Top Ten Best Saw Traps

The best traps and tests from the Saw movie series.
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1 Reverse Bear Trap from Saw

I think it's actually the camera work that makes this trap look so awesome. The bathroom trap shouldn't be 1st in my opinion, it's too simple.

by the way, the Reverse bear trap was better in saw 1 than in saw 6 (just thought I should add that :P).

The reverse bear trap is the best. It's too bad that we don't see it in action until the second time, but it looked different the second time, especially how it opened at the end.

Check out the reverse bear trap in SAW: The Final Chapter to see it rip a human's jaw open for real. Disturbing, yet oddly satisfying

2 The Angel Trap from Saw III

A harness connected to the rib cage due to pull out all off your ribs, the key is inside a beaker of acid which is capable of burning flesh.

Even if the key is obtained and used to unlock the lock, you still can't get the thing out of your ribcage (so no matter what, you're screwed).

This trap scared the hell out of me!

Best trap ever! Please vote for this on

3 The Rack from Saw III

A tarp that's to hard, brutal, painful, horrible and just awful to watch but also something that is too gripping to look away from. Great film.

A rotating lock around arms, legs and head will turn 360 degrees, breaking the arms and legs and eventually the neck.

painfull and hard to watch. Really brutal and graphic violence, nice special effects and a guy get his head blown off by a shotgun. When his head twists at the end it is just crazy. BRUTAL. Nailed to cross like Jesus! Ouch!

4 Pound of Flesh from Saw VI

Two subjects are forced to cut off as much of their flesh in order to tip the scale, thus saving their lives, depending on whoever donated the larger sum of flesh in under a minute.

Bloody horrible if I was one of them I would not donate any flesh and just have two nails or whatever they are to the head, though I'd probably end up regretting it.

Two people compete against each other to donate the most flesh the loser will have a device drill into their skull.

5 Death Mask from Saw II
6 Bathrooom Trap from Saw

Awful. I'm surprised it's even in the top 10. It was far to simple.

7 Carousel Trap from Saw VI

This trap is scary, William Easton is responsible for the lives of 6 of his employees. He can make a sacrifice to save someone but he can only do it twice!

One of the most creative traps, it's like Russian Roulette in some way

This is my favorite trap because of its creativity and the tension

8 Five Become One from Saw V
9 The Glass Coffin from Saw V
10 Venus Fly Trap from Saw II
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11 Razor Wire Maze from Saw

With two hours to escape out a room, only one problem a razor maze is in the way, capable of cutting really deep into the skin.

12 Laser Collars from Saw VIII
13 Water Cube from Saw V
14 Acid Needles from Saw VI

I almost puked when I saw this scene. It should be in the top ten.

15 Ivan's Game from Saw IV
16 The Pendulum Trap from Saw V

On a caol metal table with a saw gatting faster and working its way downwards, You can either crush both your hands or let the saw cut you in two.

This one should be in number 4 because it cutting though him slowly

17 Magnum Eyehole - Saw II
18 Grain Silo from Saw VIII
19 Flammable Jelly from Saw
20 The Knife Chair from Saw IV
21 Needle Pit from Saw II

For some reason at first I thought they were nails but then I realised what the pit was actually filled with.

Consuming Poisonous gas with the antidote in a locked room, the key is in a pit full of needles.

22 The Scalping Seat from Saw IV

Why is no one voting for this one. This amazing.

23 The Garage Trap from Saw 3D

Evan awakens in a car. He's there for being racist. He is glued to the seat of the car. His girlfriend is under the tilted upwards car, about to be crushed by the tire. One of his friends has a chain hooked to his jaw and arms, the other is in the way of the car, about to be splattered. Evan has 30 seconds to reach for a lever that stops the contraption. If he doesn't in time, the car will drop and move forwards, crushing his girlfriend, pulling out one of his friend's jaw and arms and then splattering his other friend. He crashes through a door, and slams into a wall. Evan's flies out and dies. The end.

24 The Seeing Trap from Saw VII

This trap is gruesome to watch but so amazing so please vote for the seeing trap. Watch the trap where you can and you'll see what I mean when I say that this trap is awful, evil and hard to experience. Love saw!

Three poles coming at Suzanne. Two to go into her eyes and one to go through her mouth. She's strapped in so can't escape. Horrible to watch but it's worth it so make sure you check it out!

You are so right this trap is horrible but great to watch. Check it out and you'll see what we mean people. I love saw so much. It's a super film.

25 Pig Vat from Saw III
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