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1 Shaytards

There is no YouTuber like the Shaytards. The Shaytards are very addicting to watch and have the best and most interesting lives. They are all such beautiful human beings, and I admire them. My role model is Shay Carl Butler because he is such a beautiful, kind, amazing person. He is also an amazing and loving father and husband. I look forward to all of his vlogs, and they always put a smile on my face. I get inspired by the things he has to say.

Who needs school when you learn something new every day with them? They are the meaning of a true, loving, caring, and beautiful family. That is what a real family should be like. I love them so much! When I become a parent, I want to be just like them. They have inspired me enough to be like them.

2 Chris Ballinger

You can tell that the whole Ballinger family is so caring and supportive of one another. Chris and Jessica are perfect role models for their three children. Their videos consist of their daily lives, trips to Disneyland, trips to museums for the educational aspect because their children are homeschooled, behind the scenes of a Miranda Sings show, collaborations with other families, challenges, and visits to new and interesting restaurants.

They even made a music video parody with the whole family and have Magic Mondays. Their children, Bailey, Jacob, and Parker, are the most polite, smart, and adorable kids around in today's society. Chris and Jessica are on point with their cool, calm, and collected parenting skills. Best family out there!

3 Bratayley

Bratayley are the best YouTube family daily vloggers out there. They are incredibly strong at dealing with the sudden and shocking loss of their late son and brother, Caleb (13). Their children, Annie and Hayley, are incredibly talented gymnasts for being so young, and their fast-paced lifestyle will get you hooked from the first video you watch. The children, unlike some nowadays, are being kept children and are constantly able to have fun with their many family and gymnastics friends.

Unfortunately, and it breaks my heart to say, we all lost a big part of Bratayley on October 1, 2015. Caleb Logan LeBlanc, who was seemingly perfectly healthy and happy, passed away. The Bratayley family and we as their fans are somehow coping with the loss of our baked potato and are healing our own and our favorite family's wounds. RIP Caleb, gone but never forgotten.

4 Daily Bumps

Here's my DB story. About three years ago, I began watching. I loved learning about Missy's pregnancy and also really loved Karma. I stopped watching after Ollie was born and completely forgot about them. Earlier this year, a girl began talking about Daily Bumps. I then remembered and said, "Hey, I know them!" Then she told me they were expecting again, another little boy named Finley. I waited in agony for Finn to be born.

Ever since about September 29, I've watched every single vlog that they've posted. The kids are adorable, and I can't believe Finn's already six months! They should be #1.

5 Ellie and Jared

Jackson (Ellie and Jared's son) is too cute! Ellie is recording her second pregnancy, which is high risk. But they are so joyful and thankful for their family, friends, and life. They look at the positive side of life in all situations. They are a couple that is truly in love, and they support each other always.

Everyone should check them out.

I'm constantly looking for new family vlog channels because the families tend to change once they become more popular. But Ellie and Jared have kept their morals, and they teach them to their boys. They're so generous, genuine, and relatable!

No matter what new family I add to the rotation, their videos are the first ones I watch every morning.

6 Ty's Lyfe

Uploads very often. Loving veteran family with very cute kids, especially the youngest.


Anna and Jonathan are very real about their lives and relationships with each other and with their children. They are honest about the hard stuff. They always make my day better, and the kids are the most adorable rays of sunshine.

I am very attached to them now, and I anxiously await their updates on their lives.

The Sacconejolys are my absolute favorites! Emilia and Eduardo are just the cutest, funniest little babes ever! Jonathan is an amazing dad - so fun and silly. And Anna is an awesome mom, so sweet and obviously gorgeous! I never miss a video.

I love seeing the babes grow, and I am never bored, never skip videos, and am always entertained! Love, love, love!

8 Eh Bee Family

This family actually creates a variety of amazing content and doesn't just stick to one topic. They're awesome!

The Eh Bee family is so silly and loving. Miss Monkey and Mr. Monkey are silly, goofy children, and the parents are hilarious.

The whole family is so positive, happy, and funny. They are also very close.

9 Colleen Evans

Colleen, I see your successful marriage in your heart. I love the fact that you came up with the classic Miranda Sings. She is super funny, all thanks to you, Colleen and Joshua. Great choice of picking Colleen out of all those other girls. Wish you luck!

