Top 10 Most Annoying Things In DeviantArt

DeviantART is a really awesome website about pictures and so on. But there's also a dark side of the. Let's take a look at it.
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1 You can't delete a comment

And that sucks. I hope that they'll give you that option as well as the option to disable profile comments, too.

Since Eclipse came in 2020 you can delete them... unless somebody replies to it which is stupid.

Yeah, I wish you can delete comments. I hope they add that feature soon.

2 Inflation fanart

If you're searching for your favourite female video game character, you'll find some disturbing inflation pictures of her. Really awkward. And not only inflation pictures. But also pregnant, giant feets, the REALLY horny snake Kaa hypnotizing her, vore and so on. Disgusting.

Fetishes and inflations in particular have got to be tge most disgraceful things on DeviantArt. I can't believe every time I look for some cool pics, they're most likely inflation porn. Not just porn. She's also shown barefoot, muscular or naked. How unfortunate.

3 Finding pictures that don't match your search

I remember like two years ago searching drawings about the concept of "final boss", which at the beginning it shows you many examples of iconic game final bosses, interpretations and the iconic drawings of Final Boss Veigar skin from LoL. And now, the more you keep searching for more final boss drawings, the deeper you go encountering some absurd and simple drawn deviations that had anything or nothing to do with the concept of final boss, also that there are some stupid drawings depicted as weak jokes related to office bosses and not game bosses, and not to mention fetishes.

4 The dumb search error

Instead of showing results I got this incredibly stupid error! Seriously, is this a dumb bug or is this meant to piss us of?

I got Error 404 after clicking on Tundran Territories fan art, and the site's creator(s) don't seem to be willing to remove it, what!?

5 You cannot disable comments on your profile

The disability to disable comments is what got me harassed to the point of leaving DeviantArt. I hate this site.

Yeah, and this just sucks. I wish this feature will be added soon, along with deleting negative comments.

Oh yes. I had to write a notice to tell people to not post anything. So far its it's working.

6 Too many Twitch ads
7 Full view

May be a new feature but it's really annoying because the switches sometimes automatic to this mode. If you'll find a disgusting picture like inflation fanart, this 'cool' feature will show you this with FULL RESOLUTION.

I think it's pretty good. Whenever you can't read from the comics that people made that are long, you need to put full view on to understand.

8 People thanking you for the fave

Come on people. I don't mean to be rude, but can you stop whining about people thanking you for the fave?! I don't mind people thanking me for the fave.

Not trying to be rude if you are a DeviantArt user who comments that stuff to others. I know it's nice and I appreciate it, but it can get a bit annoying when you find comments that are about all the same. Like 85% of your comment section being thank you for the faves, llamas and follows. If you were a very popular DeviantArt artist with a million followers, most of your notifications will be thank you's.

9 Fetish artwork

No one has a chance to make some fetish art, the fetish artwork out of popular characters is getting out of hand and i see no fetish art here on deviantart. I know why fetishes are gross and so dumb.

Self-explanatory. I think fetishes are mind-numbing, disgusting and stupid. They get in the way of good stuff. Landscape artists and photographs are mostly safe :), but everything else is a minefield, especially fanart concerning popular characters and franchises, such as Dragon Ball and other animes, Sonic, Five Nights at Freddy's, Frozen, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Dora, My Little Pony, Spyro the Dragon and Zootopia. So, for franchises someone might like, that's sad.

Hence I got bored and choose a few favorites and EXPLORE the WEBSITE two or three time per year. And I usually REGRET it.

10 You can't block users/unblock them for 48 hours

Imagine that a false rumor about you has spread all over DeviantArt and thousands become so rude and make fun of you that it would take only 2 days just to block one user.

What of you have problems with them again? Sorry can't help you. You'll just have to wait.
That is why I have to be wise in blocking and unblocking on DA.

What if that user I blocked starts acting up again?

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11 Images that have everything in their keywords

I searched for Peach, I found a picture of some hedgehog. I searched for Daisy, I found a picture of some hedgehog again. I searched for Rosalina, and I STILL found a picture of some hedgehog.

Ah yes, the Sonic fandom is nuts. It's like they name their OCs after every fictional character you can think of.

I want an art of ___, but then a picture of a potato appears...

12 Fart fetishes

Ironically it 'stinks' less than the idiots who complain about a bodily function that everyone does.

Yep, this is one of the most cursed images. I don't want to explain about it.

