Top 10 Best Kids On Kids React

Kids React is a internet show made by The Fine Bros. and it immediately became an internet sensation. The kids are what make the show great, but which kids, whether in a few or almost all episodes, are the best?
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1 William

GAHH! I absolutely LOVE LOVE William! He's my crush, even though I'm a year older than him, but it's okay... He's smart, cute, adorable, amazing, and mature for his age. He's like a boy version of me and I think we would get along together well when we meet!.. I haven't seen him in Kids React nowadays, but I respect his decision because we all know he's busy with family, friends, minecraft, or school... In my opinion, he's the funniest and has the best reactions in Kids React! I wouldn't know what to do when I'm bored, but now, I would watch Kids React (the same episodes with William over and over again) just to hear his hilarious reactions, voice and face... I love William so much... And William, if you're reading this, thank you for everything! I love you.

Wiliam? William the great you mean?
Yeah~ He's the best kid in the show. He makes my day better, no kidding. I was like all mad at my stupid classmates and when I watched this video with him on it, guess what, right, I had a good laugh. Especially when he said that he didn't want to live anymore because of his generation. I agree with you! I'm a year older, if not, maybe just months and I always say the same thing when talks about our generation comes up in a class discussion.

2 Lia Lia Marie Johnson is an American actress, singer and Internet personality notable for appearing in a various web series created by the Fine Brothers, including the Emmy-winning web series Kids React, and for her own vlogging and social media output.

! Lia has always been the best kid ever! No doubt! I've seen every single video with lia in it. And to be honest... I've always had a big crush on lia... I love you lia! And I hope you see this!

Lia is the best! She so funny, and she has the same taste as me. When she says something I agree with it. She may have switched to teens react but, she should sill be the number 1.

I really like Lia. She is cute and a good singer. I love her, me and my friend have a crush on her. We've seen every episode with her in it. We also love her on MyMusic. It's a awesome show. She is also a very awesome actor.

3 Sydney

Sydney is like just pure awesomeness! A huge fan of her. My ideal type of girl but shes 6 years younger than me. It is probably because she is so mature for her age and just gives me a feeling that she is like my age. Perhaps that is what draws me closer to her. Hope to see more of her. And she will grow into one hell of a lady!

Sydney is extremely clear-headed. Although I'm a fan, I think sometimes the show infantilizes the kids - but Sydney refuses to be infantilized. She's an independent thinker and I look forward to seeing where she goes in life.

She's clever and headstrong, good at passing the vibe check. Raised to be egotistical without being egoistic. She's passionate about what makes good music good, beyond what is merely parroting the popular opinion.

4 Lucas

Lucas is a tiger. He doesn't quite understand it, doubts and doesn't always trust his instinct, like tiger people often do, because they've been taught to believe they don't know the true nature of the world, that they don't possess "arcane insight". And just as commonly, he is a bit scared, that he could succumb to using his power for selfish ends, for evil, as is so normalised in today's society and culture, because he only wants order and justice, he'd rather not be a scummy filthy human. He does need to bolster himself against that negative influence, to protect his purity.

Lucas reminds me a lot of myself when I was around his age, which is what makes him charming. He's funny, he's in your face and he's cynical and it works to his advantage. He's a genuine Damian Bravo.

Lucas is one of my favorite. He is so cute with his expression and beautiful ninjas eyebrow. The Skip It Episode drives me crazy. I watched him playing that so well and seems really enjoying it much.

5 Athena

She is the type of person would want to be friends with. I love her style. She seems so nice. She is down to earth. She cares for others and sticks up for them. She has. Good name as well. Her nerd glasses are awesome! I have the same pair. Why the stuffed animal though? Laugh out loud

I love Athena because she always expresses herself with the glasses and the koala and she always seems to really say what she thinks, not what somebody else said about the topic. I think she is just a great person on Kids React.

Athena seems like a very honest person and I love that about her. It's like what you see is what you get. She is real and unique. I love her bubbly personality and she is hilarious!

