windclan. I might be skyclan but I haven't read up to skyclan so. But windclan is underrated and I have to admit thunderclan is kinda too . . . I don't know what word I should use. I wouldn't say overrated but uh too perfect? Or favored? Because I mean the three were all thunderclan (I was disappointed) and yeah. But that doesn't mean I don't like thunderclan because my two favorite cats are in thunderclan (cinderpelt and Ivypool FYI) but I also really like tallstar and onewhisker (not onestar).

WindClan is my favorite clan! I hate how it is ignored by a lot of the fans. I think that most WindClan haters haven't even looked up how a moor looks, because they look beautiful. Also, the WindClan cats sleep under the stars, and are very close to StarClan. How cool is that? WindClan for the win!

4 Shadowclan

Shadowclan isn't my favorite clan, but they don't get enough credit. I hate how they are known as evil. When getting a Shadowclan cat's point of view, they aren't evil whatsoever! I just wish it wasn't always about thunderclan, so that we could actually see Shadowclan at its best.

I am a ShadowClan cat at heart. I am disappointed that they are commonly viewed as the bad guys, it is not their fault some pretty horrible cats just so happened to be in ShadowClan. Also,(spoilers) in the dawn of the clans series, Tall shadow is a very nice cat, as well as all the others. She also took over as leader of the settlers when shaded moss died. SO THERE

I am a Shadowclan warrior at heart. I love the fact that they are secretive and elusive, yet still, formidable warriors who you do not want to cross. However, I hate how almost always they are portrayed as bad and evil, like Slytherin in Harry Potter. But like Harry Potter made Malfoy good, they are trying to have a more positive representation of Shadowclan.

I do admit, ShadowClan is my second favorite clan behind WindClan, but they are very close behind! They are so cool, living in the shadows and using their mysterious nature to scare the other clans. Their first territory was cool (imagine a shadowy, misty, bog…) as well as their second (a tall, foggy, eerie pine forest). So, what's not to like?

5 Skyclan

I hate how everyone just forgot about Skyclan… I think they are a great clan, and I love the cats in Skyclan. You don't know much about them until A Vision of Shadows, but once you do get to know them, they're pretty cool.

SkyClan has always been my favourite Clan. I hate ThunderClan because the entire series revolves around them. Also, they don't make sense. They're described as 'the most loyal, brave, strong, and fierce Clan' even though the reason Firestar originally joined them was because they were too weak. Also, the other Clans look down on them because they're apparently weak and soft because they always let cats from the other Clans in, and they're absolutely right. It doesn't make sense how they're portrayed as the Gryffindors of Warrior Cats when they're described as weak by the other Clans. I don't HATE ShadowClan. I just don't like how everyone thinks they're evil (even though the book portrays them to be the bad guys). I don't hate them. I just don't like them. Also, I hate Blackstar. I actually do like RiverClan, but again, I don't like how they're portrayed. It's stupid how everyone thinks they're the soft Clan (even though it's really ThunderClan, sorry). WindClan's okay. I don't mind ...more

SkyClan is the best! Many others don't really know many about SkyClan I was confused when I found about SkyClan first. SkyClan is OBVIOUSLY the best Clan, SkyClan is the best! My favourite cat is Violetshine.

SkyClan will always be my favorite Clan. You can call them weak because they were driven out of their territory, but the other Clans were too, some generations later. They were killed off by the rats, sure, but they were tired and hungry from their journey. Could the other Clans really have survived it alone? No. I love them for their loyalty, their survival, their unwillingness to be truly defeated and killed, even if they have to become loners. I love them because of Skywatcher, all those cats passing on their memories, their Clan, their loyalty to StarClan, to him in the hope a remnant of SkyClan could survive and someday rekindle the fire. SkyClan climbs trees a lot and hunts in them, like me. I love SkyClan. In my opinion Clear Sky was the bravest cat who followed the Sun Trail. If you don't like SkyClan and you like Spottedleaf, or Redtail, just so you know that's impossible Spottedleaf is a descendant of SkyClan. I think she might be Spottedpelt Cloudstar's daughter ...more

6 Bloodclan

Okie. So this is probably mi favorite clan. I mean, it is ruled by a cat who used to be name TINY! And it is called BLOOD CLAN! That is just so ironic! I mean, a teeny final boss of Blodd Clan who killed the one cat who killed so many.


Well...I really felt bad of the way scourge has been treated back then when he was a "kittypet", (Tiny) Socks and Ruby are the main cats that treated Tiny like dirt, and they are also basically the ones that made Tiny became Scourge. There is also another reason of how he became Scourge, it was because of what Ruby had said to Tiny, "unwanted kittens get thrown in the river." You see...Tiny then ran away from his home and off into the forest where the "forest cats" are. And...that is when he met Tigerstar...Yep, Tigerstar is the one that ripped the bell off of Tiny's collar. Ya know...In the end, I really felt like Tigerstar deserved to die. SORRY FOR A FEW SPOILERS PEEPLES

Evil cats! They are killing too much cats..BloodClan cats are:
And Calm also
So this is BloodClan! Like Scourge was Brave,Strong and Calm!

