Top 10 Best Warrior Cat Clans

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1 RiverClan

Peaceful, uniquely strong because swimming is a great workout for all your muscles. Large variety of prey because of the different options on water and dry land, clean and silky coats from swimming, smart to reinforce their dens to float during floods. Crookedstar was a very brave leader to turn away from mapleshade when he realized he was being deceived. Not many cats would defy a Dark Forest cat, they would be too scared of the repercussions.

RiverClan are the only cats in warriors that aren't scared of water! They are unusual and the way they collect shells and stuff to put in their dens is really cool.

RiverClan cats are not scared of water. It's very unique and cool. I also like Mistystar and Leopardstar. They have a lot of wise leaders like Crookedstar.

RiverClan fish! RiverClan swim! RiverClan use water to win! Seriously, RiverClan is the best. They are not scared of water like the others, they are proud of their Clan, which they have lots of good reasons for, they are clever, graceful, and loyal. True, the other Clans are also good, but nothing can beat the awesomeness of RiverClan! Their water combat moves are great and well thought over, and they have the most unique- and in my opinion best- talent of all the Clans. They have a great territory, especially at the lake. The river is missing there, but they have a lake and streams, and more lush trees. RiverClan adapted to fishing in the lake, and as long as the Clans stand, RiverClan will be the best!

2 ThunderClan

Thunderclan is literally the best Clan. I love most of the mates inside ThunderClan, but most of all, I think ThunderClan is the most important Clan in the lake/forest. They basically have all the best characters. Don't know why the other Clans call them 'getting into other cats' businesses. They were trying to help!

Hi! This is Skyspirit of ThunderClan! I just have to say, ThunderClan is such an awesome Clan. Yes, I know, it is weird that it seems like StarClan is only for ThunderClan. But, they get cool prophecies! Like "Fire alone will save our Clan" and "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws" I really like the Power of Three prophecy. They also have "Four must become two, Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest" plus "The end of the stars draws near, three must become four and battle the darkness that lasts forever" and "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red" Okay. I'm not even sure if some of them are from ThunderClan, I just got them off a website because I've only read Into the Wild and Fire and Ice!

ThunderClan needs to be higher! With all due respect, I love RiverClan. They're cool. But the only reason people like them is because they swim! And are "pretty" I respect that, no hate. But ThunderClan should be FIRST! I just love how kind they are. They always care about the other Clans, and anyone who comes there way. They let in kittypets, and rouges. No other Clan would do that. Maybe an exception of like RiverClan or something, but ThunderClan definitely would. They are always the peaceful ones, trying not to start unnecessary wars (apart from a few exceptions) They are brave, loyal, kind, generous, brave, excepting, and tough. And of course they have all the main characters! ThunderClan rocks

Alright, I'm going to take a calmer approach to show you that ThunderClan is the worst clan, first they are perfect, everyone likes them (even though they are stupid) they are overrated, and even DoveWing who had moved from ThunderClan to ShadowClan says that ThunderClan is getting in other clans business. That's the only thing I like about DoveWing, and she is right, and doesn't anyone want another point of view, other then ThunderClan? I have many more reasons but those will be all I will be including.

3 ShadowClan

I know Erin Hunter tries to get us to hate them, but they have so many good characters! I have entire lists, and over 75% of them are in ShadowClan. They also have the best hunting & fighting tactics, and have maintained their position as the most feared clan through all their suffering.

A lot of people hat Shadowclan, but they're great at being hidden and are awesome at night hunting if you don't like Shadowclan you're a mouse-brained fool!

ShadowClan is my favorite Clan because they seem mean, but on the inside they are really nice. They get protective and challenge cats for battle, they became rogues because Sol made them believe StarClan was abandoning them, Darktail separated them, all that stuff, sure. But the other Clans make mistakes as well, so is it fair to hate a clan for the mistakes? If you want to do that, read Dawn of the Clans or something haha.

I like ShadowClan, and I don't like how they're always portrayed as just evil. I mean, they just seem, like, from the beginning, when I first started reading Warriors, I instantly knew: ShadowClan are the "evil" ones. We should see more good or normal ShadowClan. The symbol is very shadowy and stuff, and we never get a break from "SC is so evil and stuff."
And is this just me, or does SC almost completely lack female leaders?
( I hope the next leader is Cloverfoot. I was rooting for Russetfur, though.)

4 WindClan

I like how WindClan cats run very fast. It's like they're leopards or something. I like how they just zoom around on the moor freely.

WindClan is unique. RiverClan may be able to swim, but so can the other Clans, just not as well. I never took interest in ShadowClan. ThunderClan is okay, but flawed. I have mixed feelings about SkyClan. They are interesting, but WindClan needs more love.
They are closer to StarClan than any other Clan! They had the first Medicine Cat, Windstar was first leader to receive her nine lives, they sleep under the stars rather than in dens, they are closest to the Moonpool / stone, and they have always had faith in StarClan.
They have their own unique hunting skills, they're fast, they're closest to the stars, what more could you want. Here, I'll give you more! They organized their Clan into tunnelers and moor-runners during and before Heatherstar's reign, to catch more prey during Leaf-bare. I would never have thought of hunting in rabbit burrows and digging tunnels to the gorge for fresh water. They were determined and persistent. They kept digging after multiple cave-ins and ...more

Can't really say much about this Clan 5th fave, but love the way that they live on the moor could imagine running forever. Crowfeather is kinda good? Breezepelt is kinda bad but also good? Grey Wing and Moth Wing are awesome.