6 Jaxon

Well, I've voted almost a zillion times now.. Here's probably my last thing to say about him: He is one of the smartest and most logical kids on React. It's actually hard to believe that he's gonna be on Teens React soon, and I know that most fans who have been around a long time have already seen how he has changed over the years. As a fan who has been a fanpage for him over a year now, it's amazing to say that he is literally the most decent guy I know on Instagram. He replies to fans, acknowledges their work for him, and even shows a little bit of his support to fans who need it most. Being a fan of Jaxon and Kids React for over a year has given me a chance to find out how the heck these creepy fangirls obsess over him so creepily and most importantly: Why they choose to be so..."INTERESTING" in the comments, and some DMs that show up once in a while. Back to the real point here, Jaxon is an awesome kid who has the awesome life he says he does. Please don't turn out like other stereotypical Middle/High school guys, because you may contribute to giving everyone a bit of faith in humanity.

7 Dylan

I love dylan so much! He's pretty much the nicest and he is so cute and besides, he is so calm like a little turtle <3, once I was watching this video called kids react to kpop and he was like the only one that said it was good unlike people like athena and william, athena was a little offensive and william was just loud and saying bad things the whole time. I still like dylan the most! He's so adorable

He is really an adorable kid in kids react. His comments are really interesting and mind blowing. I love his accent. and every time I watch kids react I am wondering what Dylan will react this time. And I will always remember the phrases when episode kids react to smosh. "let me eat the sushi with my blood on it", slightly creepy, but unforgettable. two tumbs up for Dylan

God I love dylan he is so adorable and cute I really hope that when I have a little brother he'll be just like dylan because that would be so ' cool. The only reason I watch kids react is to see dylan!

8 Morgan

I love Kids React, and I don't know if I have a favorite, But if I had to pick, it would be a definite Morgan! She is so adorable and deserves to be number one! Morgan, if you are reading this, I want to tell you to never ever change! You are so adorable! Your opinions are great! You are so sweet! I love you and half of the reason I watch kids react is to see your reactions. Keep doing Kids React!
Your #1 Fan-

I just love the way she's always playing and being so nice to everyone! Almost every episode she runs over and starts reenacting something for us, and it's just so adorable and if I were there, I, too, would find it irresistible to join her! In her words, "Do you want to play with me? " :) So cute!

She is so cute! I love how well spoken she is, seems very mature for her age and of all of the videos I've seen with her, I generally have the same opinion she does! Keep up the awesomeness, Morgan!

9 Bryson

He's totally awesome, his comments are hilarious, he's very cute, the coolest person on kids react. He is my favourite on kids react, I would totally want to meet him, yes I agree because he is just very cute and the best!

I love Bryson he's so funny and he's like so cute! Sometimes I wonder if I'm like the only one who thinks that but like come on he's so awesome I would totally want to meet him

He's just awesome and really cute and I always laugh when he says something and he's the coolest kid on the kids react.

10 Emma R.

EMMA is so adorable and shes so smart and cute about everything! I love how she said she loved the type writer and said shed want it and talked about no wasting electricity! She was like the only person along with like one other person who beat all the levels in the super MEAT BOY game and didn't give up. She always shows such knowledge and wisdom shes THE BEST!

She's adorable. Speaks with a cute accent. If I'm not mistaken, that *CUTE* voice that comes with the cats, was hers wasn't it?

Emma says some of the best stuff ever. I want her and Morgan to sing a song together, it would be so CUTE!

The Contenders
11 Maxim

He's adorable and his reactions are really thoughtful and sincere! He's quite smart too and I admire him for being open to the new stuff they come across at the show. I really like the fact that he's so fascinated with Science and Technology as well! I would love to have a lil' bro just like him and we would talk about things that fascinates us all day long. Good job to his parents for bringing him up like that!

Maxim is just cute as a button, and I like how modest and practical he is in his approach to life and the future, so confident in himself and his ambition, that I'm 100% convinced he will be an astrophysicist/engineer par excellence. He also seems like he'd be working out for the sake of his head as much as his body, but I still think he's a sexy little muscle troll.

Is it just me or does it seem like maxim always has a 200 dollar haircut? he is stylish, so smart, a smile to die for and is turning into a pretty sexy young man. russian boys always seem to be. sadly, I will never be in america so I have to love him from afar. but I have my imagination and I imagine him laying back, eyes closed while I feast on his plump russian sausage. watching him quiver while I accept his sticky milkshake as far down my throat I can take it.

