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1 Homestuck

I love the comic itself, but most of all I love the music that plays during the animated sequences! The music, composed by masterminds such as Toby Fox (Undertale, Deltarune) and George Buzinkai, really make the comic all the more dramatic. My favorite song is "Descend," composed by Toby Fox, in which he utilizes leitmotifs (melodies of other songs that represent a character, place, or idea) so that the entire song has you looking back and reminiscing. All in all, the music in this webcomic is spectacular!

Homestuck is the most amazing thing I have ever read. It's about four kids who discover a game that can alter reality. Well, stuff happens and they end up entering a world with undefeatable enemies who enjoy random killing sprees, salamander people, and Andrew Hussies all over the place. It is hilarious, depressing, lovable, and also hate-able all at once. Homestuck to me is very well written and thought-out. Yes, it is boring during the first act. Yes, the animations in the first act SUCK. But it is totally worth it.

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2 Paranatural

It was very hard for me to decide between this and Homestuck. I chose Paranatural because even though I love Homestuck, Paranatural has made me laugh a lot more than Homestuck will.
This comic is full of humor and action, and it is completely relatable.

"Make peace with your god, hotdog froth, for this is the day he dies! " Man this comic is the bomb

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3 Unsounded

Just started it, and I'm already hooked.

4 The Silver Eye
5 Property of Hate

This is a web comic that the creator seems to know exactly what it is doing.

It takes imagination and lets loose. Fears, Lies, Doubts, Grief, each one a creature in this comic.

The trees are one of the most powerful things in this!

Don't take that as meaning the characters are weak though..

Seeing the things these characters can do is amazing! You ever seen a sock yell mutliple words at once? So loud it can stun two creatures more than 50 times it's size?

It was a first for me as well.

The characters though-
Each one is so unique in design and personality.

While a few may literally be a sock, or chair. Others are much more complex, such as Julienne, a bird like creature with ballerina shoes for her head and feet (her wings appearantly taste like candy! ). Or Melody, a large creature made purely of instruments!

Not to mention the plot!
At the time of writing this, the plot has yet to fully be revealed. But with what has been seen, wowza!

So many forms of entertainment are gonna be given a run for their money!

The art. Oh the art!
It's beautiful.

Seeing the way it grows over the course of the comic just makes it better. The colors mesh so wonderfully, knowing EXACTLY what it wants to get across.

Whether it be the business of a market, or the chaos that comes with fear...
It's amazing.

I highly suggest you check this out if you are 12 (maybe 13) or above!

It's worth a read!

6 Gunnerkrigg Court

A bit draggy at times, but the world is interesting, and it SEEMS to be nearing it's conclusion.

Some of the story lines aren't incredibly well thought out, but most of them are great.

You people have terrible taste.

7 Girl Genius

What I expected: quirky scientists and not much else. What I got: high stakes, Heroic Fantasy, grand battles, wild plot twists, worldbuilding, adventure ... and cartoonishly quirky scientists all in between. Would recommend!

The plot is interesting. It's not really deep or anything, but it's a fun thrill ride and the characters are pretty awesome!

8 Supernormal Step
9 Cyanide & Happiness

This is way too high on the list. Lazy art, over-reliance on dark humor, and no punchline does not make a good webcomic. I'll admit that it does have its moments, but overall, this series is dumb.

This webcomic is so awesome
Not just comics... its shorts and show so awesome too

10 Cucumber Quest

Homestuck is somewhat better but this is good from beginning to end… even though, just like Homestuck is it not done yet. P.S some webcomics exists as regular comics too.

Probably my 2nd favorite webcomic after Homestuck. I love the art and find the characters hilarious.

Why are all the things I want to vote on not on this list!?

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11 Stand Still. Stay Silent

Scandinavian post apocalyptic story, a slow read but good characters and art. Again, best read in large sections, not per update.

One of the best long running story webcomics around, with unarguably some of the best artwork.

12 Ava's Demon

Ava's Demon has by far the best art style I've ever seen in a webcomic. Not only that, but the story is well written and organized. Parts of the story quite literally made me gasp at how amazing it is, along with the characters who deal with power struggles as well as pacts where both ends of a deal must be fulfilled. The only con I found while reading it is that you get so immersed in the story that you get sad once you're all caught up with the updates. This webcomic has much potential and it has only begun. There is a lot more to come, and I'm really excited for when Monday and Thursday stride on by

Fantastic art, story, and characters. By far the most underrated comic I have ever read, and well over deserves more praise. The art is phenomenal (but what do you expect when the creator of this worked on pixar). The story and premise is fantastical and epic in every sense of the definition. Not to mention the wonderful and lovable characters who you can quickly get attached to. Overall a fantastic read, and is still going on right now! 10/10

13 xkcd

Must read for every geek. Scientifically accurate and educational facts alongside interesting philosophical observations and pop culture references. Has spawned many memes and projects that go way beyond the comic. So deep that there is a community wiki interpreting every strip in detail. Interactive comics that can enjoy for hours.

He worked for NASA the writer of this comic. He also has a book, What If. Check it out

14 Devil's Candy
15 Girly
16 Brawl In the Family

Focuses on lighthearted parodies of Nintendo characters, and I became so hopelessly addicted that I read all 600 of them when I came upon it.

A funny semi-popular video game parody internet web comic parody internet comic strip about Nintendo characters!

17 Cut Time
18 Twokinds

Just a great story

Great story, great design and characters you'll fall in love with

19 Digger

One of the best, tightest storylines out there, with quirky characters, dry humor, and an eventually-epic scope...Digger is unforgettable!

Huh. Fifth place is exactly where I would have put it. Cool.

Excellent character and story.

20 Snow by Night
21 Misfile
22 Not A Villain

There are so many small details that make this story great:

1) It is a story about internal struggles, and trying to make oneself a better person. It shows very realistically how that is very difficult; the protagonist has to deal with temptations, with overshooting her changes, with not noticing some things that she should change, etc.

2) It shows that even after a world wide catastrophe on the apocalyptic scale, human nature is still human nature. People will still want entertainment, there will still be the rich and the poor, cultural divisions, misunderstanding of geniuses, etc.

3) But it also shows how much people will fear the probable cause of the apocalypse.

4) It is also a puzzle, I like to try work out what is going on behind the scenes; the comment section is full of speculation. The author does not answer these speculations directly in the comments, but rather lets the comic itself answer these speculations or give further hints; which adds to ...more

23 El Goonish Shive

What the hell is doing so low? This should be number one instead of Homestuck (which is overrated).

I'd vote on it, for one.

24 Questionable Content

I'm going to vote for Questionable Content, cause it is simply an engaging story with great characters that I think deserves to get more readership. The series starts out focused on indie young adults, then moves out over time to reveal a whole world filled with AI and their interactions with the main human characters. Definitely worth a read, especially if you like sarcasm.
also seriously how dumbing of age and dinosaur comics not top 20

25 Bi-Morphon

It is a nice clean science fiction story, definitely one of my favourites. The only qualm I have with it is the uncanny coincidences that occur a couple of times, but many stories have those so I cannot complain.

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