Her vlogs are so entertaining and enthralling. She meets up with her other YouTuber family members all the time, and they make the vlogs even better. Her brother, Chris, is in the top ten!

Colleen is so amazing, pretty, and kind. She makes my day better when I see her videos. She is funny and my favorite YouTuber.

10 The Nive Nulls

The Nive Nulls are my favorite family YouTube vloggers! They are hilarious and very inspiring. Real and down-to-earth people. I'm addicted to watching their vlogs, and I'm glad to have found them on YouTube. Their videos are very entertaining. The kids are adorable and silly. They're awesome parents, always complimenting their kids and doing fun activities with them. Good role models for what parents should aspire to be like.

They are a beautiful couple, and I'm glad that they are in the top ten. They truly deserve it. Big fan of The Nive Nulls!

The Contenders
11 ItsJudysLife

The most beautiful family I have ever seen. I feel incomplete whenever I miss one of their daily vlogs because they make us, or at least me, feel like we're part of their lives too. They don't hide when something's wrong, or when Judy and Benji have a bad day. It's just all real.

And of course, that's not just why they're my favorite vloggers. What about their cutie bears, Julianna, Miyako, and Keira? It makes me really happy to see them grow up and play around day by day, because I honestly have a baby obsession! There's no doubt that ItsJudysLife's videos are worth watching.

12 GabeBabeTV

Just love these people. They are the only family vlog I'm committed to. I love Gabe's drive to be and do better and love that she doesn't hide her inconsistencies and contradictions. I love that Babe loves her and Baby Ceej so much. I love Gabe's relationship with her mom, Nana, and her dad too.

Also, the many long-term friendships that Gabe has says a lot about her character. And lastly, and most importantly, no matter how much hate they get, they keep winning!

-TaliLove on YouTube

This family provides me with new information about local businesses, events, and sights that are new to me. I love watching their videos daily. Thank you, Gabe and Babe, for vlogging!


Hi Clintus and family. My name is Kristen Martin, and I love your videos. My favorite video is Water Park without Mom and Epic Nerf Gun Battle. It's my dream to meet you guys.

Love, Kristen Martin.

Wow, how this family is not up there with the Shaytards, I do not know. They are truly awesome.

You guys are my favorite. I like your Universal Studios Hollywood video. Keep it up!

14 AprilJustinTV

Awesome family. Very positive and complementary to each other and includes baby Liam. I've watched Life of Judy and got bored... Benji is a fake... Realtor? Living off his wife. They unsubscribed me just because I agreed with another viewer. Anyway, I love April, Justin, and Liam. He's such a happy baby.

I just started watching them, and they are so amazing! I was a really big Shaytards fan, then I started watching AprilandJustinTV. They are my new favorite family vlog channel! Baby Liam is so cute!

I love April, Justin, and little toddler Liam! They are such a positive family and make you feel happy when you're down.

15 Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia are my favorite vloggers to watch. They're a big inspiration to my family, and our whole family loves to sit and watch their daily videos. I think a lot of the criticism they receive has to do with the fact that they are Christians.

A lot of people forget that Christians aren't perfect and never claim to be. Yes, they make mistakes, but they're human. I love how real they are and that most of the time when they do make a mistake, they own up to it.

We have a new YouTube channel (TheWads), and when I first started watching Sam and Nia, it was when they were going through all of their drama, so I was kind of discouraged to watch. I eventually watched a few of their videos and fell in love with Nia! She is so sweet and kind, and Sam really, really reminds me of my husband!

Haha, I feel a strong connection to them and believe they are a wonderful family to follow!

16 ModernMom4Life

I am in my teens and obsessed with this family on YouTube! I got addicted to their channel right after I watched one of their videos last year, and ever since then, I haven't missed a day. I am in love with their family dynamic. The children look so loving towards one another, which is refreshing to see in this day and age. The parents are both funny and hardworking. They laugh together, sing together, and most importantly, love each other.

Overall, this family vlog is a must-see on YouTube. I promise that you won't regret it.


One of my top favorites ever! Even after their split, Jeana is so sweet and silly, and Jesse is so fun and creative. Love these two, no matter what they do!