12 Marlhy

Marlhy is so unique because she's an actress, vegetarian, musician in several bands, plays several instruments and sings, (but is known for drumming), travels every year between Texas & California, has a kind heart (charity/volunteer work), has a collection of hats, has many devoted fans, and of course is fun to watch on react shows. She started off little, cute & adorable, and by now has grown to be a lovely, gorgeous tween. Over the years she started giving mature, smart reactions too, which shows she was raised & taught very well in her home-schooling experience.

Marlhy, if you ever read this then please remember these words: Marlhy Murphy you are perfect and an amazing person, Jesus maybe God's son but you are God's daughter. Nothing is better than watching you on kids react and listening to your amazing music

Marlhy is a vegetarian like me. She says it in kids react to epic meal time.
I also saw a youtube video of her and she is great at drumming. She has funny reactions like in the nyan cat one she is like Jees cat! That is pretty funny

13 Seth

Ohmygod. Seth is just so adorable and cute. In every episode of kids or teens react that I watch I'm always hoping that he'd be there. He's just incredibly cute and adorable just being himself. I honestly wish there was a way of contacting him or something and I guess it's really cool that other people like him too.

The first time I saw him in one of the episodes in my head was "I've never seen such a handsome guy in my life! " Ever since that day Seth is the only thing in my mind. HE IS SO CUTE! I just love his personality and I don't know who wouldn't! I LOVE YOU SETH!

He's so funny and cute and always says the same thing I would've said. Seth is smart and nerdy, making him INCREDIBLY perfect in my mind. He just has an amazing personality that everyone should love.

14 Jake

Reminds me of me when I was his age. Like... A lot. Be well, Jake. And don't rub it in too much that you're smarter than everyone else.

Jake is the best! His comedy was great, and it's too bad he is gone! Hopefully he comes back.

He is so cute! Reminds me ofy boyfriend. Even though jake is 2 years older than me, he is still cute.

15 Landon

He's cute. He's also so funny and a great personality. I think he's the best! Watch kids react to nyan cat, that's the first video I first saw him in.

He is so handsome, , is funny, have great sense and personality, and is so landed. Totally my favourite

He is hot and so cut good personality really funny and your truthful!

16 Olivia

Olivia is my favorite kid on kids react. All of my friends have crushes on her, including me. She is funny, beautiful, and is not afraid to give her honest opinion. I wish all girls were like Olivia. Does anyone know if she has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I would really like to talk to her. I hope to see more of Olivia!

There aren't nearly enough young women like Olivia around: thoughtful, beautiful, expressive, and truly GOOD. (I certainly wish she'd been around, when I was that age. ) She's a young lady with a lot of maturity and class for her age, and one is really eager to see the kind of person she'll grow up into.

I have never seen someone as beautiful, pretty, smart and funny girl as olivia. I need to know her surname because I really want to talk to her on Facebook or whatever! Now I am 12 and I can say that that girl have something really beautiful in her soul and eyes!

17 Elle

Elle, you look just like me when I was a kid! It's amazing, we even sound alike. My 10-year-old son has a crush on you. You are bright, honest, confident, cool, and you're already making the world a better place. Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

K &... Anonymous

She seems really kind, smart, and accepting. Even though she's always happy and cheerful, when she says something serious it sounds thoughtful and genuine. One of the smartest people on the show

Elle is so beautiful! She is as mature as an adult, and is insightful. I'm barely older than her, and I have a MAJOR crush on her. I hope I get to meet her one day!

18 Troy

Laugh out loud so this might sound kind of silly but I cry over Troy. Yeah, I know, laugh your heart out, but really. I have a HUGE crush on him, laugh out loud he is just so cute and funny! Sometimes I actually felt depressed thinking about how he doesn't even know I exist (literally) and how I am never going to meet him. I pray every night that I will see him somewhere besides my computer screen, and now, I actually want to marry him! He is about my age and I just wish that I can see his handsome face in my life. Well, there. My thoughts.

