Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Foundation Creatures

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1 SCP-682

He is indestructible. He can adapt to any environment and always has a thirst for blood. He can change his body's temperature, shape, and abilities. He can even cast out his own shadow. If he sees you, say your prayers because you're about to see who answers them.

An SCP that can barely be stopped. It's fast, strong, flexible, and ridiculously intelligent. If it ever got out into the real world, a very high number of people would die because, as said previously, it views humans as ticks or fleas that need to be demolished. Truly a brutal creature.

2 SCP-106

SCP-106 is the most dangerous when you ask me. In SCP Containment Breach, he is constantly following me, and when the path stops, it's over.

He can literally walk through walls, and if anything touches him, like a bullet for instance, it would just corrode.

He is hard to kill, as he can unexpectedly come out of the wall near you. So, it's definitely hard to avoid SCP-106.

3 SCP-096

He is basically near-immortal. Plus, he can destroy any barrier that gets in his way, no matter if it's incredibly hard or not. He also can move impossibly fast and can jump super high.

To simulate how destructively powerful he is, let's say a guy takes a picture, and Shy Guy's face is in it, but it's one pixel wide. Then SCP-096 will rampage across a bunch of countries to get him, and causes a huge massacre. Meanwhile, the victim doesn't know and chills out at his house. Then, in a few months, Shy Guy comes to his house and kills him along with everyone who looked at it. So there, that's my opinion.

4 SCP-001

He is the coolest and the most badass, and he is literally a god, so he could just snap his fingers and all other SCPs would be dead. So definitely him. But SCP-2317 is also very powerful, but the Scarlet King is the most powerful.

This could mean a few different entities, all of the ones I know being super deadly. If you come in contact with this, you are either dealing with the Scarlet King, being incinerated, or melting and becoming a part of a gross mass of people under SCP-001's effects.

It should be the most dangerous SCP because it's Apollyon rank. It is uncountable because the SCP Foundation can't capture the Sun without dying from radiation and heat, and also becoming SCP 001-2.

5 SCP-173

SCP-173 is the fastest SCP. If he is near you, don't blink. In the nanoseconds your eyes are closed, you will never open them again. SCP-173 kills by snapping people's necks when they aren't looking at him. He can theoretically move at light speed and maybe even faster.

This is the most powerful SCP. No one can defeat him. SCP 173 vs SCP 096... think who will win the battle. The answer is SCP 173.

SCP 173 can also defeat SCP 682. When SCP 173's Apocalypse starts, all people from North America to South America died in a few days. He can replicate. That's why he is more powerful.

When SCP 173 was singular in the past, its category is Euclid. When it becomes 1000 by replicating, they change its category from Euclid to Apollyon.

6 SCP-049

SCP-049 "Doctor Plague" is a humanoid entity. He claims to have cured his victims, although all of his "patients" have died due to his "cure." If you make skin contact with SCP-049, you will burn into ashes immediately. How this occurs is unknown.

I also think SCP-049 is one of the best SCPs out there. Unlike most, if you go to the SCP site, you can hear a doctor and the Plague Doctor talk.

Not the most powerful, but is loved by everyone and is manipulative.

7 SCP-343 (GOD)

Bruh. He is a god. He could literally snap, and ALL multiverses could be deleted. He SOLOS. If he changes his mind and turns evil, we're all dead.

I mean, this SCP can do anything it desires. Right now, it's not very harmful, but it could be if that's what it so chose to do.

A god. His powers are limitless, but he cares for his creations and decides not to unleash his wrath on Earth.

8 Scp-999

He could defeat Scarlet King and SCP-682, and every strong SCP, by happiness and just make them be happy and not be evil. He is still a baby, so we don't know his TRUE power.

He is super cute and nice. He just wants to make people happy! But people don't know his true power.

Who knows his potential? He could have the power of a god. He is a son of the Scarlet King.

9 SCP-2700

It will destroy the universe in 2234. There is no way to stop it. How much more dangerous could something be?

This object is guaranteed to end existence as we know it in the year 2234. There is no known way to stop it.

What if they activate 2700 and 319 at the same time?

10 SCP-2317

This SCP has to be the most dangerous. It is literally classified as: CODE NIGHTMARE REGENT RED, according to the wiki. This SCP was only containable by binding it with chains, which were lost in the 19th century. Furthermore, this SCP is no longer containable and will cause an XK-class scenario and will destroy the world in at least 30 years from now.

Not only that, but the Foundation tales even state that they sent at least 60 nuclear weapons to its location, and after the explosions stopped, there was a shield that was found to have blocked the weapons.

There is no possible way to contain this entity, and the world will end.

The Contenders
11 SCP-076

If you kill him, he just reincarnates and goes off murdering people over and over again.

12 SCP-035

This mask attracts you in a manner which you cannot control, leading you to put it on. Henceforth, putting on the mask makes you lose all control of your body and mental functions. The mask then takes over you, and your face begins to corrode into black liquid. You will maintain motor function even after your body has corroded far beyond being able to move.

It controls the mind and decays people.

He can corrode his surroundings to escape. If you try to check if he did that, he will lure you in.

13 SCP-610 (The Flesh That Hates)

It is a mass of flesh that will stop at nothing to consume anything it comes in contact with.

This makes SCP-008 look like a crybaby. I wonder what SCP-049 thinks of it.

It's a virus that basically eats you and turns you into a monster.

14 SCP-2521

If information about this was to escape, it would surely cause an XK-Class event. That is all I can say, or else we will all die.

Saying anything about this will get you taken away by it.

15 SCP-169

There's a 0% chance of containing this anomaly at all. It's literally bigger than 11 countries combined. This creature could sneeze and cause a flood capable of killing millions of humans. Let's hope this creature never wakes up, because if it does, we're all doomed.

The bruh, man's "almost certainly never going to be contained." Its body is literally between 2,000,000 and 8,000,000 meters long. He could use the "Splash" move from Pokemon and accidentally flatten a continent. This guy is for sure not number one, that should be given to The Scarlet King, but 169 is at least worthy of top 10, especially on this list.

16 SCP-055
17 SCP-2470

The SCP is so powerful that anything it looks at will cease to exist. It's the complete seed of a ZK-Class Event. No SCP can stop it. SCP-2700 can't even escape it. Nothing can.

It's literally the only thing that could kill any SCP instantly if it were to escape. It's so dangerous that it has to be fed SCPs to keep in containment. The Scarlet King looks like a child to a nuclear bomb when matching up.

18 SCP-079
19 SCP-1000
20 SCP-087

It's a black stairwell that probably goes on forever. You cannot see a luminescence, even with a 75-watt light. What if you fall?

21 SCP-939

It can kill you if you move or stand up.


SCP-023 is literally, you just look at it, a few minutes later, DEAD. Like seriously, it has a lot of health unless you can kill it, which will be impossible without looking at it. It's going to kill you.

23 SCP-3000

SCP-3000 will make you terrified of going into the ocean. It is a 900-kilometer eel that exerts a goop that will drive you to insanity.

Basically, a massive eel that makes you crazy.

24 SCP-008
25 SCP-804

Destroys all man-made objects, including people themselves, at an ever-growing rate.

If you're near it long enough, your skeleton will collapse.

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