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41 Choi Minho - South Korea Choi Minho - South Korea

OMO! The hottest man in all of Asia... Seriously! He can act, he looks so hot, and he is one of the best rappers on the planet. What is not to love?

How is oppa so low - YOUnique253

Hottest boygroup member EVER in asia. Abs, rap, voice, modelling and act. He is just the one who introduces me to SHINee, SHINee World and Fangirling life. Saranghaeyo, minho-oppa!

The love my life my... oppa! For me He is the best rapper, singer, dancer, model, actor. He means everything to me. Saranghaeyo oppa. He is the hottest man in the world. Saranghae saranghae saranghae Minho oppa!

42 Jonghyun - South Korea Jonghyun - South Korea

Jonghyun is just like amazing, he's got the cutest smirk, and his voice! Its amazing, its wonderful, its spectacular.

He's just got it all.

Jonghyun SHINee! He has the best voice and the hottest guy to Shawols ^. ^ Even he looks like a dino, who couldn't love him? He's my world :-"

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43 Lee Joon - Korea

Joonie is my favorite of all idols^^ He can't only sing and dance very well but he is also a very kind person. On top of this, he has AMAZING abs not convinced just watch Oh Yeah or Y MV! Last but not least: He is funny. I always have to laugh very much about him

44 Onew - South Korea Onew - South Korea

The most perfect man ever! He is handsome, sweet, his smile is dazzling and all in all just perfect. His hair is amazing, so shiny and soft... Or it looks soft.. I haven't touched it, so I wouldn't know..

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45 Atif Aslam - Pakistan Atif Aslam - Pakistan Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

The young blood with a great voice, a voice which made the people move

He is the most handsome men of the world

He is the most handsome men in the world

My crush likes him...
N he's good
Don't forget his singing

46 Yoon Doo Joon - South Korea

Leader of Korean group BEAST
awesome vocals, rapping skills, dorkiness, talent in piano charm and gentleness are just some of the million reasons why you will love and adore him!

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47 Ajith Kumar - India
48 Chantavit Dhanasevi - Thailand
49 Hrithik Roshan - India Hrithik Roshan - India

Hrithik Roshan is the hottest Asian.. Period. The Chinese and Korean guys in this list before him may be cute, but Hrithik has a manliness that none of them do. Plus he has a perfectly sculpted body, which even Hollywood stars ar unable to build.. Faulty list..

This man will always be my perfect man.
He is an AMAZING dancer, and I heard that he had to overcome a LOT to get to his quality now. He's also a fantastic actor (just his look of pure love makes me melt inside. )
He's also got quite a nice 6/8-pack

Hrithik is most hottest superstar with every quality! Looks, acting And don't forget his dance move will shake the ground below every feet! His well toned body makes even a greek sculpture jealous!

Half of the top 39 are not even relatively close to hrithik

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50 Joe Cheng - Taiwan
51 Lee Seung Gi - South Korea

Multi-talented artist in South Korea.
He recently released his 5th album in Korea and also in Japan and topped the Oricon Chart in Japan on it's release.
Singer, MC, Actor.
He makes every girl fall in love with his sweet smile.
The BEST entertainer of his GENERATION!
from young to old women, everybody likes him. Even guys like him.. He's simply irresistible!

Lee Seung Gi can act, sing and dance. What else can you look for? He also knows how to play football, he has a good personality, gentleman, have a perfect body and handsome(natural beauty). No wonder his dramas is famous.

He is the most handsome and charming guy ever! He is very multi-talented that makes him very hot though he is shy to show off his abs. Just that moment when he smiles absolutely melt all the girls heart especially his great voice will definitely leave you screaming.

He is simply perfect in every way.

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52 Marc Nelson - Philippines

Is he hot? No. Prabu Revolusi should came in 4th place after Mario, Son Tung & Coco!

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53 Akihiro Sato - Thailand

Close-Up Model, Lacoste... Nescafe... - hatcher234

Ranked number 2 in Thailand's 100 Most Sexiest Men! - hatcher234

54 Eunhyuk - South Korea Eunhyuk - South Korea Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

The dancing machine of Super Junior. He is definitely the hottest guy especially when he dances

Has a very cool specifications including : sexy guy His skin is very impressive, and white as Snow White, very funny, good person, High ethics, dancing machine of Super Junior, Simple personal, he looks so hot and has the largest popular and fans
so, million reasons why you will love and adore him

Very sexy and very very very very handsome and the best body I saw him with that slim and good heart in this life and fun
You will not find something similar in the ground

I love donghae also siwon and I'll admit they're perfect but my heart will always beat for this monkey he keeps making me fall in deep love with him at all his sexiness dancing rapping everything abt him kills me

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55 Vic Zhou - Taiwan

Vic zhou yu min is not just a mere face value, the guy has talent not just in acting but as well as in singing.. He is smart too.. He answers well during interviews, direct but polite and courteous.. He is ambitious but does things in the right way.. He does not want to step on anybody just to get to the top.. Instead he works hard for it.. Very family oriented and generous to his love ones.. Leads a simple, very modest life... Gentleman, well mannered and very refine...

By looking at his face, it's obvious he isn't an eyesore. But then he starts talking and you can see his goodness isn't just skin deep. He's a wonderful human being.

56 Jon Avila - Philippines
57 Shahrukh Khan - India

He's got the looks and the personality. SRK is the Badshah of hearts. He's done so much.

He is a rockstar. He has a unique quality of men that is not in others ☺

The king khan... King of all actors. No one campr with them
Srk you are the to god sexxy seweet and friendly mann ever,

58 Cakka Nuraga - Indonesia

Cakka is very talented boy. I love him and he always in my mind

Cakka is COOL. Very COOL. I'm in love with him. He always in my mind.

Cakka is very talented boy. Cakka have an unique and exotic voice. Make the girl melted with his sexy voice and handsome face. He can played the guitar very skill. - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

Young, talented, awesome and handsome. Multi-insturmen and of course, make the girls scream for him.

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59 G-Dragon - South Korea

Gdragon is AMAZING.
Leader of BIGBANG, talented musician, singer, composer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and more.
AND he's adorable, and hot, and super good looking.

G-dragon is a very good man. He is the leader of BIGBANG. He is a fashion man. And he is very kind and friendly to everyone. I love him forever GD you're the best man in my heart. I love your look, your smile, your songs�your everything. You must care for yourself. And fighting I believe you

Gd is such a gorgues man. He is so sexy! Also he is very talented. I love him so much!

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60 Leeteuk - South Korea

He's the hottest guy for me. Aside from being a multi-talented person, he's also super caring making him the BEST LEADER of a group. He consider his co-members in SUJU as his family. I adore him so much. Everything in him, I love it. I can't seem to forget him. Guess I'm falling for him.. Hahaahah, silly but true.. What more can I say, he got it all. SARANGHAE!

Hottest man alive.
Cute dimples, awesome hair, sexy body, just perfect

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