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21 Ball Tongue
22 Shoots And Ladders
23 Sky Heart

Would be an ok or good title for a fantasy T.V. show involving flying and sky-related things - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

24 Everything Ends V 1 Comment
25 Tattered and Torn
26 Left Behind V 1 Comment
27 Pulse Of The Maggots

There is a maggot infestation in a largely populated city. - NikBrusk

28 Souls of the Sea

Maybe a T.V. show involving pirates. Or anything related to sea/ocean - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

29 Payne Street

Would be about a teenager getting lost after her cousin disappears. - Fandomstuck

V 1 Comment
30 Jump In The Fire
31 The Lesbian Club

It's an LGBT-themed cartoon show mistaken for a teen sitcom. It's about lesbians who start a club for lesbians. It has 0% toilet jokes and 1000% good morals about perfection, life, being yourself, and showing how to be lesbian and kiss a girl. It doesn't have teen pregnancy and cheating boyfriends.

32 Two Girlfriends

It's about lesbians who go to college.

33 Pee-Wee's Playhouse: The Animated Series
34 The Comical Cosmic Misadventures of Guardians of The Galaxy
35 Final Fantasy VII The Sevening (Anime Series)

An anime based on a video Cloud and others sets on a adventure to search Sephiroth in a self comical parody

36 The Misadventures of Bulk and Skull

A power rangers spin off series

37 The F-Heroic Adventures of Super Arrow

A F-Zero Gp Legend Spin off series of Super Arrow saving Mute city, taking down Black Shadow, Zoda and other minions and sometimes gets into comical situations

38 P.J. Funny Bunny Show
39 The Deadpool Show
40 King's Quest (The animated series)
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