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41 Snow
42 6th Grade Girls
43 Arnold's Hat
44 Field Trip
45 Weird Cousin

Arnold and Helga pretend to be dating to try and make Lila jealous. But they only succeed in making Arnie jealous. The irony!

This one's real funny, and at the same ting, disturbing.

46 Sid's Revenge
47 Sid the Vampire Slayer

This one is very interesting and dark. - Yorkshire2001

I like this one.

48 Best Friends
49 The Flood
50 Ghost Bride
51 Monkeyman!
52 Curly's Girl
53 Rhonda's Glasses
54 Rhonda Goes Broke
55 Curly Snaps

This episode was so funny! Curly went crazy! (Completely, I mean. He already was.)

56 Phoebe Cheats
57 Arnold's Thanksgiving
58 Helga and the Nanny

The darkest episode of the show EVER!, it's too bad that it has a bittersweet ending that Helga can't do anything about her fatal actions and she has learned a valuable lesson of getting one person close to her get fired.

59 Phoebe's Little Problem

I like the jokes everyone was telling. I laughed my head off at every single one of them. - Powerfulgirl10

60 Cool Party
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