Top 10 Reasons Why Posting Your Art on Instagram is Better Than Deviantart

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1 Instagram is easier to use

I heard this is connected to Facebook, which easily explains why it's easier to use!

I gotta make an account (already made a 2nd Tumblr account (a proper one), now that Tumblr did the right thing).

If only Deviantart would do the same and get rid of their fetish porn once and for all!

2 Faster to get discovered

It depends on the luck I think... I have my account for 4 months and have like 130 followers where In 2 days our friend have 40

I started up instagram AGAIN 2 days ago and I'm already at almost 40 followers.

3 You are less likely to see cringeworthy artwork (ex. Fetishes.)

I can't agree more.

4 Instagram gives you more freedom
5 Instagram is more updated

Deviantart has probably been around since I was born, there's some changes. Instagram is a newer one and has draumatic changes like the logo itself. To me, I feel Deviantart is becoming outdated and possibly obsolete.

6 Instagram is much more colorful and fun

While Deviantart stays green and bland. Instagram is fun sometimes to me.

7 Instagram doesn't have a premium membership
8 You don't have to worry about bullies making ED articles about you
9 You get more feedback on your content

I never got feedback. The most I'll get is 1-2 favorites. On instagram, I get 20 likes, and some comments there.

10 You can put filters on you pictures, you can't on deviantart.

Yeah this is true when I tried to draw ariana grande I can't put a filter on it on deviantart but on instagram I can now

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11 You don't need to put your artwork in a genre, there's the tag system

I like the tag system because you can control where your art belongs in and not in the chosen genres deviantart has.

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