Top Ten Absurdly Long Fanfictions

As we dig down when it comes to fanfiction, we come across countless amounts of fan dedicated material to read from hours to even days to no end, made by countless of amateur to seasoned writers. Some people are yet so dedicated to the fandom they love to the point that they have written such novels that span from hundreds of thousands to even millions of words long. If you are a seasoned reader, or just an ordinary reader, these are just top ten examples of absurdly long fanfiction novels that can be quite a ride.
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1 At the Edge of Lasg'len

At over 6 million words, this Hobbit fanfic is definitely the second longest AO3 fanfic. The only one beating it out is a 7 million word Terminator/Firefly crossover.

This novel stands high in a whopping 4.9 million words long - longer than that of Ambience: A Fleet Symphony and Subspace Emissary World's Conquest. It has received quite a positive reception. As of November 2020, this currently stands as the longest fanfiction in Archive of Our Own.

Well written, fantastic plot with attention to every detail. The authors answer every comment and work really hard on it.

Entertaining, lush, amusing and well-written.

2 Gladiator

An intriguing Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction that spans over 2.4 million words and almost 200 chapters. Published in 2013 and still going strong. It may seem to have some flaws as you read forward, but otherwise the quality and the added romance elements of this novel beats it most, even with over 2 million words - a quality that a select few authors have grasped.

3 A Marauder's Plan

If you want a great ride for alternative universe stories, and at the same time you're a harry potter fan, then this fanfic which spans almost 900,000 words may be the best pick for you. The story pacing would seem slow, but the characters seem intriguing enough. Although there are some political elements, it can be worth to check out.

4 Child of the Storm

A fairly long novel with 800k+ words and is well known among readers, and since the Harry Potter fandom is so big when it comes to fanfiction, this is also worth a read. Especially if you are on to avengers, this can be the perfect crossover novel for you.

5 Boys In The Aviary, Baby
6 The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest

If one thinks "what's the longest piece of literature?", then this is the first fanfiction they think of - a Super Smash Brothers fanfic spanning over 4.1 million words. The Subspace Emissary's World Conquest held its legendary title as the longest fanfiction for a fairly long time (not counting troll fics) until it was slowly beaten by Ambience: A Fleet Symphony and The Loud House Revamped. This novel revolves on a self-insert named Chris who met a clueless Lucario who was brought into the real world who goes to an adventure to prevent Subspace Emissary from taking over the world, along with some humorous dialogues in chapters as you read through. Sure this fanfiction may not be the best quality and its grammar may be shoddy at the start, but the author's motives of improving his english as he wrote this novel is otherwise a great one.

A classic of the Smash Bros fandom. Each chapter keeps getting better until the author stopped updating it years ago.

7 The Loud House: Revamped

At well over 24 million words long, this fic breaks a record for... copypasting Wikia entries and scriptfic and a harem that grows larger by every chapter. This is the b-movie of longfics, it's not very well written but you'll have laughs at the absurdity. How the hell is it STILL updating every day?!

Currently, this is the longest fanfiction ever written as of November 2020, and it's still going strong. Standing at a whopping 7+ million words. To sum this up, it is basically a self-insert, mashed up with a plethora of characters and countless of crossovers from different anime, cartoons, etc. as they go into an epic adventure to face the "evil". The story itself may seem convoluted and lacking in substance, but hey you gotta at least credit the dedication to the author. Plus, its got a handful of dedicated reviewers, so that's pretty sweet.

8 Ambience: A Fleet Symphony

As one of the classic longfics, this fic was formerly known as the longest before Loud House Revamped kicked it off its throne.

Spanning over 4.5 million words and 400+ chapters, this novel may seem like it has more substance, but ironically it has received negative reception more compared to the subspace emissary's world conquest, and it is apparently another self-insert fiction. Sure this fanfiction may have numerous flaws, but it is still worth to check out. It has also once held the title of the longest fanfiction before The Loud House Revamped took its place.

9 Ashes of the Past

Spanning over almost 2 million words and 300+ chapters, this is considered one of the most well known pokemon longfics there is (which is the most reviewed in the pokemon fanfiction category) and it is basically about Ash using time travel in order to counter problems while keeping his personality, while eventually getting much better in terms of character development. Overall, it's worth a read.

10 Pokemon Crossing: Fly Me to the Moon

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? His Britannia
? Everything Changes
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11 Traveler

Since its existence in 2012, this is still standing strong with 1.3 million words, as it is updated occasionally. One of the most unique things in this story is that Ash gets a Nidoran instead of a Pikachu; an interesting choice indeed. Overall, the author has put solid effort on world building, character development, and other details that I won't explain because spoilers, except that Ash acts more serious compared to the anime. Otherwise, this fic can be a thrilling ride if you are a seasoned pokemon fanfic reader.

12 Future Shock - Cameron AKA Nobody

There is no other story like it.
It keeps the TV show alive and running strong.
Who wants their favorite show to end?
I don't.

13 Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

If you are looking for a new experience although still harry potter related, this is considered one of the most popular fanfiction their is in the Harry Potter fandom and recommended by many. It currently stands as the Top 25 in terms of favorites, and it spans 1.1 million words long.

14 Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons
15 The Buzz On How Maggie Got Fondled By Flecko And Then Got Inside Her Psychiatrist's Head
16 Sonic's Ultimate Harem
17 Smash Life
18 Journey To The Central Nervous Systems Of Muriel And Katz

Basically a 50,000-word-long set of Courage The Cowardly Dog episodes

19 The Mortal Instruments: City of New Life
20 Ned Stark Lives!
21 Forearmed: A Persona 5 Fanfic
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