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1 chuggaaconroy Emiliano "Emile" Rodolfo Rosales-Birou, also known as Emile Rosales and best known as Chuggaaconroy, is an American internet personality and prominent Let's Player.

Came here solely to make sure that Chuggaa was number one, and I'm not surprised that he is. He's the perfect blend of "Let's Player" and informative walkthroughs. He's hilarious, his editing skills are amazing, he's family-friendly, and just an overall pleasant person to listen to. I think the one thing of his that stands out from every other Let's Player though is his passion, and how much work he puts into every single thing that he does. He spends months, sometimes more than 12 even, dedicating time to researching games before he plays them. He's always so into the game he's playing and it's definitely amazing to watch. Truly one of the most unique people out there. I could never say enough good about him.

2 Nintendo Capri Sun

Truly, the best Let's Player on YouTube. He is funny with all his jokes and in-game commentary. He has various memorable quotes such as "So Happy," "Get Some More Toilet Paper," and my personal favorite, "In the Bathroom." Many people have said that watching his videos has changed their lives. I know that it did for me. Just overall, an excellent person and awesome commentating skills.

NCS was the first Let's Player I seriously started watching, and I have to say that he truly is special. He is one of the few that I feel make it fun to watch with hilarious commentary that makes you laugh even at some serious moments. He changes people's lives and has some super amazing life stories to share. He is an all-around great guy and makes amazing videos of amazing games.

3 Proton Jon

ProtonJon is the best let's player in terms of hilarity and information! I especially enjoy his commentating with another person, but by himself he is very funny too! He has this "lemony narrator" aspect between him and he is my favorite RunawayGuy as well!

He might not be the very best Let's Player ever (that honor goes to Chuggaaconroy), but he's still a really good one and deserves a higher spot. Even Chuggaaconroy himself thought ProtonJonSA was better than him!

Very hard to decide between the three RunawayGuys, but my gut tells me to choose Jon.

4 MasaeAnela

Masae may be best friends with Chuggaa, but that's not why she's quickly becoming the most popular female Let's Player. She has her own personality, one she's not afraid to embrace. Masae has come a long way since her low-quality, camcorder LPs of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. She has shown that it doesn't matter who you are. If you have a passion for what you do, you can make it anywhere. She's an unstoppable force of positivity.

Super dedicated and amazing female Let's Player who definitely holds a place of her own. While a lot of games she does might not be new games, Masae adds her own spin to them and is really just awesome. Also, her artwork is phenomenal.

5 Lucahjin

Lucahjin is incredible, she's my favorite let's player hands down and beats the boys by a mile. She's hilarious, has awesome commentary, and includes her viewers better than any other let's player I've seen. My hat's off to Lucahjin, that chick flat out rocks.

Lucahjin is such a good Let's Player. She has great voice acting, good humor, and plays good games. She is probably the best female Let's Player. Furthermore, "Miss No Arms" also thinks she's the best.

An amazing Let's Player! Her current Superstar Saga Let's Play is amazing, and her Super Paper Mario Let's Play was the best Let's Play of 2014! Funny, cool, and just awesome!

6 ZeldaMaster2010

ZeldaMaster was my first Let's Player I ever watched when I got into the whole YouTube Gaming Community and was my inspiration for the Let's Play portion of my Gaming Channel. He's the best! Unique, consistent, and very funny, his voice is what keeps his comedy on point. And he is one of the most epic Let's Players of all time, with the little epic touches he adds to his videos!

7 Shofu
8 PeanutButterGamer

PeanutButterGamer is a great Let's player. I remember watching him a year ago about to go to Michigan with my new computer and remembering how he made things into great jokes. He is very funny and very entertaining to watch even though I'm ok with him being 10th I will still vote for him.

He's awesome, quirky, and so funny! I love his videos so much, especially his top tens. Him, AttackingTucans, and PurpleRodri are the best.

He is hilarious, and I haven't watched one of his videos without laughing.

9 MadameWario

Really great videos. Puts a lot of work into her videos, and they are very entertaining.

Cares about her viewers and is really entertaining to listen to.

She's really funny because she's super casual.

10 Necroscope86

The dude is a British Let's Player and has done thousands and thousands of videos on so many games. He has tripled his subscribers in the past couple of years (81,000 I believe), and he is pretty funny. Lots of dry humor, but the way he tries not to curse and uses other words is funny. How he makes fun of himself when he misses something or can't solve a puzzle is comical! Please check his channel out! He really is an underrated Let's Player.

I would highly recommend this Let's Player. He is so funny and goes out of his way to explore games as fully as possible. The broad range of available playlists means that his channel has something for pretty much anyone.

