Top Ten Smash King Episodes

Tigura21 is a Youtuber who created one of the most productive Smash machinima series on Youtube. His proudest work, the Brawl engineered Smash King, has over 18 main series episodes with more on the way. Other works he's created are the Melee engineered Racconto series and a few Wii U smash shorts. I want to honor his series by creating this Top Ten List for him and his fans. If you've never heard of Tigura21, support his series by checking out the following episodes. If you have seen his series, vote down below for your favorite episodes and tell us the reason why.
The Top Ten
1 Episode 4: Roundabout Thunder, Tempestuous Flame

The exhibition match continues as Bowser takes on Pikachu, but the yellow mouse has the upper hand! Elsewhere, Mario and Ike's training is interrupted by none other than Sonic the Hedgehog! Can both Bowser and Mario overcome their respective obstacles?!

2 Episode 11: Psychos, By the Sonics

Looking for Mario and Ike, Sonic races to the Bridge of Eldin and crosses paths with Captain Falcon. They both agree to settle the score and have a worldwide speed contest. The first one back on the bridge is the winner.

They are interrupted when Ike and Link are sent out of Negative Space by a mysterious woman. Link is more than eager to go on a killing spree. Sonic, after sending Ike on his way to find Mario, must team up with Captain Falcon and his team to take care of the mad swordsman! And as for Mario, Wario and Meta Knight...

3 Episode 10: It's Just a Title!

Meta Knight joins Wario as they both pursue Samus. They see her discussing private business about Bowser with Solid Snake. In the meantime, Ike is sentenced to a lonely battleground where Link awaits him.

Ike seeks to reason with the so-called Hero of Time. Link refuses to listen and is determined to slice him apart! Can Ike survive this battle?!

4 Episode 5: Wario: Portrait of a Smasher

In celebration of Team Bowser's victory over Team Pikachu, Wario and the B.S. Society raid Hotel Bowser to have a house party! All the while, Wario sets out to find Samus and make her his date to the party. With multiple plans under his belt, will our yellow fellow win the bounty hunter's heart?!

5 Episode 12: Darkness Ascending

As Sonic and Team Falcon's conflict with Link draws to a close, Lucario and Fox assault Bowser in his own home! Bowser desperately tries to fight them off while protecting Liz from harm. But, to everyone's shock, Ganondorf arrives!

Peach, Zelda, and Wario make it to Hotel Bowser, but they are too late as they witness Bowser falling under Ganondorf's dark magic and transforming into Giga Bowser once again! Peach is forced to take charge. Will her plan using her new weapon, the "Star Rod," be enough to rescue Bowser?

6 Episode 13: Ganon's Class Reunion

Peach is shocked to be finally reunited with Mario! But there's no time to catch up as Mario faces Ganondorf once more along with Dedede.

Meanwhile, Bowser, still incapacitated from the remnants of Ganon's spell, finds himself wading through several illusions where he is conflicted with his "true self." Will Bowser's reawakening be the moment that finally turns the tide in this struggle?!

7 Episode 8: Not Enough Womyn

Without their leader, Peach and Meta Knight agree to a free-for-all team battle with Team Kong. Despite their strategy, they fall short at the most crucial moment, and Peach is left all alone at Donkey Kong's mercy.

However, Bowser escapes from Ganondorf and rejoins Peach just in time to save her! Peach, ungrateful, storms off to Hyrule, where she confronts the flirty Dedede...

8 Episode 6: A Forgotten Soul

The Smash King Tourney continues in full swing, and the newly formed Team Sonic participates in their very first team battle. Meanwhile, Team Bowser is confronted by two warriors, Link and Lucario!

Despite missing their team captain, they prove to be a difficult challenge. Much to Bowser's shock, one of them is revealed to be someone he thought was long lost...!

9 Episode 3: The Knight, the Knave and the Squire

The Smash King Tourney has finally begun with a special exhibition match between Team Bowser and Team Pikachu! Which team will come out on top? Watch and find out!

10 Episode 9: Le Renard McCloud

It's been nearly a month since the start of the Smash King Tourney. Only three days remain and every team is buckling down to get to the top two spots in time for the finals! Fox of the Brawl Spectators Society is suspicious of Team Ganon and their strange activity and finally decides to go on a recon mission to find out the truth, crossing paths with Lucario!

Meanwhile, Mario and Ike are waiting for Sonic to come back with the tournament standings until Ganondorf and Link appear before them!

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