Top 10 Worst Things Albus Dumbledore Did in Harry Potter Books and Films

Is Albus Dumbledore a hero or a villain? It's a question that invites debate. While he is generally portrayed as a benevolent character, it's important to remember that Dumbledore's actions haven't always been virtuous.
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1 Orchestrated events to prepare Harry Potter for his fated confrontation with Voldemort

To quote Snape, "you've been raising him like a pig for slaughter". I think that speaks for itself. Dumbledore knew Harry was a Horcrux but didn't tell him about it at all. This sort of ties in with a number of items down the list too.

Basically, he turned Harry into a sacrificial lamb for the greater good.

2 Didn't close Hogwarts due to the Basilisk attacks in Chamber of Secrets

This, of course, takes place during the Chamber of Secrets. You would think with the students being petrified and the messages in blood that continue to occur, that he would take some actual action. Not really, he lets Harry and Ron do all the legwork and does not close the school down any sooner at all.

3 Awarded last-minute house points to Gryffindor in The Philosopher's Stone

Happens at the end of the Sorcerer's Stone. Slytherin had the most points, but then Albus swoops in, gives some motivational words regarding Hermione, Ron, Harry, and even Neville, and now Gryffindor wins. Is it because he favors Gryffindor, being one himself? Who knows. He just robbed Slytherin entirely just because of events. Speaking of which.

4 Placed the Sorcerer's Stone at Hogwarts

He should have known Voldemort wanted the stone.

5 Allowed Harry to participate in the Triwizard Tournament despite him being underage

Harry did not put his name in the Goblet of Fire, so when it said he was "chosen" as a champion, couldn't Dumbledore try some sort of rule that prevents Harry from competing? He knows just how dangerous it is.

To be fair, the rules clearly stated once they are chosen to compete they can't back out so there was pretty much nothing Dumbledore could have done about it.

6 Left Harry with the Dursleys despite their mistreatment of him

Who, in their right mind, would trust those who abuse and neglect to raise children?

This really doesn't need an explanation.

7 Withheld important information about the Horcruxes from Harry

Yet another one that speaks for itself. The hunt for Horcruxes is problematic after Dumbledore dies, since only one was found by then and then you have to wonder how to destroy them.

8 Avoided dueling with Gellert Grindelwald

If only he did it sooner. Because of his hesitation, other people who tried to duel with Grindelwald lost their lives doing so. Nice move, Dumbledore.

9 Ordered Harry and directed events from behind the scenes, making Harry feel like a pawn

Easily seen in Half-Blood Prince during their search for Horcruxes, telling Harry he must do everything exactly how he says by his orders and his orders alone. Harry really trusts him, doesn't he?

10 Authorized detention in the Forbidden Forest, which is potentially dangerous for students
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11 Despite being in the Order of the Phoenix, he didn't realize Sirius Black was innocent
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