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11 PlayingWithMahWii
12 JoshJepson

Josh is one of the very few Let's Players who actually try to please his fans. He has an excellent sense of humor that never gets old when trying to watch his videos. Truly one of the best Let's Players, and definitely deserves a spot on this list.

For sure one of the funniest people I have seen on YouTube! Not too random (Pewdiepie, Markiplier) but not entirely boring (Captain Sparklez). Nice job, Josh!

13 SlimKirby

One of the most laid-back Let's Players I've known. His Fortune Street and Mario Party videos really stand out.

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! He's the Let's Player you know...

14 SuperJeenius

I was first introduced to SuperJeenius through The Runaway Guys tournaments, and decided to look at some of his LPs. He's quickly become my favorite Let's Player. His commentary is witty and fast-paced, and he always puts tons of effort into his projects. He's extremely entertaining, and I highly recommend his LPs.

The most normal person I see. All else I can say? He's funny. He's really just kind of normal and reasonable. Most of his videos are a bit longer and kind of relaxing.

SuperJeenius is amazing. He got me into the Persona series, his commentary is hilarious, and he is a very easy Let's Player to watch for viewers of all ages.

15 Achievement Hunter

They have the term "Let's Play" trademarked. I'll let that sink in. Also, they just make hilarious content. I agree with another voter that they have Let's Plays down to a science. They know what people like, how to connect with their community, and somehow satisfy that little primal urge for occasional chaos we all crave.

These men have the art of Let's Plays down to a science. They always deliver on the comedic gold, have good video ideas, and all of them add an element to the group that is irreplaceable. 10/10, would watch at parties.

16 Thekwings
17 UberHaxorNova

Nova is personally my favorite Let's Player because there isn't a single video he has that is boring, and he is one of the only Let's Players that legitimately makes me laugh really hard. Even in real-life videos, everything about him is funny.

One thing I like about Nova is the fact that he can make rage videos that are always good for a laugh (the "Yup" playlist is a good example of these). Yet, at the same time, he can make videos that show his serious side extremely well.

Hilarious and always fun to watch. He may not be the most observant or best player, but he has fun with each video, making sure the viewer shares the experience.

18 Kikoskia
19 Sir Ron Lion Heart
20 StephenPlays

StephenPlays is my favorite Let's Player of all time. His content is very funny but not in an inappropriate way like AttackingTucans. Things only get better when he plays games with his wife, Mal, who adds an extra layer of fun and hilarity to the mix. He updates daily, so you get new content every day at the same time consistently. He genuinely cares about his fans.

He also has a vlogging channel (StephenVlog), which is just as good and gives you an insight into their daily lives.

I first learned about this guy through Chuggaaconroy, and he slowly advanced to my status of favorite Let's Player ever. I enjoy his blind Let's Plays, his normal Let's Plays, his collaborative Let's Plays, his demos, and his collaborations. He does a ton of different things, including quite possibly the best vlog on YouTube, and they are all thoroughly entertaining and very funny.

21 ShadowMarioXLI

His Mario sports LPs are some of the most engaging I've seen on YouTube! His commentary is fast-paced and exciting. Highly recommended!

22 Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Why did I vote for him? He's the best. He's funny, like really funny, but not in the stupid way. He cheers me up, and for some reason, I just like his voice. He's not annoying, and he interacts with the watcher. I enjoy watching him. He's (mostly) clean in his videos, which is a plus for me, and he is the one who got me to actually like video games. And shout out to my brother, who got me to watch him!

He is a wonderful person, and his heart's in the right place. He is sometimes clueless in some games, but he makes it hilarious anyway. Mark is good at his LPs because he can adapt to many personalities to make his videos entertaining (e.g., Warfstache, Darkiplier, etc.). And I also know that people hate him, but that's just because so many people love him already. Little do they know that they contribute to his fame.

If Markiplier ever sees this, keep on being a humble and lovely person, Mark! You're on the right track!


My first LP'er, has a sarcastic/dry sense of humor, but when all the creatures are together, no one is more hilarious.

Seamoose is the most sarcastic Let's Player. He's also quite the Dark Souls expert.

24 Two Best Friends Play

Honestly, they make you feel just like a part of the group. They appreciate their fans and make it feel like you're actually hanging out with your best pals.

While not as popular on their own channel away from Machinima, they still retain their raunchy yet hilarious charm.

They have some knowledge about how games are supposed to work (mechanics/frame rates/formats due to them actually working on indie and mainstream games occasionally).

They know a fair bit about many of the consoles that have been released from the early machines to the latest generations.

Their reactions to in-game events are genuine and really funny.

25 kootra
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