Top Ten Best Hill Climb Racing Vehicles

The Top Ten

1 Rally Car

Rally Car + Highway level = $$$

This thing goes fast asf - MaxPap

2 Motocross Bike

The best bike. Can jump high. Can also do flips, backflips & neckflips like the Jeep! A bit unstable but...the best choice. - ItsMehBro

3 Jeep

The best all-around vehicle. Perfect for driving on hills. Can do filps, backflips, even neckflips! The best. I give it 101/100! - ItsMehBro

4 Sleigh
5 Quad Bike
6 Onewheeler
7 Hippie Van
8 Police Car
9 Race Car

Fast. - ItsMehBro

10 Monster Truck

This one works the best for me. - Oliveleaf

The Contenders

11 Super Diesel 4x4
12 Super Car
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