18 JoshuaDTV

Joshua Evans is amazing. He's my favorite vlogger by far! It still blows my mind that he's dedicated enough to vlog every day for a year. We dingleberries get so much good content. Other than his vlogs, he posts challenges, music videos, and sponsor videos that he manages to make fun! Josh makes my day every day with his vlogs.

It means so much how open he is with us. He's vlogged when his childhood cat died, his honeymoon, and even his wedding! He vlogs every day and always tries his hardest to have a new vlog up daily. Josh really is my idol and inspiration. He works so hard, and it pays off. He creates such a great relationship with his viewers that we all feel like close friends!

Josh has even started doing live shows with a meet and greet, so he can meet as many of us as possible! Josh is so dedicated to YouTube, and I love him so much for it. He also has such a great message. His catchphrase is "be nice to people." People walk around with shirts and hats saying "be nice to people" because of him. Josh is so great.

I love him so much. His videos always cheer me up when I'm sad, and I know I can always talk to other dingleberries if I need someone to talk to. Josh is amazing.

19 J House Vlogs

Amazing family and so fun to watch! Dad is a lawyer, and mom is a former nurse who stays home with their four kids now. They homeschool and go on fun field trips often. Their four kids are the cutest, and especially their little three-year-old Caleb, who says the funniest things.

Something special about this vlog is the amazing video quality they have. Instead of feeling like you're watching regular home videos, the editing and music they add make it more like you're watching a real TV show! My kids and I watch every day without fail. It's the first thing the kids ask for every day. They are awesome!

20 KittiesMama

Can you sense this amazing family? Emma, you're super pretty, and Noah and Jonah are two amazing brothers with their little baby brother too! And their parents are amazing! Good job and keep up the good work!

This is a funny family that loves to be with each other. The kids are really goofy, and the videos are on point.

Great family with high values. Noah, Jonah, and Emma are constantly enjoying life.

21 Roman Atwood

I absolutely love their channel. It is amazing. Roman has turned into more of a family man but has still kept some of the dangerous and crazy things in his life and vlogs, which I love!

With all the busy stuff in his life, Roman and Britt still have time to play with Noah and Kane, manage their own business, and vlog!

They send such a positive message to the fans! Kane is so sweet!

22 OKBaby

I absolutely love watching their videos. I was hooked from the first one. They love traveling to meet up with their family and friends and are always light-hearted and guaranteed to make you laugh. Even though they're young parents, they are some of the best I've ever seen! And they're expecting their second baby!

Among all the family YouTubers, OKBaby are the best. You can never really get bored of watching them. They're fun, exciting, and very interesting. I'd really say they keep you alive. Way better than Shaytards, DailyBumps... Just a lot of people don't know them yet!

23 TeenyZ

Teeny's videos are amazing! I love Ask Teeny, watching her do challenges with her husband, and hearing weekly updates about baby girl McKenzie! Teeny has such a fun and uplifting family, and watching her videos makes me so excited to watch her family grow as McKenzie arrives!

Not to mention, I jam out to Teeny's intro every time. It's seriously my favorite intro on YouTube, and I'm not exaggerating! Oh, and her little boy, Jackson, is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen! I love seeing him grow up through videos!

Also, Teeny and Simon share so much with their viewers. Their dog Stella recently passed, and they're sharing the journey of losing her and getting a new dog with us. It makes me feel so connected to their family! TeenyZ is overall such a great channel!

24 Samika

They are so awesome and such a good-looking, always positive, amazing family. I can't wait for the little baby girl to come soon!

Sam, Jen, Liam, and Penelope, you four are like four peas in a family pod. You are so adorable and addicting. By addicting, I mean once you watch one video, you need to watch all the videos. Love you all to the moon and back.

I am hooked on them. I love seeing their family progress and grow.

25 Bamachick1101

They are so entertaining! Katie just has a talent with kids and is so beautiful inside and out. Cullen is super funny and entertaining and makes a fantastic dad. Gaines is so smart and is the most adorable toddler I have ever seen. Brooks just puts a smile on my face!

I've been subscribed since they first started and have been watching all of their baby journeys. Cullen is so funny and enjoyable to watch, Katie is gorgeous, and Miss Macey Gaines is the most precious little girl ever! Their vlogs are always fun to watch!

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