Top Ten Helpful Subreddits

If you are one looking for motivation & discipline, learning a new skill, configuring your life for the better, or solving a problem whether trivial or significant, these are ten helpful subreddits that would be a wise choice to dig in.
The Top Ten
1 r/nosurf

The internet is sure an addicting part of our lifestyle, and it seems like you can't pull your eyes off it. If you see yourself spending too much time surfing on the internet, or you tend to have bad habits that end up getting haywire, and to the point that it's affecting your personal life. Looking forward to manage your habits, or put in the next level, cut down the internet as a whole? look no further to this subreddit. Nosurf has a ton of material related to changing your internet habits, and consisting of thousands of supportive members. If you are seeking for a more productive life and more controllable time management, it can possibly change your life for the better.

2 r/stoicism

r/stoicism is a lifestyle-based subreddit dedicated to the philosophy of stoicism. Whether it's just seeking the painfully truthful quotes or motivation quotes, this subreddit can help you adapt more of the stoic lifestyle. As they say - don't try to manipulate what you can't control. For starters, there is a detailed piece of information and material that provides everything about the basics of the philosophy, as well as the history related to it. Guaranteed, following and adapting some of the common tenets of stoicism can change you for the better, and the perception of how you see the world.

3 r/explainlikeimfive

Got a complex question you don't seem to understand? This popular subreddit has got your back. No matter how complex your question is, users will try to ramp the question down into the most basic yet informative answer so that it can be easily readable. In other words, think about how do you explain stuff that is unfamiliar to a 5 year old.

4 r/personalfinance

If you find yourself struggling in terms of your own money management, or you're trying to get off debt, or you need help on planning your retirement, checking out this subreddit can be a wise option. No matter what financial question you ask, you will always be granted a helpful, detailed answer. For every type of financial issues or non financial issues, there's tons of information available to help you out.

5 r/getmotivated

Hitting up the gym? Looking out to seek motivation in that one hobby you just found passionate for but you don't have any clue how to start? This subreddit has all the content for you to fill up your motviation. Although this subreddit can have shallow motivational or seemingly satricial quotes due to its popularity, the personal stories and other forms of motivational content do usually outweigh the shallow sides.

6 r/IWantToLearn

No matter what type of problem is whether it's musical, programming, writing, cooking, or any type of hobby or even seeking a new life skill whether it's a small or a significant skill, this subreddit is the best to look out for in terms of learning any type of skills. Granted you may not get an answer you need due to its inactivity; otherwise, members of the subreddit usually give the detailed information and the advice for that particular skill you need.

7 r/EatCheapAndHealthy

Wanting to save money and eat healthy at the same time while ditching fast food? As the title of the subreddit above says, this subreddit has all the things you need necessary to keep and manage your diet as healthy as possible, and while saving the money you need. With countless varieties of cheap recipes posted by its community, it would be a wise decision to at least try adapting to this lifestyle.

8 r/OutOfTheLoop

If you find a piece of information on the internet that seems new and unfamiliar with, and in the case you are too lazy to do some research about the topic, r/OutOfTheLoop is the perfect subreddit dedicated to these pieces of unfamiliar information, and is necessary for understanding otherwise sometimes complex topics that you seem to have difficulty understanding. These answers given by this subreddit are usually short, and give appropriate context and information of what is going on.

9 r/NoStupidQuestions

You may first think that "NoStupidQuestions" is a subreddit which is only restricted for serious questions as seen by the subreddit title; while you're technically right (as the subreddit doesn't allow obvious troll-ey questions), it suggests that no such questions (that people find uncomfortable asking) are stupid, and therefore be encouraged to be asked. For those looking for more serious subreddits, and for those who are afraid to ask a question that is seen as stupid or too basic, this is a safe space for users to ask these types of questions without any type of judgement. In the case you have a question in mind, don't be afraid to ask as most of the times you are given appropriate answers.

10 r/GoodbyeDepression

Unlike most of the "venting" subreddits such as r/offmychest and other related subreddits, this subreddit gives a different approach on how to treat depression. While sadly the subreddit has burnt out into activity and since it's not often looked, r/goodbyedepression has still has some of the appropriate material and advice necessary to cope with various types of depressive disorders.