Top 10 BFB (Battle for BFDI) Contestants

BFB, the newest installment to the world of object shows, has quite a large cast of contestants. But who exactly are the best of the bunch?

Also please submit actual contestants on the list. Recommended characters and hosts don't count.
The Top Ten
1 Flower

She has improved a lot recently. No, I am not talking about Book. People would have hated her at BFDI, which is common due to the fact that most people hated her back in the day.

But now at BFB, I would really like to see her improve, and she did. She changed for the greater good of her character and personality. And whatnot, she is one funny character. 9.9/10, almost got me there.

She's just had a lot of character development, and she's come so far. From getting out first to winning the whole thing, unlike some of the other characters on this list, she's actually a good character. *Cough* *cough* Black Hole.

2 Black Hole

Black Hole is one of my favorites. He is a nice guy, but he has an ability that goes against everything he believes in (not causing death).

He has a chill personality, and that is what makes him really awesome. He is amazing and even agreed to get annoying Bomby a banana. Really good character, and if he gets eliminated, I will probably cry myself to sleep.

Black Hole is probably the funniest character. He is also so simple that anyone could have made him, but his creation was perfection. Too bad he was right below the threshold to join BFDIA.

3 Woody

I suppose that by association, some of Blocky's attributes that make him likable carry over to Woody. I find it funny how the two characters I liked most as a child, Rocky and Woody, share names with far more well-known things.

I'm impressed Woody is trying to face his fears, and doing that makes him a good character. He may have a chance of winning.

I think Woody always tried his hardest just to be brave and strong, as portrayed in BFB 22. That balsaboi is definitely my favorite character.

4 Pin

Leafy says, "You are currently the 44th nicest person around here. Of course, I'm first." Pin says, "I doubt that." Then Leafy says, "You are currently the 45th nicest person around here."

Pin is so sweet! She is great and was literally made to be one of the best! Her personality is great, and I wish she was in the new BFB season.

Pin truly became one of my favorites, along with Coiny, because of BFB 6. The scene is so remarkable.

5 Leafy

Leafy is the best character, and I love her! She is so kind, and she helps the team a lot and doesn't want others to feel bad. I know some people think she's a boy, but she's a GIRL, even though her voice is deep.

Many contestants don't treat her fairly or kindly. She should get more attention.

She's such an interesting character. From her paranoia and overcontrolling nature to the way she tries so hard to help but ends up making things worse, to her feeling like she's the only nice person and that she deserves more gratitude, she's just so complex and fun to psychoanalyze.

6 Taco

Wow, this top ten is full of overrated characters. Also, how the heck is Black Hole at the top right now?

Anyway, Taco is actually a good character who exhibits her own flaws as well as good qualities and has gone through a lot of struggles throughout the story. There are a lot of underrated characters who deserve to be higher than they are on this list, but Taco gets my vote because I think she's the best character this season.

I have empathy for Taco. I feel like I'm sometimes treated the same way she is by her team, though not to the crazy extent of Book. Book became a terrible character in BFB.

Anyways, I also love Taco's personality and the way that she's so headstrong. Also, #Tacopop

7 Tree

He's my precious Death PACT child. I will protect him for dear life!

Something about him is actually really charming.

We see him every day, so top ten is good for him.

8 Spongy

Single-handedly managed to annoy Four to the point of summoning Two. BFB and TPOT were always too long to begin with. 64 contestants. As the Angry Video Game Nerd would say, what were they thinking?!

Spongy is the best character of them all. I have loved him since BFDI!

I want a bigger plush. He is a useful object and doesn't deserve to be way down here.

9 Yellow Face

Funny, he is just funny with BFDI-BFB ads. They are so funny. That does not give much context, but all he is is just funny and whatnot. Yeah, that's it.

If TPOT gets canned like IDFB did (which at the moment is pretty likely), I want Yellow Face to get more of a spotlight. He, along with Blocky, is genuinely some of the funniest stuff in the Goiky world.

His advertisements are pretty funny and add something new to the show.

10 Pen

He is so cool. He once made Four screech to help his team. He said that five is better than Four. In my opinion, he has a cool personality and an awesome brain. He, it must be 999 billion.

Has a great personality that's relatable. I was confused about whether to choose him or Coiny, but Pen has always been a nice guy to everyone.

Pen, Pen. Why not like him? He's another nice contestant like Leafy!

The Contenders
11 Puffball

I love Puffball. He's making the best favorites. His voice is cool, and she got one million pages of good times. Best player at the mall.

Her voice is cool, and her design is cute!

12 Bell
13 Remote

I think she's underrated. Not many people talk about how she actually helps her team rather than talking about her sending a bomb to Robot Flower in BFB 7.

You may know what Death P.A.C.T. (her team name) stands for, but she only did that to save her team from elimination.

Remote is absolutely amazing! She's my favorite character in the whole universe! I like her voice too.

I think she's an important friend. I felt sorry for her in episode 7, but she's cool.