-Dawnfeather of SkyClan

Windclan may be considered more mild and less involved than Shadowclan and Thunderclan, but that's not exactly a bad thing, if you think about it. The thing is, if you're less aggressive, and have more of a degree of empathy and helpfulness, you'll be more respected by other clans. This means that the other clans are less likely to attack them. Think about it. How many times has Thunderclan warred against Windclan? Not much at all. As for Shadowclan, the ratio of attacks on Thunderclan far outweigh the ratio of attacks on Windclan.

As for another reason Windclan is the best, they have good living conditions. The woods may be beautiful, and filled with an abundance of foods and scents, and the river and the willows may be amazing, but it would feel much better to have a cool spring breeze blowing against you peacefully while you sprint than to be treading on pointy pine needles and tripping over sticks.

One last reason Windclan is the best is because they're the most ...more

5 SkyClan

I took a test and got SkyClan, and I love the way they DON'T like conflict and I don't like like ThunderClan, RiverClan is OKAY, but that's because of the characters. I mean, SKYCLAN SHOULD DEFINITELY BE FRIST! And their past shows their tough, and definitely should be the best. And Shadow is second to me, their past is so dark but they have really good characters, but I hate BrokenStar and TigerStar. WindClan is good, fast, loyal, but skinny. And ThunderClan is the worst. Why? The whole series is like about the characters, which is just wicked. So, that's why I vote for it. Thanks for reading, really appreciate it.

SkyClan cats are mostly peaceful, unlike the other clans who fight ALL the time! I mean, come on guys, you can do better than that! Soo yeah, SkyClan are the BEST clan.

I honestly love Violetshine with Tree, and LEAFSTAR. Like Leafstar is my favorite of all of the SkyClan cats. Plus, a ThunderClan leader, Firestar, risked his life to get SkyClan by the lake! How cool is that?

I love Leafstar! And by the way, the only part I hate about ThunderClan is why they technically chased the second-best Clan out.

6 StarClan

Why is StarClan lower than BloodClan? Really what is wrong with people nowadays. StarClan is actually a good Clan but why is it worse than BloodClan on this list? BloodClan is literally just a bunch of dumbos. StarClan has powers and makes cool prophecies. So it should be better than BloodClan right? They are wise and will make cool prophecies, and then you can follow along in trying to crack the prophecies. StarClan should be number four. It's made of like the most legendary cats from all the Clans. They are kind and wise please vote for StarClan because they are better than BloodClan. Just vote for StarClan. It is the best!

StarClan is ok but it isn't really a Clan because it doesn't have a leader or deputy, but it has lots of dead ones. Its just kinda weird.

I HATE them! They are actually pretty lazy. Since they get into cats dreams all the time, can't they just stop being lazy and instead of prophecy's can't they just tell cats what's happening or what's going to happen? Couldn't they just say Darktail is on the loose and there is a fifth clan? The clans could had just sent a patrol or something to bring back Skyclan. And kill Darktail and his weak rogues? MANY Shadowclan cats got killed because of it. Including Dawnpelt, she was awesome! But no... just "Embrace what yo find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky." Bru.

Cryptic prophecy givers that lack the ability and will to actually do something, not that they can, because cat logic.
Also, they're dead cats.


7 BloodClan

Well...I really felt bad of the way scourge has been treated back then when he was a "kittypet", (Tiny) Socks and Ruby are the main cats that treated Tiny like dirt, and they are also basically the ones that made Tiny became Scourge. There is also another reason of how he became Scourge, it was because of what Ruby had said to Tiny, "unwanted kittens get thrown in the river." You see...Tiny then ran away from his home and off into the forest where the "forest cats" are. And...that is when he met Tigerstar...Yep, Tigerstar is the one that ripped the bell off of Tiny's collar. Ya know...In the end, I really felt like Tigerstar deserved to die. SORRY FOR A FEW SPOILERS PEEPLES

I love Scourge and this is his clan! If you exactly call it a clan since it doesn't run like one but awesome!

AS the leader of Blood clan you may address me as scourge or tiny as they used to call me. Bloodclan will take its glory into HISTORY!
Join me in My clan or die
From Scourge

BloodClan is really awesome. I think Blood star should have made her Clan stay.

8 LionClan
9 WarriorClan

WarriorClan is soo cute! Monkeystar's name is just soo cute as well! They are the best clan everyone vote WarriorClan!

10 TigerClan

I swear Tigerclan is the best clan. It 100% should've stayed, and honestly, I don't think Tigerstar nor Leopardstar should've died.

Wait back it up, I never got to the part in the book where leopard'star died so how did she die?

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11 LeopardClan
12 Rogues

I LOVE rouges because they are outside the clans. I don't know why, but I like half clan cats and loners/kittypets more than cats with pure clan blood.

Rogues are so sad, considering that they can only be a rogue if they were exiled or had no choice but to leave their clan. They deserved better!

13 Place of No Stars (Dark Forest)

The Dark Forest is soo COOL! It is were all the dead evil cats go to plot revenge on the living! The Great Battle was also amazing!

The Dark Forest is pretty cool considering evil dead cat go there when they die. I met a Dark Forest cat in the book of "The Place Of No Stars". His name was Snowtuft, and he helped Shadowsight (a med cat tom from ShadowClan).

Honestly, I don't think the Dark Forest should even exist. If you're evil, just go to StarClan. I also think that StarClan should just be the place where dead cats go. Not the good place, just A place.

Cats who getting Ravage on a good cat who left you or hated you! And you killed him/her. Like Mapleshade did to Frecklewish, Ravenwing and Appledusk her Former mate. Cats who are evil...Evil cats go to Dark forest.

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