Top Ten Best iCarly Season 2 Episodes

The Top Ten Best iCarly Season 2 Episodes

1 iChristmas

Horrible show

I really liked this one! It made me really thankful for all I had and for my whole family.

I finally got my wings! - NerdyPweeps

2 iPie
3 iKiss
4 iDate a Bad Boy

This was one of my favourite episode of Season 2 from I Carly of all time and I really truly have every I carly episode ever made.

Really like this one!

5 iTwins

"I am not gullible." "Dude you're the most gullible person ever." Love the whole twins concept

I love this episode! So funny and Freddie is so gullible.

One of my favorite episodes. - funnyuser

6 iGo to Japan
7 iGo Nuclear
8 iGive Away a Car
9 iRocked the Vote
10 iMeet Fred

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11 IOweyou
12 iTake on Dingo
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