Top 10 Hottest Guys of 2017


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1 Nick Jonas Nick Jonas Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas is an American singer, songwriter and actor, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop rock band he formed with his brothers Kevin and Joe.

The pic on here isn't exactly a good example - OnionLists

I think Nick Jonas is cute but not number 1. He was hot in his music videos " Bacon and Jealous" and major cute in Goat and kingdom
Grade B - Imme

He is more than hot. Grade A+

He is the reason I turned bisexual.šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ - Selfiefan68

2 Jake T. Austin Jake T. Austin

Jake T Austin looks a lot better then he did over the years. - Imme

3 Myles Parrish Myles Parrish

Who doesn't like Myles Parrish. Have you seen his Be Mine Video? - Imme

4 Mac Miller Mac Miller Malcolm James McCormick, best known by his stage name Mac Miller, is an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mac Miller is cute but not sexy. - Imme

5 Pete Wentz Pete Wentz Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (born June 5, 1979)is an American musician. He is best known for being the bassist, lyricist, and backing vocalist for the American rock band Fall Out Boy. Before Fall Out Boy's inception in 2001, Wentz was a fixture of the Chicago hardcore scene and was notably the lead more.

He was cute on Nick cannon wild n out - Imme

6 Max Schneider Max Schneider Maxwell George "Max" Schneider, known professionally in music as MAX, stylized as MĪ›X is an American actor, model, dancer, songwriter, and singer.

He looked good in rags and How To Rock. - Imme

7 Zac Efron Zac Efron

Zac Efron is hot. Always have been and always will be. - Imme

8 Austin Mahone Austin Mahone Austin Carter Mahone is an American singer and songwriter. He is currently signed to Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Republic Records.

Austin mahone is very sexy - Imme

Mmm yeah - Imme

9 Taylor Lautner Taylor Lautner

Taylor launter. Hell yeah. - Imme

10 Peyton Meyer Peyton Meyer Peyton Meyer is an American actor. He is known for his role as Lucas Friar on the Disney Channel television series Girl Meets World, and his earlier recurring role as Wes Manning on Disney Channel's Dog with a Blog.

Peyton Meyer has that face that you would kiss. - Imme

Yes yes I do. - peytonmeyer1234

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? Seth Isaac Johnson Seth Isaac Johnson
? James Franco James Franco James Edward Franco is an American actor and filmmaker. His first prominent acting role was the lead character Daniel Desario on the short-lived cult hit television program Freaks and Geeks.

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11 Jonathan Sadowski Jonathan Sadowski

From young and hungry. Yeah he's cute. - Imme

12 Sam Callahan Sam Callahan
13 Keaton Stromberg Keaton Stromberg
14 Kenton Duty Kenton Duty Jeffrey Kenton Duty is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He is best known for his recurring role as "Young Jacob" on the final season of the ABC primetime drama, Lost, and for his co-starring role as the flamboyant European exchange student, Gunther Hessenheffer on the Disney Channel comedy series, more.
15 Colton Haynes Colton Haynes
16 Nathaniel Potvin Nathaniel Potvin

Yea - Andre57

You do realize that you're either being attracted to yourself or more likely attracted to somebody you're pretending to be. - Skullkid755

He is cute. - Imme

17 Gavin MacIntosh Gavin MacIntosh
18 Jake Short Jake Short Jake Short (born May 30, 1997 in Indiana is an American actor,known for his roles as Fletcher Quimby in Disney Channel's comedy series A.N.T. Farm and as Oliver in the Disney XD original series Mighty Med and Lab Rats: Elite Force.

He wad ugly till 2015 then he got cute. - Imme

19 Billy Unger Billy Unger William Brent "Billy" Unger is an American actor. He is known for playing Chase Davenport on the Disney XD series Lab Rats and Lab Rats: Elite Force.

Billy unger should be number 2. Look at him. - Imme

20 Ross Lynch Ross Lynch Ross Shor Lynch is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and musician. He is one of the founding members of the pop rock band R5. As an actor, he is known for his debut role as Austin Moon on the Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally, and for his role as Brady in Disney Channel's Teen Beach more.

I hate to say it but Ross Lynch has gotten ugly in 2017. - Imme

Stg. He don't need all that hair - Selfiefan68

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