AS the leader of Blood clan you may address me as scourge or tiny as they used to call me. Bloodclan will take its glory into HISTORY!
Join me in My clan or die
From Scourge

7 Starclan

StarClan is one of the most hated clans because of the prophecies and stuff, but I actually like them because of their aura of mystery. They're fun! Also, it if comforting to know that if your favorite character dies they are happy in StarClan.

I HATE them! They are actually pretty lazy. Since they get into cats dreams all the time, can't they just stop being lazy and instead of prophecy's can't they just tell cats what's happening or what's going to happen? Couldn't they just say Darktail is on the loose and there is a fifth clan? The clans could had just sent a patrol or something to bring back Skyclan. And kill Darktail and his weak rogues? MANY Shadowclan cats got killed because of it. Including Dawnpelt, she was awesome! But no... just "Embrace what yo find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky." Bru.

Star clan YES! Star clan is where all the good elders, kits, warriors, leaders and literally all the good cats in the clans go to. They watch over the cats (almost typed people there) they love. Then they also give the clan prophecies (which most of them are confusing and don't make sense), but overall Starclan is a great clan and I like it!
~ Bloodmoon

Amazing, where else would all the dead cats go? They send sort of gibberish propechies but tye fact that they can control cat's destinies is amazing!

8 Tribe of Rushing Water

I would honestly rather live in the tribe than a clan. The mountains seem so beautiful, plus you wouldn't have to deal with all of the drama with the other clans.

I hate them! They think there SO cool. There not! I don't even know why the clans befriended them even if they held them as prisoners. There soft! I mean, same with the Sisters, they wounded Leafstar but STILL befriended them. She's old, and in her years, Starclan knows how much lifes she has left. They need Villians! Not friends. What is the whole series without Villians? And, bru, seriesly? 9 life's? That should ONLY be for clan leaders! And Feathertail, poor Feathertail. When she died, enstead of being sad, they CHEERED, seriesly! Poor Crowfeather! And they also burrier her there, not with Starclan, but with The Tribe of Endless Hunting.

I hare them! Tribe of Rushing Water is the worst because in my opinion is because the science behind their hunting skills 1. I don't like them at all, is this the modern or the ancient one,.

The tribe of rushing water sounds like they have a peaceful home a beautiful one as well. With cats that have beautiful names. The tribe of rushing water just gives you that mystical feeling that you have been touched by aicient Magic, just learn poetry write a poem about the tribe of rushing water and you have fallen in love with the most sacred beings

9 Amberclan

Cats know what amber is because it's an eye color!

10 Adderclan

Imma in that clan, so that is why it is awesome.
This clan is a bit like shadowclan, they live in a dark kind of swampy area.
They eat, adders, snakes, vipers, rats, big birds, mice, big insects. Sometimes catfish that live in the swampy area by the side of there territory are a great meal too.

Leader: Daggedstar
Deputy: Bloodfang

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11 Catclan

Wow! Sure! Who makes these up? And why isn't there a horseClan? I mean seriously, I'll let you have the tribe of rushing water and I guess, at a stretch bloodclan, but catclan? Seriously get a hobby!

I once had a clan called CatClan. It is dead now

Yeah, most clans have Cats. What's your point?

12 TigerClan

This clan has two different ones of them. #1. The ancient TigerClan, who lived with LeopardClan and LionClan. #2. The name Tigerstar picked for the RiverClan + ShadowClan merge

Why are you guys acting like this is a fake clan? TigerClan is the clan Tigerstar made up! Did you read The Dangerous Path and The Darkest Hour?!

TigerClan Is awesome why wouldn't it be?

This is just a filler

13 The Ancients

Well, I love how they introduced a new cast to explain the tunnels and the tribe! I also love how they make name choices (don't criticize). Also, most of my favorite characters are there (Half moon, Jay's wing, Fallen leaves). I'm a huge history fan so I guess it was interesting to see the tribes history (that's why I love dawn of the clans).

Moon: sigh* if only I could remind the Tribe, and the Clans of the Ancients. In fact I used to walk among them thousands of moons ago, as Half Moon.

The ancients may not be a clan and only come later in the book but it it still a good "clan" and they may became the Tribe of Rushing Water but still.

Moon: Well, they are awesome. The Ancients may not be a Clan and only come later in the book but it still a good.

14 AppleClan
15 Darkclan

There are Dark Cats and their bad Personality!..I think like:
And cats who are spying their Clan.

I loved that Heathertail and Lionblaze made up their own clan! It was so Funny!

