Top Ten Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Questions to Ask to Users of TheTopTens

I love this game a lot and here are some questions about the game for me to ask to others!
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1 Who is the hero you usually use?

I usually use Layla (I'm still a beginner. I've started playing this game since last month). But I am a lot better at longer ranged heroes like Layla and Miya compared to shorter ranged ones like Hilda

I personally use Lancelot, he does insane damage. He looks very hard to use but is actually not. He is assassin so you have to get close.

2 Who is the hero you want to buy the most?

Next 3 heroes to buy (I'm currently in hiatus from the game though)
-Thamuz perhaps?

To me, the question isn't 'Is' but 'ARE'. I want to buy Kagura, Lancelot, Odette, and many more! I also wanna buy Nana because she's SO ADORABLE!
Heck, I'm currently saving up a LOT of Battle Points to buy Kagura (she costs 3200 battle points In-game. So does Odette and I think Lancelot cost 3200 BPs as well)

3 What is the highest "Kill title" You've received In a battle?

I've only had either killing spree or mega kill. I'm still trying to get a 'Savage' or a 'maniac' during a battle.

4 Have you got an MVP  (Most Valuable Player) In a battle?

Yes. I've only played this game since last month but I already an MVP medal In a battle twice, and I usually get gold or silver medals. I rarely get copper.

5 What Is your favourite Item?

I think I like Haas Claws the most. I don't have to worry so much about losing so many HP from being attacked by a stronger enemy because If I'm running loq in HP and I can't Regen, and I'm too lazy to recall, I can just beat some of the enemies' minions for a few times and I get more HP Instantly (life steal)

Top 3 in each category

For defense:
Brute Force Breastplate (stacks defense and speed)
Immortality (resurrects on death)
Oracle (Magic Defense, enhance regen effects)

For attack:
Endless Battle (basic attack with true damage after casting a skill, cooldown and mana regen, lifesteal, and HP)
Corrosion Scythe (high attack speed)
Rose Gold Meteor (60 Damage and gives Shield when HP is low)

For Magic:
Fleeting Time (Cooldown Reduction)
Genius Wand (Reduce Magic Defense)
Blood Wings (High HP and Magic Power)

For Boots:
Warrior Boots (Increased defense)
Demon Shoes (Mana regen)
Swift boots (Attack speed)

6 Kill more or destroy more enemy turrets?

I'm more into destroying the turrets because usually, the others In a match don't really try to destroy the turrets and rather kill more, not realizing the way to win is to destroy all the turrets AND DESTROY THE ENEMIES' BASE, NOT KILL THE MOST. But I do kill the enemies If I were to ran into one or one tries to interfere me or one tries to destroy my team's turrets

Both but I think turrets are more important than killing. Enemy heroes will keep respawning but turrets once down, stay down, your team gains an advantage, and remember destroying this base is top priority

7 What do you think about the renaming from Mobile Legends into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?
8 How did you know about the game?

A lot of kids at my school play It and a lot of my relatives play It too and so I played It and had one match, AND I LOVED IT INSTANTLY. It's just so cool and It brought my Interest in the MOBA game genre (games like League of Legends, Dota, etc)

9 Favourite mode?

I prefer Classic the most. Brawl is Okay, Ranked is fine, and I don't really like V.S. A.I. because since you're playing against computerized heroes, they Instantly attack you when you walked and hiding or escaping is harder to me. I rarely won In V.S. A.I

10 Do you ship anyone?

I've saw some shipping arts of the heroes, but I don't ship anyone really. Maybe except Lancelot x Odette.

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11 Who is the strongest mobile legends: bang bang hero?
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