HAH. I love troy so much and I get this feeling of emptiness inside thinking about how I'll never meet him. I've cried just thinking about how much I want him and how I want to see his adorable little smirk and sweet smile and freckles ah. he captured me immediately from the first time I saw him on Masterchef Junior. Now I rewatched all the episodes and I watched the episode of deadtime stories he was on and most of his kids reacts I'm trying to watch them all. basically, I'm obsessed and I love him and I'm almost 14 and he is 14 so were like the same age. 5 months is no big difference in age, like there are people in my grade I'm 7 months older than. but yeah. troy is bæ and I would kill to be with him, I'd even kill to meet him.

19 Dash

Dash is so smart and cute. I wish I knew this kid in real life, he looks like a very good person, in my opinion.

Dash makes the cutest funny faces. He's just 9 years old but he's very mature for his age, always saying the right thing and everything

Dash is cool, funny, awesome, and should stay on kids react. It would be ruined without him!

20 Maiya

She's not in many videos I've seen, but she cracks me up whenever she's there. I love how sarcastic and dry her humour is and the disapproving looks she gives are hilarious

I was on the floor when she brought up the California Knockout, like it's just a casual thing

Maiya is a lovely teen girl who totally charms me. She just really makes me laugh. Keep it up!

She has the same name as me! Laugh out loud

21 Lydon

I have a total crush on her and I love her she is all I could ask from a girl. I know it is not possible for me to ever in my life meet her and it is a pain for me to have to live with that. I just love her wired and beautiful style of being herself and I am very similar to her in so many ways and I love her but I don't know how to describe her. she is perfect.

She is my BFF for real if anyone wants to know she is so nice and she owns 2 peacocks 2 goats over 100 chickens 16 rabbits 5 Guinea pigs 3 dogs and 2 cats. I really like being friends with her.

Lydon is the best kid on kids react. I saw her when the rest of the kids reacting to just do it. She is awesome, funny, cute, and nice. Ps lydon will you be my girlfriend and marry me?

22 Jayka

I love this girl she is so gorgeous. I understand that she is not included at the top 10 and it is because she's not really active at the react series cause she have more things that she need to do like in justice. I love her! She is so kind and beautiful. I swear if I were to rank the people in the react series she would be number 1. Jayka is the best ever. I am sorry that this so long I just love her so much!

Jayka is AWESOME! Me and her have so much in common! We both hate sports, we are both Filipino and we are both into fashion. And who can forget we both hate Trump! She should be higher on this list. Same with Krischelle, Caden and Jaxon. She is pretty, smart and just right down PERFECT!

She is cool and amazing. I love her reactions on 'Kids eat caviar' That was really funny!

23 Mikaela

She is so beautiful. I have a huge crush on her. Marry me please!

She is every thing, can't be described in words.

Mikaela is one word... Awesome. Love you mikaela!

24 Everhet

He's so funny and I love them so mutch! He's just so sweet and bautyfull he's like an angel! He's so awesome and he's so adorable! He's the best child in the world! I love you everhet! You're the best person in the world! Give me kiss!

No, he's the worst kid on Kids React! He broke my heart in the Caramelldansen video! He said, "No more Japanese animated dance videos! ". I'm going to kill him so hard, he'll die to death!

His face is so nice. His eyes are amazing and just ugh. Also, he's really funny and gives great comments

25 Gabe

Gabe is just too adorable. He is my favorite out of EVERYONE, because his smile is always big, he sounds hilarious, and he seems like a good friend. Gabe truly is my favorite. I think that Gabe should get more time. Although he seems a bit shy, he does not usually get a lot of time to talk. I think that he is amazing, including his long, Dirty blond hair. I have every reason to love Gabe to pieces. (not in a creepy way) Gabe is awesome and the best. All the other kids seem smart, cute, and pleasant, too, but Gabe exceeds expectations and honestly shines above the rest. If Gabe is reading this, he should know that I, Kayla, absolutely adore you!
Your biggest fan

His facial expressions and giggles are fun to watch. Gabe's reactions are modest, but they seem well thought.

He has the most adorable smile and he is super cute!
He is also very hard to get laughing.
Gabe is also very smart.

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