Heathertail and Lionblaze! Woo hoo! Ship them 100%

Best clan ever

16 MoonClan

"MoonClan is an awesome Clan! " Shadowsky and I simultaneously meowed. "It's our home. Let's go on a tour!
"So, here's Moonpool. Over that way-" we pointed to the south-east - "is Moonstone."
"Here's our camp. Cindertail's den is right here, while the next den over is the Elder den. It's been empty since Cloudstorm died. The next den over is the Apprentice den. Then, there's the Warrior den. Beside that is the Highrock."
"Then, there's my den," I purred. "Smells like orchids, right? That's because there's a small patch of them growing in the corner. They're all blue like our eyes." Shadowsky and I showed off our cyan eyes as we moved over to the next den.
"That's my den," Shadowsky growled, "and you're not allowed in."
"That's because it's where he keeps his spare dog fangs, in case any fall out or break."
"You know Scourge? I got the idea from him."
"Lastly, if you follow me in here-"
"And not me," Shadowsky hissed.
"There is the nursery. He won't come in ...more

Huh? I made up a Clan called StreamClan. MoonClan sounds awesome.

Hunters of the night, clever and strong. I made this clan up, it's next to other made up clans:
StreamClan and

I've never herd of the moonclan.

17 LionClan

To be honest, the 6th book in the prophecy begins has to be the best. the biggest fight happened, causing the evil Tigerstar to lose all his 9 lives. Nobody likes Tigerstar still, right?

Cats looking like Lions.
Some names for those cats are here:
LionClan cats are big,strong,fluffy cats..

This is one of the best because in the 6th book, Windclan and Thunderclan unite to Lionclan and they win the battle

I just like this clan

18 CloudClan

I am using this in my (probably) short story. This is like SkyClan, they mainly hunt birds, and they spend their time hunting and napping in the dense trees. They are peaceful and mysterious, they evolved from JaguarClan. Their camp is in a very big tree, their dens are in hollows here and there, but the nursery is the only one on the ground, it is a roomy but secluded hollow in the roots of their camp in an old oak tree. They don't exactly have camp walls, but most of the oak camp is covered in ivy and lichen which hides their dens. The fresh-kill pile is in a bowl-shaped fork of two branches high up.

Leader: Dawn star
Deputy: Silver tone
M.C: Star shine
Warriors: Dark Sky, Blue Frost, Moon blaze, Glimmer pelt, Shadow tail, Cloud tuft, Dew pounce, Shimmer wing, Light spring, Bright dapple, Horizon claw, Sparkle fur, Violet shade, Shade flower, Gleam strike, White ear, Clear dapple, Sunny stripe, Shiver blaze, Shudder tuft
Apprentices: Shade paw(Violet shade), Ebony paw(Bright dapple)
Queens: Twinkle whisker, mother of Stark kit, Feather kit, and Fluffy kit, Slate stream, no kits yet
Elders: Shadow spot, Ash leap

19 Snowclan

Heartsong: is this a different Snowflake, or has someone finally remembered we existed? When Nova, Shadowedfeather, and Peachflight destroyed our Clan, I thought the other Clans didn't care. But I guess someone does!
Dreampaw: sorry mom but this is a different Snowclan... I think
Heattsong: oh...

Whats with these weird names, like seriously, pelt star (was his/her name pelt pelt, because pelt is only used as a suffix for names), white warrior (racist) and dimond spirit? whats next, avocado cloud, turnip toes?

"Oh, hi," Winterstar purred in an innocent tone. "Did you get lost? Well, take a tour of SnowClan first."
*cricket noises*
"That's because EchoClan took over."

It is a clan in the north mountains with kind, strong, loyal, and clever cats. They have whte pelts to blend in to hunt snow shoe hares.

Leader: PeltStar
Deputy: WhiteWarrior
Med: Dimond spirt

20 Frostclan

Why is it so cold?!

21 Fireclan

I have this clan. But they went extinct. (sad music plays...) Their last leader was Flamestar, and she was left as the last FireClan cat.

I have never heard of that.

I have no clue what this is...

This clan does not exist.

22 Fatclan

I really like fatclan because all of the cats are fat and very well fed. They barely even have to go hunting, their stomaches are so big!

They hunt Nyan Cats (ya I know it's dead sorry I still love it) and instead of miss for bedding they use SKSKSKSKSKSKrunchies!

Raise your paw if you're in this clan! *Every cat raises their paw because they're fat*

After seeing this, I have made a new oc. Her name is Oofscreech, warrior of FatClan. She has a mate named Bigbutt and no kits.

23 Doomclan
24 ClanClan

Best clan so far. Should've been #1.

The one and true clan

25 LeopardClan

LeopardClan is a sneaky clan, and they compete against TigerClan and LionClan. I'm pretty sure they look innocent, but under the spots they can hold their own in a fight.

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