Top 10 Sites Every Blogger Should Know

As we all know, it’s not easy to start a blog and maintain it. There are so many bloggers out there you might like, that have inspired you to make your own blog. However, there’s just so many factors involved when it comes to keeping your blog running smoothly.

I have bookmarked a bunch of really useful sites that often help streamline my blogging processes and speed up my work. Here is the inside scoop on which ones you may want to pay attention to.
The Top Ten
1 CopyCrafter

CopyCrafter is a life saver if you need to hire talented, native English-speaking writers. The team at CopyCrafter will help you craft and create detailed and original texts. Their service is top notch and they use only the best copywriters, bloggers and writers.
Besides creating original copy, they also help with editing or proofreading your existing work. If you're too tied down with your blog content, CopyCrafter will come to the rescue and help you get your blogging work done.

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2 Evernote

Install Evernote either on your computer, on your device, or simply access it on a webpage. With Evernote, you are able to make notes to keep everything organized. I can have one for my to-do list, one for useful web links and another for books and articles that might inspire me. If you want to keep your information in line, Evernote is perfect.

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3 Copyblogger

More than likely, you've seen this site before. I know that I've spent a lot of time here learning about how to improve my blog and my writing. Learn how to write compelling works at Copyblogger and take a look at the sample list for blogs if you're still a little unsure. No matter what kind of content you're creating, it's a great tool for all bloggers to use.

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4 Quora

It's wonderful that Quora works in a question/answer format, so you're able to see questions from real people in your audience. Answering readers personally will certainly appeal to them and will add that personal touch they might be missing. The upvoting feature will let you see how many readers are interested in the answer to a question. This is in order to help you prioritize which ones you should respond to first.

5 Portent’s Content Idea Generator

I know that I've personally had trouble a few times coming up with good topics, or I've thought of something but just can't put it together right. Drop a topic into this idea generator to see some eye-catching titles for your blog, or great ideas to build up. If you're not satisfied, it'll give you another title quickly. Let it help your creativity or give you a few tips on what style or format to write in.

6 Blogging Basiсs 101

Use this site to get all the tips you need to improve traffic, get more people interested and run your blog more smoothly. It's helped me understand all the daily problems I have with my blog, so I can keep everything in perfect working order. Let it provide you with the tips and tools to solve all your problems and make your blogging life that much easier.

7 Hemingway App

Be sure to bookmark Hemingway App as it can help to make your writing flow better for easier reading. If you often feel like your sentences are too long and overly sophisticated, this app will quickly and clearly point out what you can edit. Simply copy your work and paste into this app. It will evaluate your work and point out the sentences that you can simplify.


It is a great website and tool will help you to correct all the grammatical mistakes. If you go for paid version will recommend you for the replacement of keywords. we are using this tool for regular blogging in our website


Let's face it: writing is difficult and you might just get tired of doing blogs and posts every day. It certainly takes a lot out of me sometimes, which is why I started using here and there. As a full-time blogger, it is perfect for translation talk to text. Use it to keep your blog sounding like an actual conversation, or to assist you with your ideas if you get a little bit of writer's block.

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