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1 AbyssWolf

Also known as Ahruon, the Butler Wolf of Pixels. He makes fantastic pixel-fanart of various games. I especially like his Super Smash Bros. work. It would be cool if he ends up working in the game industry in some way.

Glad to see he is #1 now. His work is incredible.

2 Jiminycricketfan007

I put her on the list. I felt bad for all the bashing she got. Like on ED and Kiwifarms. her skills was good.

Lets make her number 1

3 Aozee

Check out his drawings of Anna and elsa from frozen. They're hot

4 BlackBy

Is a really talented Star Fox fanartist (mostly Krystal) and actually draws them very accurately, too. Awesome gallery.

5 BatCrAcKeRs

Sonic artist who draws and colors like a professional. Too bad that this account isn't that active as much anymore.

6 Coonfoot
7 Chopfe

The pictures where he makes fun of Pooh's Adventures are hilarious. Pooh's Adventures is an awful fad that needs to end, already.

His gallery is good and has got a surreal look to it. Makes fun of Pooh's Adventures and the worst animated movies ever. "Rareware is better off with Microsoft U MAD BRO" is one of his best pictures.

8 cresentsephiroth7

Doesn't everyone complain and rant on fandoms? Anyways, this user is pretty chill once you get to know her.

9 NintendoStarKnight
10 ChibiLozzy
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11 Nintendrawer

The best Nintendo artist ever. She makes amazing comics.

Her art and comics are amazing.

Luigi is so funny in her comics.

12 yuumei

She is the most amazing artist there is.
Not only is she an environmental activist, her artwork is absolutely breath-taking. The amount of watchers she has definitely reflects her talent.

Her drawing skills exceed most people. Also, she cares for our world and often would spread the news via beautiful art. I enjoyed her drawings.

She puts meaning into her pictures. And she likes the environment. Yeah!

13 Bart-Toons

Screw his haters! His artwork's is awesome. And Japan really does suck! (So much, ugh)

At least, he doesn't request people to draw Leni and Luna as VSCO girls or make them use cuss words!

14 mutantninjadragon

Her art is insanely good and she deserves more followers than she already has!

15 kitten12376
16 DJ88

Like Rath-Raholand, DJ88 does not belong on this list.

Thankfully, no one added any more Shenzi, Banzai and Ed fans (and TLK fans in general) to this list yet, but hopefully it will stay that way.

Hating an artist and claiming they're a bad/one of the worst artists because they draw characters you hate is childish.

She would've been a better artist if she didn't draw pictures of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. I hate those three with a passion.

17 DemiseMAN
18 Apofiss

Check out his artwork, especially that little baby Dory fish from Finding Dory, you'll be amazed

19 Bleedman

I love his fan-art, I love his webcomics on SNAFU as I follow him, I love how he made his interpretation of the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and other cartoon characters from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney and etc. I really wish that both Bunny and Bliss would be in the PPGD webseries as well as he's good at redrawing rebooted characters in Anime-styled!
- Mangelo212.

Best anime & digital artist ever, especially his PPGD webcomics!

20 XxCandy-SwirlxX
21 Saiiko
22 chibi-jen-hen

She is very talented and amazing.

23 Dragonith
24 Aidec-Naberrie
25 StickFreeks‎
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