Worst Things About YouTube Rewind 2017

YouTube every year does a "YouTube Rewind" where they recap what happened in 2017 for YouTube. I had the absolute displeasure of viewing this twice with a few friends, and it was a complete atrocity, worse than last year! But what was the worst thing about it?
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1 Excessive amount of fidget spinners

This makes me allergic to this YouTube Rewind, allergic to the desperation of trying to grab the attention of "da youths" on YouTube. Fidget spinners was a trend that deserved to die a slow and painful death, and I'm so glad that the meme is dead and buried. However, YouTube decided to attempt necromancy because they decided that shoveling in several fidget spinners was more important than actually getting in some YouTubers that people care about. Then again, I am talking about YouTube here.

2 Jake and Logan Paul's segment

So basically YouTube is saying that if you are an overall obnoxious, insufferable person who makes videos that the wide majority of the public hate, mentally abuse women, and even disturb the peace in your own neighborhood, you are a person to be celebrated and promoted as the face of the company. But if you're involved in any kind of drama or have any "controversial" topics on your channel, YouTube is out to get you. Drama from someone like iDubbbz, H3H3, or I Hate Everything is considered negative, while the Paul brothers drama is something to look up to, I guess.

3 Famous YouTubers barely or not even in it

I did not recognize 90% of the people in this video. And the ones I did were there for like a split second! I kept thinking "who the hell are these people? " because I generally don't see them around YouTube, maybe because I don't watch vlogging "kid friendly" garbage that's spewed out every day. Pewdiepie wasn't in it and he has the most subs (he wasn't even invited! )

Name 10 people who you recognized in YR2017. You have the animators shoved in the credits, and everyone else in the video is literally the most inoffensive and lame channels on the site.

4 A lot of "ex-viners" appeared instead of more important YouTubers

Vines were never really good to being with considering it's just people doing stupid stuff for shock humor. But the fact that they get more recognition than more important YouTubers displeases me. I'd rather have PewDiePie be shown more than those so-called ex-viners in any YouTube Rewind any day.

I hate Vine so much, and I generally dislike the majority of people who post garbage on it. But with its shutdown, they moved to YouTube to produce their terrible content which certain kids will eat up for some reason beyond my understanding. So they end up here, and it really bothered me.

5 No Pewdiepie

He was in 2 controversies in 2017 but none in 2018 and he's still not in it.

It's a good thing. Pewdiepie sucks.

6 A lot of outdated memes like all star

I would have liked this better if Jon Sudano was in it singing All-star. That would have represented the All-star meme better.

Well of course they are going to have those memes!

7 Dabbing

Thankfully not too much, but there is still some and it is incredibly irritating.

He dabbed into the grave, its great.

8 Big Shaq was only in it for 2 seconds

The only good part of the video was when Big Shaq said mans not hot.

Like his mafs, his appearance in Youtube Rewind was quick. Could have been longer.

9 The amount of shooting stars memes

I remember liking the whole Shooting Stars meme back a few months ago. It was mostly all the Samurai Jack meme videos that kept popping up that introduced me to it. Nowadays, this meme is dead to me. The song is still legitimately good, though.

I'll be honest I liked shooting stars memes for a long time, but this video took it way too far and it got annoying! And it is in the wrong key!

Like they pulled the dead body of shooting stars out of its grave and said, "LIVE DAMN YOU"

10 Non-YouTubers showing up in it a lot

I don't understand why they put all those retarded viners there and not relevant people like nigahiga, PewDiePie, Markiplier and Superwoman.

I believe there were talk show hosts and actors, and even viners who moved to YouTube who are irrelevant. I thought this was a YOUTUBE rewind!

Stephen Colbert in the beginning.
Shall I continue?

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11 It doesn't have a message

Not even in that cheesy "Holding hands" segment. I'm just glad they could just acknowledge the terrible stuff that happened. But for Pete's sake, it was just lazy!

They literally extended it this year for the segment about unity calm the hell down.

12 The floor is lava memes

What's the point of the floor is lava in that video anyways? Oh, the one by RocketJump or whatsoever?

Such a small-scale meme, I don't even know how so much of it ended up in this cringe-fest, when it wasn't even a great meme.

And, they included Planking for some reason.

13 Everything going by way too quickly
14 It had bad songs in it like Despacito and Shape of You

Ugh, the music! "Shape of You" isn't as bad as Despacito. Luis Fonsi and his "hit of the year" will never make it through the other years because that song is going to die out for years to come, it can be said that the song can burn in hell DESPACITO.

Despacito is an extremely overrated song. I can't go without hearing the word Despacito or the song 4849 times a day.

They were the most popular songs of that year. What did you expect? Some metal song no one knows about?

15 The dead meme grave scene

Cringeworthy but not the worst, we get all star here but this whole scene is ironic because all the memes in this video have died.

I think it is better that these random people stay in the grave and never come out.

It was a creative twist, but was just out of control.

16 NOTHING related to the gaming community.

In a year where we had games like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Cuphead, and Slime Rancher, there was NOTHING game-related. We had Vanoss, Markiplier, and Dashie showing up for a couple seconds each, but that's it (and I think MatPat for half a second). No PeanutButterGamer, no Chuggaaconroy, no Jacksepticeye, they didn't even ask PewDiePie to be in it!

2015 had an entire section themed around FNAF (Which I don't even like, but I'll take it! It was a good segment.)

2016 at least had a little Street Fighter bit.

2017, though? Notta! Zip! Zilch! The big goose egg!

17 Lele Pons
18 It brings back dead memes
19 Planking meme

I'm not saying this should've been in the video, but the reason the dude was planning on top of a gravestone is because planning is dead. Like that's the whole point of the scene, so although it may not have been funny it made sense because that scene was the "dead memes" scene, so don't vote for this one. There are much bigger problems and things that make a millions time less sense than this bit.

Planking is a really old meme I don't know why it showed up in a "2017 recap" video.

I thought planking died around 2009...

20 It's so stupid
21 Animators Stuck in the Credits Section

Exactly! The animators did the most work, but they each appear for like 6 seconds until the big slime fight at the end. The animators were the best part, but it was like a minute long. Screw you, YouTube. You obviously don't know good content when you see it.

I agree, they put so much hard work into their animations and Youtube shoved them aside. It would've been amazing if they got a bigger role.

Yeah, I wish my favourite one, Jaiden animations got a bigger section in the middle, like in the floor is lava section. It would be pretty funny.

22 Use of Slime
23 Unrecognizable people

Yeah this was a problem. I understand they were trying to get lots of communities to watch it, but they stuck a lot of people into that short frame.

It sucks cause I don't watch any of the youtubers in the WHOLE rewind :/ like to see some underrated youtubers.

This is what happens when the makeup studio and costume designers give up.

24 The music
25 No Jacksepticeye
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