Top 10 Worst Things Harry Potter Did in the Harry Potter Books and Films

First Albus Dumbledore, then Severus Snape, now Harry Potter himself. We all choose to ignore some bad things the heroes end up doing, do we? Or the ones where they could have done so much more.
The Top Ten
1 Used the Sectumsempra curse on Draco Malfoy without knowing what it did

I think that speaks for itself. Harry finds a spell in the HBP's book, is curious about what it does, and nearly kills Draco in a duel.

2 Wished Albus Potter wasn't his son

The Cursed Child is a very unorthodox play centered around Harry's middle child, Albus Potter. Throughout the play, the father and son fight too often, and at one point, Harry wished that Albus wasn't his son. Isn't that too much?

Was Harry Potter really prepared to be a father?

3 Performed underage magic to torment the Dursleys

He's not entirely aware of it in a few cases, he just does it out of anger or spite. Like in the zoo with Dudley and the vanishing glass, as well as Aunt Marge being inflated

4 Got led into a trap in the Department of Mysteries due to manipulated visions

This was because he had visions of Sirius Black in danger, although Sirius was fine. Except here he is led into a trap by Voldemort and as a result, Sirius comes to his defense. BUT this gets Sirius killed.

5 Used the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix Lestrange and Amycus Carrow

Attempted to use it on Bellatrix after she killed Sirius, and then he tried to use it again on Amycus Carrow in Deathly Hallows. Neither of them got him reprimanded.

6 Didn't take Snape's Occlumency lessons seriously
7 Got Dumbledore sacked because he named his army Dumbledore's Army

This list is SO unfair! Most of these things were accidents! And, technically, Ginny named it Dumbledore's Army. ALSO, Harry couldn't have done anything about it, Umbridge, Fudge, and a couple Aurors were there!

Honestly if he could have named it anything else he could have gotten away with it

8 Refused to dance with Parvati Patil during the Yule Ball

Harry ended up going to the Yule Ball with Parvati instead since Cho Chang's already going with Cedric. By all accounts, Parvati's a pretty, popular boarding schoolgirl, and these two could've (could have) at least had a nice time, but instead, Harry ended up being a really poor date who spent a good portion of the time moping about the fact that Cho didn't go to the Yule Ball with him. Which is a shame because they probably could've gotten along for one night at the very least, but Harry was being rather immature.

9 Failed to apprehend Wormtail when given the opportunity

In Prisoner of Azkaban, he along with Lupin and Sirius find Peter Pettigrew, the real culprit behind the murders of the Potters. He tells them the dementors should decide Pettigrew's fate. When the full moon arrives he doesn't manage to catch Wormtail, who transforms back into a rat while Harry was distracted by Lupin becoming a werewolf. This means Pettigrew goes to Voldemort and Sirius has to go into hiding.

10 Snuck into Hogsmeade without permission
The Contenders
11 Displayed prejudice against Slytherin house
12 Displayed arrogance
13 Displayed irrationality
14 Got involved in the events leading to Cedric Diggory's death

Cedric's death could have been avoided if Harry had just taken the Triwizard trophy for himself and not suggested they both grab onto, Cedric wouldn't;t have ended up at the cemetery and would not have been killed by Wormtail.

15 Acted like he owned the place
16 Showed favoritism towards Gryffindor house
17 Agreed with Ron to fly Mr. Weasley's car to Hogwarts instead of seeking an adult's help
18 Bought all the sweets from the Hogwarts Express trolley ("We'll take the lot")
19 Didn't think about his kids more in Cursed Child
20 Took his anger towards the Dursleys out on Ron and Hermione
21 Got mad at Hermione about the Fire-bolt
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