Worst SJW Moments of 2020

2020 has just begun, but the SJWs are worse than ever this year.
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1 Amber Heard is Exposed as an Abuser

Johnny Depp was accused of being an abusive husband to Amber Heard, leading to his career nearly ending. Until early 2020, when Amber was revealed to be the abuser. This is double-standards at its finest. People think only men can be rapist abusers.

Sliced off his finger, defecated on his bed because he was once late. Slapped and punched him, threw things at him - all witnessed and confirmed by some people including Depp's household staff and bodyguard.
And HE is being punished.

This was the best thing ever, but yet Johnny Depp was still cut from his movies. It's such bullcrap.

2 Evan Rachel Wood Makes a Tweet Calling Kobe Bryant a "Rapist" Right After He Dies

"What happened is tragic. I am heartbroken for Kobe's family,"
"He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist. And all of these truths can exist simultaneously."-Evan Rachel Woods-January 26, 2020. After getting well-deserved backlash over her tweet, she went private on all of her social media.

3 SNL White Male Rage

Melissa VillaseƱor, of SNL appeared alongside co-host Colin Jost, discussing the Oscar nominations, among which were The Irishman and Joker. Due to none of the nominations being directed by women, they labelled this as "white male rage".

4 New Guy Comic

About a month ago, an artist on Twitter became infamous for getting satisfaction out of Pewdiepie being robbed. Her other character in the comic was much more sympathetic than her, leading to him becoming a popular meme.

5 Celebrities Angered Over Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes Speech

At the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, Ricky Gervais gave a speech slamming elitist leftist celebrities, which led to people thinking he was "alt-right".

This generation man. I swear, times change and they lost much value overtime.

6 Vince Vaughn Attacked for Shaking Donald Trump's Hand

During a football game, Vince Vaughn sat near Donald Trump and his wife Melania at a football game, where he shook hands with the president. A video of this was uploaded online and led to an uproar of people demanding Vaughn be cancelled.

Vaughn literally just shaked his hand. It is something everyone does, or at least used to do.

7 Journalists Demand Assassin's Creed Ragnarok Ban Men

When the newest game in the Assassin's Creed series was released, Ubisoft received backlash from feminist journalists. Why? Because the developers added the option to choose between having a male and female avatar. The feminists want women only.

For one it's Valhalla not Ragnarok. Two, I'm a big Assassin's Creed fan and the journalists are addressing Assassin's Creed Orgins when Aya wasn't given a bigger role. I don't get it, because Aya already plays a big role and she's a savage.

8 Feminists Outraged at Men Not Seeing Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a DCU movie starring Harley Quinn. The movie hasn't been doing so well at the box office, so, similar to the Ghostbusters 2016 Incident, feminists are labelling people who dislike or have no interest in the movie "misogynist man-children".

I don't want to see it, because it's a bad movie.

9 Marvel Studios Announces that Black Panther 2 Will Replace T'challa with a Female

In order to pander to the "Future is Female" crowd, Marvel Studios will make Shuri the lead rather than T'Challa. Chadwick Boseman is furious about this.

Wait what! That is so disrespectful!

10 Disney Announces that Splash Mountain Will Become New Adventures with Tiana

The ride Splash Mountain, which is themed after the "Br'er" animals in "Song of the South", is getting "an exciting new refresh" changing it to a "The Princess and the Frog" ride.

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11 Mona Eltahawy Has a Meltdown at the White House

Feminist Mona Eltahawy uploaded a video of her cussing out President Trump, as well was ranting about how much she hates the patriarchy in front of the White House onto Twitter.

12 Twitch bans Blind Playthru tag
13 Netflix's Cuties is defended for "not actually being about pedophilia"
14 CBR Makes List of "Problematic Christmas Specials" Claiming that A Charlie Brown Christmas "Promotes Bullying" and Santa Claus is Coming to Town "Dabbles in Fascism"
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