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1 Warner Bros Studios

Dark Knight, Inception, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, V for Vendetta, Kubrick Movies, and so on...

So Far Warner Brothers is the only Studio that churns-out the Maximum Movies and undertakes Tremendous Risks with Fresh Properties and Naive People who later go on to write History. They have been making quality Movies and Encourage Film-Makers to Augment their Scale & Vision. This is what makes them Incredible and Exceptional from the lot.

There are a lot's of great titles released from this studio including the Matrix trilogy, The Dark Knight, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, Slumdog Millionaire and many others - MatrixGuy

Although I prefer Paramount, Warner Bros. has produced a plethora of amazing material. "Dirty Harry" is a bonafide classic. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" is another memorable film, in addition to "Batman" and "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery".

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2 20th Century Fox Studios 20th Century Fox Studios

Hello. My name is Gordon Richard I a Canadian east coast. Not to much movies out there that I have not seen. But I also travel a lot and listen to people, over the last 5 years the movie industry has stoped leading the role of giving the one thing that the public what's.. Movies that are NEW... Not much left out there really get that part but.. Think of this one space, why space because a movie before this age was a form of the unone you never seen before now we no it all so space.. Not one like fighting or defend earth but a movie about them helping to build our furture ships, travel, longer life's, cleaner water new type of cars, that runs on salt water my idea, P. S I think it would work to.. But just a open the eyes again movie new thank you face book

Fox makes a lot of crappy movies like percy jackson, alvin and the chipmunks, and diary of a wimpy kid

Kiss of Death with David Caruso
Point Break with Keanu Reeves
Working Girl with Harrison Ford
Die Hard with Bruce Willis

This studio is amazing.It has great movies too.I like it becuase it has my favourite movies such as Percy Jackson,X-MEN 1-8,VIKTOR Frankenstein,Deadpool,London has fallen,etc

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3 Walt Disney Studios

Big Hero 6, Lilo & Stitch, Aladdin, Lion King, Hercules, Great Mouse Detective, Frozen, Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast, Emperor's New Groove, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

What could be better than DISNEY! Disney was the best movie studio of my childhood. There movies are made of pure magic for kids and adults of all ages : D

All the Walt Disney movies have proved to be entertaining and moral. - TheSudhanva

No doubt, Walt Disney is now the number 1 studio of the world, followed by Universal Pictures for its outstanding film series. Walt Disney Studios produces and distributes some worldwide hit movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, etc. With the integration of Marvel and Lucasfilm, it finished several more steps behind.

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4 Universal Studios

Back to the future, Jurassic park, the illumination movies, Hitchcock movies. This is definitely the greatest movie studio of all time. Best logo too.

The Universal Monsters and a load of Hitchcock films to boot!

Universal studios is great1 the rides are really cool too! They are very creative

Haha hbo lost again to fox

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5 Marvel Studios

I love marvel studios. Mostly because of spider man and captain america though. But it's awesome.

This is actually owned to Disney so should not be on the list.

Their films are guaranteed successes, pretty much, and everyone's copying them. They're golden. - BKAllmighty

You are the best

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6 Sony Pictures Studios

Men In Black.. All of them was the best :D

Untraceable Love this movie

I love dem babies doe

Sony is the best

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7 Dreamworks Studios

Founded in 1994 by names likeJeffrey Katzenberg
Steven Spielberg and
David Geffen - MatrixGuy

I don't like dreamworks. They keep on competing with Disney but they are no match. Disney has been around a whole lot longer.

8 MGM Studios

MGM dominated Hollywood for decades. They WERE the gold standard for success in the industry. I am doubtful any movie studio will ever replicate the decades of sunshine and roses MGM had. - BKAllmighty

I love the lion of it

James Bond, enough said

MGM for ever!

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9 Pixar

Why is it lower than DREAMWORKS!

How is this so far down!

So many magical movies that make you feel

Amazing simple the best

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10 New Line Cinema

Lord of the Rings, Dumb and Dumber, Se7en, The Notebook, Blade, American History X and the more that doesn't take itself too seriously. There's just a lot of variety from this Warner studio that it's highly entertaining

The releaser of the unbelievable Lord of the Rings trilogy and many more great movies - MatrixGuy

Technically New Line Cinema is owned by Warner Bros

Isn't new line, no more. Final editor is warner?

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11 Paramount Studios

A Hollywood studio generally doesn't mean much in the context of the quality of a film. However, perhaps the biggest success rate of film is derived from Paramount Pictures. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is an American classic, as are "Psycho" and "The Bad News Bears". In addition, the Paramount logo is easily superior to its competition.

The First Five MARVEL Cinematic Universe Movies were extremely perfectly awesomely brilliantly fun!

How can you NOT love their amazing movies like Iron Man and Hulk? Captain America and Tomb Raider?

The only studio that produces truly classic, memorable movies. A movie just means more when you see the paramount logo.

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12 Columbia Pictures

Not the best but they've got some great stuff.

13 Legendary Pictures
14 RKO Pictures V 1 Comment
15 United Artists
16 Lions Gate Entertainment

The hunger games series

Hunger Games series. My favourite studio!

I don't have one

17 DC Entertainment

Best movie studio in my opinion, dark knight trilogy, DCEU films and their succes since 1930s

18 Lucasfilms
19 The Weinstein Company

A producer of Mini-major films, this should have been No. 10.

20 Deluxe Digital
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