It didn't impress me, but that's another one to be forbidden too.

13 Furries

These are the most toxic and corrupting things on Deviant Art. Like I can't search cats to see cool drawings without getting at least 18 furry "art" pictures.

Not al furries draw porn. Clean furries are fine, but the porn drawers are gross

14 Not having a PM

That is literally frustrating. Many people rudely say "NO" when I kindly ask them to give me Core. And make me open commissions which I can't stand at all.

15 Art thieves

No matter how many years pass by in DA world I find users:
-Tracing screenshots and popular art/artists.
- recolors, butt loads of them.
-Frankin-shops of other artists work
-outright lifts of artists work from outside DA
-there are even instances of thieves selling the stolen art at conventions.
- subject and medium doesn't matter if you make it they will steal it.

Lots of good artists have left DA because of this on going issue. I even left for three years because a friend had his 3d work stolen and the admins took months to respond. Didn't want the same happening to me.

16 Almost all fanart is anime bishies

I don't have a thing against people who draw anime but most of the time, a western cartoon character is drawn in a bishie style just for the sake of eye candy. In this style, there is nothing unique about them as they all look the same.

I hate it when they turn manly characters into bishies. It makes them out of character for no reason. Why not accept them the way they are?

Some anime art is actually mindblowing, but it seems that drawing in this kind of style is a shortcut to getting popular.

17 Blocking users doesn't make them invisible to you

Please just make them invisible. Because all of the people I block are people I do not want to hear from again.

18 Cuphead fanart

Everything from the franchise and fandom are annoying.

Shut up Cuphead fanboy their are so cringe!

I drink to forget but I always remember...

19 Rule 34

When you search for something without the tags "porn" or "rule34", you ALWAYS get porn instead of good fanart.

Searching for "Operating System Designs", but what I got is porn pics of TTG Starfire. That is mismatch and disgusting!

I was trying to find a Pokémon comic that was funny but on a video it showed a naked girl with a charizard molesting her. I hate stuff like that.

20 Fan girls who ship characters with themselves in their art

Jiminycricketfan007 is a major example of this. Not only she ships herself with a fictional character, but also a deceased voice actor who played said character as well. Ouch. Her unhealthy obsession has gone way too far to the point of attracting so many trolls. This is not a person to look up to or see as a role model to be honest. I hope she grows out of her nasty obsessions soon and start facing reality. It's fine to like an actor, actress or fictional character, but treating them as your lovers is not good behavior at all.

21 Hate art

Should be higher, also if you look up "Johnny Test" and "Teen Titans Go!" you expect to see a lot of those.

22 Vore

I hate vore. I was writing a story about inflation and weight gain on quotev and I was searching for pics on google images of pics from DeviantArt to use for my character and a pic of Zelda vore cake up.

It's just too disgusting to watch, look at and make art of. Have those artists really thought about what would happen if someone ate you?

It sucks that this and other fetish art show up when you're looking for something totally unrelated.

23 The Loud House "memes"

These aren't even memes, there just characters reacting to stuff they like/hate.

They've probably had watched Nickelodeon. (AKA the meme channel! )

24 Incest fanart

Self-explanatory. This is mind-numbing, disgusting and stupid, even worse than usual porn (Yeah, that's possible!).

Porn is not just showing intimate parts. This is about anything which as has focus on intimate parts, hidden or not, positions implying flirting or worse sexual activity, or characters stupidly getting shipped for someone's fetishes, or even characters shy because of their body in a situation where there are not even any implications. I learned that almost every artist that focuses on gender shapes, especially women's, has links to NSFW (so no need to check), as they write themselves in the description. And if that behaviour repeats itself, all hope for the artist is lost.

Porn is EXTREME BASTARDISATION of humanity, likable characters and real people in many behavioural aspects. It cretinises both the viewer and the artist.

Landscape artists and photographs are mostly safe :), but everything else is a minefield, especially fanart concerning popular characters and franchises, such as Dragon Ball and other animes, Sonic, Five Nights at Freddy's, Frozen, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Dora, My Little Pony, Spyro the Dragon and Zootopia. So, for franchises someone might like, that's sad.

Hence I got bored and choose a few favorites and EXPLORE the WEBSITE two or three time per year. And I usually REGRET it.

25 Fat art

For example, if you're looking for a picture of Wonder Woman, you'll come across a fat image of her that's very disturbing.

They should cease to exist, too.

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