Top 10 Worst Things Ron Weasley Did in the Harry Potter Books and Films

Ron Weasley, the redheaded jokester of the Harry Potter series, is a character fans love... and love to hate. While he's undoubtedly Harry's loyal sidekick and a vital member of the Golden Trio, Ron isn't without his flaws. In fact, he's responsible for some pretty cringeworthy moments throughout the books and films.

From abandoning his friends in their darkest hour to petty jealousy and impulsive decisions, Ron has a knack for messing things up. But were his actions simply misguided, or did they cross a line?
The Top Ten
1 Abandoned his friends Harry and Hermione when they were hunting for Horcruxes

This is a lot more heartbreaking than you realize, considering the three were on the run. Ron abandoned them, probably due to the effect of the Horcrux and some jealousy of Harry and Hermione being near each other all the time. Sure, he came back and destroyed the locket, but still...

2 Became jealous of Harry being selected as a Triwizard champion

Harry directly stated he didn't put his name into the goblet, so why was Ron so pissed all the time? Harry's reputation was really bad during this book, especially since Ron hated him until the moment he did well in the first Triwizard task.

Yeah, this was frustrating. He was my favorite member of the Golden Trio, but this was a bit of a breaking moment. However, it was somewhat understandable from one point of view.

Some friend Ronald Weasley is.

3 Stole his father's flying Ford Anglia to go to Hogwarts

He and Harry were very lucky not to have been expelled that year, given all the circumstances that were involved. This gave his father Arthur an inquiry. Oh yeah, speaking of which...

4 Broke his first wand while trying to control the car

His first wand ended up getting broken as he tried to control the uncontrollable Ford Anglia. Thanks to it, he faced mischief for much of his second year. Although the wand did manage to save both him and Harry when Gilderoy Lockhart attempted a memory charm, which backfired on him instead.

5 Had a relationship with Lavender Brown

What even was this? He did it only to make Hermione jealous. But then again, he should have been completely honest. It was definitely not the Ron we know and love.

6 Fought with Hermione for being with Viktor Krum at the Yule Ball

One of the most painful couples to read about interacting at the Yule Ball was Ron and Padma. Ron had only really taken her as a last resort. She just agreed to go to the Yule Ball with him after being encouraged to do so.

However, neither of them was that interested in each other. Ron spent the entire time moping around and being jealous of the fact that Hermione didn't go to the Yule Ball with him. Padma definitely deserved a better date than this.

Ron definitely had a load of teenage angst and jealousy in the franchise.

7 Didn't bother to dance with Padma Patil at the Yule Ball

Same as with Harry and Parvati, Ron didn't really bother with his date. In his case, he was much worse, of course, getting into a fight with Hermione. At least Harry didn't have one with Cho.

8 Made Hermione cry in their first year
9 Let Draco Malfoy's insults get to him

Compared to Harry and Hermione, Malfoy's little bullying taunts and smart-aleck insults got to Ron more than they did to Harry or Hermione.

10 Blamed Hermione's cat for attacking Scabbers
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