14 Loser

Loser is actually a winner! He doesn't deserve the terrible abuse by Donut. It's the reason why I hate Donut even more than LIY.

If the contestants were voting, he would be in first.

People who say he is overrated are wrong. He's cool.

15 Donut

Honestly, my favorite character. He wasn't that good in BFDIA, but in BFB he was way better and actually contributed to the plot instead of getting booted off so early. Hope he wins TPOT!

Out of every character, I'm probably the most like Donut, so I can't help but love him for that.

He is my favorite character of them all because of his leadership, responsibility, skill in hosting, and obviously his humor as well!

16 Blocky

Best character, hands-down. Amazing dynamics with other characters, a likeable personality (unlike Loser, who I think is one of the worst characters overall), and hilarious comedy skits.

He is like a father to Grassy, as seen in "Lick Your Way to Freedom" and "Four Goes Too Far" when he is protecting Grassy. Blocky needs more love.

I find him the best of the toughie guys. Also, my #3 favorite BFB character and my #7 favorite object show character.

17 Bubble

Manowar9 You may know who I am on YouTube. Maybe you have a valid point there, but Bubble is scolding Match as if it's just for her changes. The proof is that Bubble still cares about Match and says, "I needed you" to her. I believe Bubble does this only for her changes. Even though Match might not be as bad as Pencil, she still demoted Bubble.

However, I believe that someday Bubble will change back to her original personality (BFDI) because it's true, she has become too whiny, and that's her shortcoming. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and with that, I really hope that Bubble can also change because I think she can change.

She has already begun to develop in BFB 18, and I hope it'll continue until others trust her. I still love her :)

18 Teardrop

Her profile is cute! She can use sign language! I thought she wouldn't have B's trait from Total Drama to help her team win, but she proved me wrong! I'm glad she made the final three, but sad she didn't win.

I love Teardrop in BFB. She is a really dynamic character compared to BFDI and BFDI Again. Of course, she's going to be eliminated today (February 12, 2021), but that's okay because I'm glad she made it this far!

Teardrop is great. She is one of the strongest and coolest characters. She is so kind. She is just misunderstood because she is mute.

19 Ruby

Ruby brings the comic relief back to BFB, especially before her elimination. I love her because she is the perfect fourth alliance member with Pencil!

Although she makes lots of mistakes, she has a lot of humor and helps her team.

I love the way she acts, like her silliness!

20 Snowball

Jerk, but funny when he broke Fanny and said, "What?" when she looked at him.

Face it, this guy is cool and he'll always be cool. He's very funny. I mean, sure, he did a lot of mean things, but he's an interesting character and he's getting better in TPOT. Let's stop hating on him.

SB is so underrated. I would love to see where his character goes in TPOT, possibly giving him something similar to the ii knife arm to gain more fans. I don't know. I honestly just hope he goes far.

21 Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball is one of my favorite BFDI, IDFB, BFB, and TPOT contestants out there. Though his one issue is that he acts like a servant to Golf Ball.

If GB were to be eliminated, he might get more screen time and independence.

Tennis Ball is a very smart character, being able to invent things with only his legs. If I could put Golf Ball on this list, I would.

Tennis Ball is iconic, nice, and smart. With Golf Ball, this guy is a laughing stock!

22 Firey

FIRST Object Show Character created (BFDI was the first Object Show Publicly Shown), has a game based around him, won BFDI, has a comic with his name, and has two Object Shows with his name (Total Firey Island and Total Firey Points, they were created when BFDI was a concept and wasn't shown to the public until they posted it on YouTube).

He has an overall decent personality and interesting history. He definitely has a special place in my heart, but he was super bland for a lot of the seasons.

Firey is my absolute favorite character on BFDI. No doubt. Honestly, I wish he got the prize in the first season.

He's staying number one on my list. That's all there is to it. In my opinion, he should be number one on the list.

23 Rocky

Rocky is obviously the best character, but I also love how Ice Cube, Bubble, and Leafy are getting some support on this list.

This is one of the things where the community is less broken. Rocky needs to win a BFDI.

As a four-year-old watching BFDI in 2013, Rocky always stood out to me as my favorite character. Maybe it's the gross-out humor that got me, but he's really cool.

Omg! He's just a precious boy. Why would you hate him? He is so flipping adorable. Some people find his barf annoying, but I find it very cute. He doesn't deserve his hate, and I wish he makes it further in TPOT.

24 Grassy

He is just so cute! I could see him sitting there for hours just being the cutest way he is. So adorable.

I love Grassy! He is so adorable! I honestly thought he was one of the sane characters.

Grassy is a good character! I really like the tone of his voice and seeing him in a happy attitude! It's so cute!

25 Golf Ball

She is great. It might be an unpopular opinion, but her personality is great and she is so cute. She is an overall amazing character!

Golf Ball is really cool due to making many machines. My liking for Golf Ball makes me hate Snowball.

GB, GB... Hah. Our team name will have to be... I love the controversy between everyone and GB. She's also stubborn and never ceases to make me crack up. Why so much hate?

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