Top Ten Best iCarly Season 2 Episodes


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1 iChristmas

I really liked this one! It made me really thankful for all I had and for my whole family.

I finally got my wings! - NerdyPweeps

Horrible show

2 iPie
3 iKiss
4 iDate a Bad Boy

This was one of my favourite episode of Season 2 from I Carly of all time and I really truly have every I carly episode ever made.

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5 iTwins

Carly could've at least just taken a pic of Sam and Melanie together to prove it. Also, does anyone else wish at the end that Freddie saw Sam and Melanie together with each other? And what if Sam was pretending to be Melanie and Melanie was pretending to be Sam?

"I am not gullible." "Dude you're the most gullible person ever." Love the whole twins concept

I love this episode! So funny and Freddie is so gullible.

One of my favorite episodes. - funnyuser

6 iGo to Japan
7 iGo Nuclear
8 iGive Away a Car
9 iRocked the Vote
10 iMeet Fred

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11 IOweyou
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